‘Loki’ Finale Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “For All Time. Always.”


The Loki finale is upon us!

Last week, Loki was formally introduced to himself far too many times for comfort in the Void. Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki agreed to help him, and they met up with Sylvie and a miraculously resurrected Mobius to take on Alioth. Classic Loki sacrificed himself to give Sylvie and Loki a fighting chance at enchanting Alioth, and then they uncovered what Alioth was guarding … a city on the edge of the Void.

After a montage filled with voices of Marvel’s past, and the world’s, Loki and Sylvie’s location within the universe is sort of revealed. A rock floating around what we assume is the Sacred Timeline houses a dilapidated castle. Sylvie and Loki begin the trek to see who lurks within.

Sylvie needs a moment to compose her thoughts as her quest for vengeance is finally about to come to an end, but before she’s finished her moment, the doors creak open. Then, Miss Minutes suddenly appears (we knew she was kind of suspect …)

She tells them that they’re at the Citadel at the End of Time, and He Who Remains is impressed they managed to make it all this way. He Who Remains wants to strike a deal: both Loki and Sylvie can be reinserted into the Timeline and live the lives they’ve always wanted. Loki can win the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, take the Infinity Gauntlet, and become King of Asgard. And Sylvie, she can wake up tomorrow with nothing but a lifetime of happy memories. Also, they can stay together, despite the fact that they’re two Lokis.

They refuse the tempting offer, knowing its all fiction and wanting to take their stories into their own hands, and Miss Minutes disappears.

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Renslayer is sorting through files in her office, spotting one of Mobius’ drink rings on her table before Miss Minutes arrives back. She’s clearly late (does Renslayer not know about the Citadel?), and when Renslayer looks at what Miss Minutes had downloaded for her, she notes it’s not what she asked for. But Miss Minutes says he thinks this will be better. And it appears that Ravonna indeed does not know about He Who Remains.

A statue of the Time-Keepers greets Loki and Sylvie as they continue on through the halls of the Citadel. It seems like this place has been abandoned for quite some time … until an elevator dings. The doors open to reveal a man sitting on the bench who’s thrilled and surprised to see two Lokis in the same place.

He invites them up to his office, and Loki deduces that this is just a man. A normal man made of flesh and blood. The man agrees, but when Sylvie goes to kill him, he bends time to keep himself out of the way of her blade. So, maybe a man with some advanced skills. When they arrive at his office he’s waiting inside, and he preps them some tea.

Mobius has made his triumphant return to the TVA and is ready to face Ravonna. And he’s told everyone her secret.

In Fremont, Ohio, 2018, Hunter B-15 has led some Minute Men to Ravonna … pre-TVA. She was a school principal.

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Well, the element of surprise is gone. He Who Remains already knows what’s about to happen with Sylvie and Loki, and he has receipts. He’s seen everything. He paved their road right to where they stand before him. He asks if Sylvie can trust Loki, if she can trust anyone at all …

Renslayer is still loyal to the TVA and their mission, despite Mobius’ best attempts to convince her otherwise. He wants people to have free will, he wants to make it better. Ravonna opens a time door to escape, and Mobius tries to get his revenge and prune her, but the analyst is no match for the former Minute Man turned judge, and she quickly disarms him. This time, Renslayer doesn’t prune Mobius back to the Void. She does, however, get away, telling Mobius she’s going to search for free will.

He Who Remains is giving Sylvie and Loki the 101 on just who he is. A scientist from the 31st century, he discovered the Multiverse. At first, he and all his Variants coexisted, until more of him discovered the other worlds with the intent to conquer them. Then, a war erupted. Thanks to his ability to weaponize Alioth, He Who Remains ended the Multiversal War, and then the TVA was created to help maintain the peace. He also notes if they think he’s evil, wait until they meet his Variants …

Loki and Sylvie are presented with two options: kill him and be left to deal with his Variants and another Multiversal War, or they can run the TVA in his stead. He wants out, he’s tired, and he’s selected Sylvie and Loki to take up his mantle.

A rustling catches the attention of He Who Remains, who, after a few seconds of silence, announces they’ve just crossed the threshold. Thunder rumbles, and then he confesses that he actually doesn’t know how everything is going to go. He knew up until about 10 seconds ago. The Sacred Timeline begins to branch outside the windows, and now it’s up to Loki and Sylvie to decide the future of … everything. They can take over his position or kill him and let it all fall into Multiversal War.

He takes off the fancy TemPad on his wrist, and then Sylvie lunges, Loki stopping her just in time. Loki believes him, Sylvie doesn’t, so they fight like Lokis do — with magic and swords. Sylvie calls Loki out for wanting the throne, and no matter what he tells her, she doesn’t believe his intentions are pure. Their fight continues, and Loki is insistent they can’t risk this. The fate of the universe may be at stake.

Finally, Sylvie has her chance, and she takes it, but Loki manifests to block her blade with his own neck. He begs her to stop, saying that this isn’t about a throne, he doesn’t want it. He just wants her to be okay. She throws her sword down and kisses him.

Then, she reveals that she isn’t him and sends him flying through a time door back to the TVA.

Sylvie has He Who Remains’ TemPad, and then she kills him. Before he dies, he tells her he’ll see her soon. Meanwhile, the Sacred Timeline continues to branch.

Hunter B-15 and Mobius watch the Timeline erupt into chaos. Loki sits, betrayed again, on a bench in the TVA.

Loki finds Mobius and Hunter B-15 in the library, and he tells them that its over. The Timeline is free. He tells them what He Who Remains told him about his Variants, but Mobius doesn’t know who he is.

Then, he sees it: the statues have changed to be only one man. The TVA has changed. He’s too late.

The most important takeaway? Loki will return for season 2!

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