‘Loki’: Who Is Alioth & What It Reveals About the Finale

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Loki episode 5 was full of surprises and Easter Eggs but none bigger than the appearance of Alioth.

The massive, ominous cloud monster of the Void is a massive hint to the endgame of Loki with ties to one already-introduced character and one big bad.

Alioth is a transtemporal entity that exists and destroys along multiple timelines. Comic Alioth is the first to break free from time itself, in turn growing a massive kingdom. The only time realm Alioth could not overtake? Chronopolis.

Chronopolis is the time realm of none other than the time-traveling villain Kang the Conqueror. This kingdom lies on the outskirts of limbo (check) and contains access points to all the time periods Kang has overtaken within the city. A city that probably looks a lot like the one in the closing scene of episode 5.

In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer, who has deep ties to Kang herself, does accidentally allow Alioth into Kang’s kingdom by destroying the time barrier keeping the monster at bay and Chronopolis safe. So, if Ravonna is in on the TVA creations in some capacity (which is really up in the air right now), a previous (or ongoing?) relationship with Kang could come into play.

Kang is a formidable foe of the Avengers and his introduction into the Universe is already confirmed with Jonathan Majors being cast as Kang for the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

There were many little Easter Eggs throughout the series that point to Kang being the puppet master behind the TVA. One, by all appearances one of the android Time-Keepers had a very keen likeness to the villain, which turned eagle-eyed viewers onto the possibility of a Kang appearance from the beginning. Then, at the TVA in episode 5, Renslayer mentions a spaceship that can travel through the void, which sounds eerily similar to Kang’s own timeship that allows him access to any and all technology from any era. With the addition of Alioth, one of Kang’s foes, Renslayer being involved, and the city beyond the limits of the Void, all signs are pointing to Kang being our time-bending guy.

Interestingly enough, Kang the Conqueror also has ties to another group that is slowly coming together in the MCU — the Young Avengers. A young Kang, masquerading as Iron Lad, is actually the driving force behind the team’s formation. Loki also introduced another fan-favorite member, Kid Loki. More members of the team are also set to be introduced next year in upcoming projects.

Are you ready for Kang in the MCU? With Kang around the options for mayhem are truly infinite.

Keep up with our ongoing coverage of Loki leading up to the series finale next week and beyond!

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