‘Leverage: Redemption’ Review: Let’s Go Steal a Relaunch

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The Leverage Crew is back! In a new series from IMDb TV, Leverage: Redemption picks up nine years after the finale, and this relaunch brings back our favorite con crew. The last time we saw everyone, Mastermind Nathan Ford and Grifter Sophie Devereaux had sailed off into the sunset to start a life together. Parker “The Thief,” Alec Hardison “The Hacker,” and Elliot Spenser “The Hitter” were going to be their own crew and continue to help the exploited get payback on the rich and powerful.

The first episode reveals that, since we lasted checked in, Parker (Beth Riesgraf), Hardison (Aldis Hodge), and Elliot (Christian Kane) have created an international organization that has crews everywhere helping take down the corrupt elite. Sophie (Gina Bellman) is currently trying to overcome a tragedy, which is what brings the original crew back together. While trying to cheer Sophie up, the crew encounters Harry Sullivan (Noah Wyle), who is trying to redeem himself by taking down his corrupt boss. The team decides Harry needs their assistance. Along the way, Sophie realizes that she might not be willing to give up grifting again.

Bringing back a niche show like Leverage after a long hiatus is not easy, but this relaunch does so successfully. There are callbacks to the original that returning fans will love but will not confuse a first timer viewer. Leverage: Redemption also keeps all the same aspects that made people fall in love with the original: strong relatable characters, top notch stunts, and unique storytelling. Having the original actors reprise their roles is another plus. However, the choice to introduce new characters into this universe allows the show to explore new dynamics between characters and create a richer experience for the viewer.


The first eight episodes of Leverage: Redemption are now available on IMDb TV. An additional eight episodes are expected to drop later in 2021.

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