Tuesday, March 28, 2023

‘Motherland: Fort Salem’: The Unit Discuss War College in New Season 2, Episode 2 Clip

TELEVISION'Motherland: Fort Salem': The Unit Discuss War College in New Season 2,...

The season two premiere of Motherland: Fort Salem was full of jaw-dropping moments and we’re dying to see what awaits our favorite witches in episode 2, “Abomination.” Freeform has dropped a second sneak peek of the upcoming episode that shows Raelle, Abigail, and Tally at their first day of War College! The synopsis for “Abomination” reads as follows:

The Unit begins War College, introducing them to their Coven and new challenges. Anacostia and Scylla find themselves unlikely partners in a dangerous mission. Tally mentors a new recruit.

Check out the new clip below!

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In this new clip, the Unit is preparing to meet their Coven. As they chat, Tally grabs her medal and states their coven name as Sekhmet. An Egyptian warrior goddess, Sekhmet is known in Egyptian mythology as both a warrior goddess and goddess of healing. The daughter of the sun god, Ra, Sekhmet is depicted most often as a lioness. Whether the name will come to have any meaning or foreshadowing for how the Coven will train or abilities they might discover will be an interesting element to watch. This clip also gives a first look at new cast member Ess Hödlmoser as M. M is a non-binary second year soldier though clearly Raelle isn’t intimidated by their stare or their status as a second year. If there are whispers about their abilities, the Unit will have to prove themselves quickly if they want to gain the respect of their fellow soldiers.

Freeform also released another sneak peek of Scylla and Anocostia having a face to face that you can watch here and also check out the new stills for “Abomination” here. Episode 2 will air Tuesday, June 29 on Freeform.

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