‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 “Bounty Lost”


Last week, we left Clone Force 99 in a perilous situation with Crosshair on their tail and Omega captured by bounty hunter Cad Bane. You can read the full recap here.

Warning: spoilers for “Bounty Lost” below!


The episode starts with Crosshair pursuing the team on his ship. The clone looks heavily burned. He is successful in hitting the ship and Tech says they need to jump into hyperspace. At first, Hunter refuses to leave without Omega. He finally accepts after Echo made him realize that the bounty hunter is long gone.

On Cad Bane’s ship, Omega is sleeping handcuffed in a cell. She wakes up and examines her cell. She asks Todo 360 to release which he refuses. He informs her that her comm device has been confiscated. She tries to convince her to set her free without success. Todo advises her to be more cooperative because Bane doesn’t like difficult prisoners. Cad Bane arrives and introduces himself to Omega who informs him that he will be sorry when her friends arrive. He answers that he made sure nobody will come to help her and leave her in the cell.

In the cockpit, Bane contacts his employer Lama Su and asks for a bonus since he is bringing the girl alive. Nala Se volunteers herself to deliver the payment and retrieve Omega, but Lama Su refuses because he thinks her feelings compromise the mission and chooses Taun We instead. The Kaminoan will have to meet Bane on Bora Vio in their abandoned facility. He tells Nala Se to, once they have the girl, retrieve her genetic material and kill her which shocks her.

Back on Bane’s ship, Todo is complaining because Hunter shot his leg. Omega answers that he was trying to help because that’s what friends do. Todo is trying to repair himself and Omega, seeing an opportunity to get free, proposes to help. The droid refuses by saying he can do it himself and that she can’t be trusted.

On the Havoc Marauder, Echo identifies the bounty hunter as Cad Bane and talks about his past. Wrecker asks why Fennec Shand and now Bane are after the kid. Tech explains why, after analyzing Omega’s genetic profile, she is very valuable. She has pure first-generation DNA. Wrecker wants to what it means and Tech explains that all clones came from Jango Fett, but their genetic structure was modified to make them perfect soldiers. Omega is a pure replication of Fett. The only other clone like her is Boba who disappeared at the start of the war, leaving Omega as the only living source of Fett’s raw DNA. Echo realizes the Kaminoans must have put a bounty on her. Hunter asks Tech to contact Cid and see if she knows anything about Bane.

Meanwhile, Omega is trying to guide Todo’s repairs. He finally accepts her help but says to do it quickly and to keep it a secret. He releases her and she gets to work. They talk about the relationship between Todo and Bance. He sees himself as the bounty hunter’s trusted confidant which surprises Omega. She fixes the leg and Todo turns his back to her because she needs to fix the calibration in his neck. Then, she neutralizes the droid and starts looking for her comm device.

Bane jumps out of hyperspace and asks Todo to join him in the cockpit to help. Omega can’t find her comm device while Bane lands the ship on a station. Bane realizes something is not right with Todo who is still not answering his calls and goes to investigate. Omega is starting to panic and opens random closets. She finally finds her comm right when Bane discovers Todo’s body. He reactivates the droid and asks him where the young girl is. Todo is surprised to see she is not there. Cut to Omega running from the ship and trying to contact her friends.

Echo talked to Cid, but she has no idea about how to find the bounty hunter. Then, the clones hear Omega trying to contact them. Echo realizes it’s a long range signal and tries to boost it. Omega, running in the station, finally makes contact with Hunter. She asks him to come and get her, but doesn’t know where she is.

Echo can’t establish a connection trace because the signal is too weak. Tech asks the young girl to create a power surge to help them localize her. Omega finds a panel and activates it which opens a room. Tech starts to explain what she has to do, but it’s too late. Bane found her. He handcuffs her and she begs Hunter to come help her until Bane destroys her comm device.


Back on the ship, Todo contacts Bane to inform him that another ship is approaching. On the station, Bane and Omega hear a noise. Omega thinks her friends have come to save her. They find the body of Taun We. Fennec Shand appears with Bane’s payment in her hand. The two bounty hunters taunt each other until they agree on a trade: Shand will give the money to Bane and Omega will leave with her. Todo grabs the case with the credits and Bane and Shand start to shoot at each other. The case with the credits is hit and all the credits are lost. Omega uses the distraction to run away. Bane orders Todo to find her. Fennec Shand sets up an explosive and neutralizes Bane.

While trying to find a place to hide, Omega stumbles in a room full of cloning pods and is frightened by the bodies inside them. She examines the room and powers up a console which she uses to amplify a signal to help her friends localize her. Echo is able to identify the signal as coming from the Lido system and the clones start making their way to Omega.

Todo finds Bane still unconscious and promises him that he will find the target. Shand finds Omega and tells her the clones won’t arrive in time to save her. The girl wants to know why she killed Taun We. Shand answers that she should be grateful because the Prime Minister has worse intentions towards her than Shand. Omega asks why and Shand tells her she knows already. Omega looks at the pods horrified. Shand says she only wants to help her, but Omega doesn’t believe her.

Todo arrives and Shand hits him. Omega releases a cloning pod which falls on the bounty hunter. Omega, still handcuffed, is running again until she sees flight pods and has an idea. Bane intercepts her, but Shand kicks his gun away and fights him again. He seems to have the upper hand, but soon Shand attacks him again. The girl makes her way to the flight pods only to be interrupted by Todo. She jumps on him and directs him to crash on the landing area. She reaches a flight pod and is able to make it fly.

Meanwhile, the fight between Shand and Bane is still going on. Bane hits Shand in the head and seemingly incapacitates her. Todo informs him that Omega is flying away. Shand is back on her feet again. Bane menaces her with a flamethrower, but she hits him with enough force to throw him overboard. Thankfully, Bane has his rocket boots and doesn’t fall to his death.


In the flight pod, Omega is facing technical difficulties and the pod loses altitude. The fall of the pod is stopped by a ship catching it. Omega is afraid of capture again but is soon reassured when she hears Wrecker’s voice. Hunter asks her if she is alright. Omega is crying and asks why the Kaminoans are after her. Hunter reveals to her that she is different from the other clones.

Bane is back on his ship and trying to follow the clones, but his ship is not working. It seems like Shand sabotaged it before leaving the station. On her ship, Shand comes in contact with her employer Nala Se who requires an update. She tells her Omega was rescued by the clones, that she can track them with extra costs. The Kaminoan is relieved Omega is safe from Lama Su and pays Shand.

Omega makes her way to Hunter in the cockpit and they start to talk. Omega can’t stop thinking about the Kaminoans. She doesn’t want to be an experiment and Hunter promises her it won’t happen, that they will protect her and that she will never be back on Kamino.

Even if Omega and the rest of the team were not separated for long, it’s good to see them reunited. Omega seems safe for now, but still wanted by Lama Su. The episode answered a few questions. We learned who was the employer of Fennec Shand and why the Kaminoans want Omega back. She is, with Boba Fett, the closest genetically to Jango Fett. Is The Bad Batch teasing the return of Boba in a future episode? And if it happens, how the young bounty hunter will react to the existence of Omega?

A new episode of The Bad Batch will be available on July 2 on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps on Nerds and Beyond!

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