‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Reunion”

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch does it again!

Last week, Clone Force 99 meets up with an old friend on the planet Bracca. That’s right, we mean fan-favorite Captain Rex. After a scare with Wrecker, the team uses the medical bay of a crashed Jedi StarCruiser to remove their inhibitor chips. You can read the full recap here.

Warning: spoilers for “Reunion” below!

The episode opens up with the stormy scenery of Kamino. Crosshair, alongside his new team, walks the white halls of the cloning facility. He enters a room where Prime Minister Lama Su and Vice Admiral Rampart from the Empire are in a discussion. Crosshair informs them that scrappers on Bracca have reported a power surge on a Jedi Cruiser. Rampart, obviously annoyed at being interrupted, tells the clone commander to send a scout team. But, once Crosshair informs them that it’s Clone Force 99, Rampart orders Crosshair to terminate them if they are found — despite Lama Su telling him that the Bad Batch are assets and they should be brought in alive.

While on Bracca, Wrecker and Omega get some quality time together as he teachers her a new skill — disabling an explosive. After Omega says it seems simple enough, Wrecker puts her to the test and activates the explosive. She’s not able to do it in the 10 seconds that Wrecker gives her, so they both take cover, bracing for the explosion. Much to Omega’s surprise, Wrecker begins laughing and explains that it was a prank and the explosive was only a smoke bomb. Classic Wrecker.


After Echo comes to retrieve the two, they realize they’re being watched by the same scrappers that reported the group to the Empire. Echo. Wrecker and Omega pursue the scrappers. One wild ride later and some blasters set on stun, the three scrappers are out cold and bound so that they won’t be bothering them anymore. Echo voices his concerns saying they should have left Bracca with Rex, but they have debts and need money, so they decide to try and salvage data and weapons from the ship to pay off Cid.

The team rummages through the ship picking up anything valuable. Wrecker finds a proton torpedo (that he is adorably excited for) as Echo, Omega, and Hunter picks up anything else they may need. Tech begins to download any useful files that are still in the ship’s system. Things seem to be going smoothly until Crosshair and three shuttles worth of troopers arrive.


Meanwhile, on Kamino, Lama Su and Kamino Scientist Nala Se discuss the orders of terminating Clone Force 99 on Bracca, saying it poses a threat to their contingency plan. Lama Su says as long as one of the bounty hunters they’ve hired retrieves Omega “in tacked,” that’s all that should concern them.

Back on Bracca, the Bad Batch watches the Imperial troops stand at attention as Crosshair disembarks his ship. The search for his old comrades begins. Despite blocking their scanners and hacking into the trooper’s comms, Crosshair is one step ahead of the group. Since he was once a part of the team, he knows their tricks and moves, making him one step ahead of them always. This means the Bad Batch is located rather quickly by Crosshair and his Imperial forces.

Surrounded, Tech tells Echo to reroute reserve power to the canons near them so when he activates them, they will completely destroy the room they’re in. After the canons fire, the troopers are crushed by massive beams and pieces of metal, giving the Bad Batch a chance to escape.

Clone Force 99 ends up inside an ion engine as they try to flee from the attack. As the team navigates their way through the massive machinery, Crosshair isn’t fooled and blocks their escape. On top of that, he orders that the engine get turned on, which would effectively disintegrate them in a heartbeat. However, the Bad Batch thinks on their feet and comes up with a new plan: use explosives to blow the engine in half and fall with it into the wreckage. Just as the engine ignites, they execute the plan perfectly and tumble to safety. Crosshair, on the other hand, is caught in the engine’s fire and is hurt badly.


Thankfully, the team survives the fall with the engine and heads for their ship to get off Bracca as fast as they can. As Hunter and Omega arrive, they see the bodies of the troopers stationed at their ship sprawled out all around. Hunter and Omega have no idea who or what could’ve done this, but soon after, one of the bounty hunters the Kaminoans mentioned steps into view. And it’s none other than Cad Bane! He is a fan-favorite from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Cad Bane is there to retrieve the asset for his client, and that asset is Omega. In an epic, western-style showdown, Cad Bane and Hunter have a stand-off to fight for the little girl. The intensity of this moment truly makes this episode iconic (in our opinion)! Unfortunately, Cad Bane is triumphant during the shootout and hits Hunter in his chest. He then quickly stuns Omega and takes her away, leaving Hunter for dead.

The next scene we see is through the eyes of Hunter, which is awesome! He regains consciousness as Wrecker, Echo, and Tech retrieve him and shoot their way back to the ship. Once off Bracca, Hunter catches the others up and declares they must find Omega.

This episode was incredible! It had us squealing, whooping, screaming, laughing… all the emotions! Now one question remains: Hunter and the Bad Batch will get Omega back, right? … Right?

A new episode of The Bad Batch will be out on Disney+ on June 25. Stick with Nerds and Beyond for more recaps.

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