Recap: A Fan Favorite Meets up With the Squad in ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1, Episode 7 “Battle Scars”

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Last week, the squad went to Corellia to retrieve a tactical droid for Cid and ran into trouble. They were not the only ones searching for the droid and had to ally themselves with their rivals, the Martez sisters, to stay alive. The episode ended with Hunter giving the droid’s data to Trace and Rafa and the sisters contacting a mysterious person to let them know they got help from rogue clones on their mission. You can read the full recap of the episode here.

Warning: spoilers for “Battle Scars” below!

The episode starts with the team being chased by the Rhokai because they stole a lizard from them. Tech remarks the Rokhai stole it first. Echo is working on getting the hyper-drive to function again. The lizard escapes its cage and jumps on Wrecker, who tries to get it off him. Omega tries to calm down him because he is scaring the animal. The hyper-drive is finally repaired. Omega catches the lizard and the squad escapes.

The clones go back to Cid’s bar to bring her the lizard. Hunter inquires about the reason the client wanted it, and Cid answers she doesn’t care as long as she gets paid. Omega and Wrecker ask for permission to leave now that the mission is over. They have a tradition to follow. Wrecker states it’s because it makes the girl happy, but he is as excited as Omega. Hunter is not fooled by him and tells them to not take long. Someone in the bar is watching the whole scene with interest.

In Cid’s office, the Trandoshan gives their payment to Hunter, Echo, and Tech. Hunter esteems it’s not enough, and Echo asks how it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement if she gets more money. Cid retorts they are still breathing. She also says they owe her a lot for utilities. Hunter is surprised, and Cid gives him a datapad with the list. While most of the list is composed of fuel, rations, etc., Hunter is dumbfounded by the twenty cartons of Mantell Mix. Cut to Wrecker and Omega enjoying Mantell Mix and Wrecker putting it on Cid’s tab. The Trandoshan is fed up and wants them to make amends for the droid job they didn’t complete.

Back in the bar, two patrons are seeking trouble by accosting the stranger. The Ithorian and the Weequay want him to move. They quickly run when the man defends himself. Cid, hearing blasters, barges into the bar followed by the clones. She wants to know who the man is. He removes his cloak and we realize it’s Rex. Hunter recognizes him immediately while Cid is not happy about having another clone around. Echo wants to know where Rex was, and he answers that it’s a long story.


The clones catch up, and Rex tells them he has been laying low — so low that Tech announces the captain has been listed as killed in action. Echo wants to know how he tracked them down, and Rex reveals that Trace and Rafa Martez told him where to find them. He wants to know more about the kid they are traveling with when Omega and Wrecker arrive. Wrecker is really happy to see Rex and hugs him, which surprises Omega because she thought Wrecker and the others didn’t like the regular clones. Hunter introduces the clone and the young girl.


Wrecker’s head is hurting again, and he asks Tech for a med patch, but they don’t have any left. Rex is instantly suspicious — even more so when he realizes they still have their inhibitor chips saying that they are a threat to everyone, including Omega. Rex is reaching for his gun while Hunter tries to calm him down. The captain is worried because he knows what the chips do and he doesn’t want to bury more brothers. Hunter asks for suggestions about how to take them out. Rex says he will get back in touch with them when he finds a solution.

A while later, the team is on its way to a rendezvous with Rex on Bracca. Wrecker is getting more and more nervous and doesn’t want to be cut open to remove the chip. Tech remarks they will all have to do it. Omega is the only one without a chip. Hunter and Tech discuss the chip scan’s progress. Tech starts explaining how it is working and Omega translates by saying it is almost completed.

The squad arrives on the planet, which is a spaceship graveyard. They find Rex wearing his clone armor. Rex shows them a Jedi cruiser similar to the one where Rex’s chip was taken out. Wrecker wants to know why they didn’t land closer and learns that the planet is controlled by the Scrapper guild; the clones must keep a low profile. On their way to the cruiser, Rex recalls how Fives tried to warn him about the chip, but that he didn’t understand at the time. Echo still has a hard time believing it and reveals to Rex that it’s Omega who told them about it. They finally reach the cruiser.


Inside the ship, Rex is feeling uneasy because the last time he was on a cruiser like this, it didn’t end well. Echo wants to know how he got his chip out. Rex answers he had help, being careful to not name Ahsoka, the former Jedi. The clones come across a hole in the ship they must pass to get to the medical bay. They cross the hole with the help of a cable, but when it’s his turn, Wrecker is reluctant, saying his head doesn’t hurt anymore. Omega urges the clone to cross over, and he starts making his way to her until the cable breaks. He falls and hits his head again before being attacked by a diagona (we first saw one of its kind on the Death Star in A New Hope), but his team is able to pull him up and save him.

The clones finally reach the med bay. Echo starts calibrating the surgical pod, and the electricity is turned back on. Removing the chip is now urgent, as we can see Wrecker is in more and more pain. Tech starts scanning him. Omega is worried and goes to talk to Hunter, voicing her worry about the procedure and how it may not work on them like it worked on Rex. The young girl is afraid to be alone again. Hunter reassures her by saying she is stuck with them.

Meanwhile, Tech finds the chip in Wrecker’s head. The clone is getting more and more agitated. Omega realizes something is not right; the scanner seems to have aggravated the clone’s symptoms, and Rex thinks they need to hurry. Rex and Hunter discuss how few clones were able to resist Order 66. Hunter recalls what happened on Kaller when the clones attacked the Jedi Depa Billaba and that at least they were able to help the Padawan, Caleb Dume, escape. Hearing this triggers a reaction in Wrecker who attacks Tech saying he is “in direct violation of Order 66”. The clone takes his helmet and his gun and starts fighting his brothers and Omega. Hunter, Rex, and Echo draw him out of the med bay while Tech protects Omega.

The clones fail to restrain Wrecker. He captures Hunter and starts to choke him, saying all clones violating Order 66 must be terminated until Omega shoots at him to save Hunter. Wrecker then goes after her. She takes refuge in a room and hides. Wrecker finally finds her. She tries to reach out to him, saying it’s not really him and “Wrecker, I am your friend.” He answers “Good soldiers follow orders,” while preparing to shoot her. Rex stuns him at the last minute and saves Omega.

Wrecker is back in the med bay. Echo is worried the surgery is taking too much time, and Rex can’t confirm if it’s normal or not. The procedure is finally done, and Omega tries to wake up her friend without success. He is alive, but not stable. All they can do is wait to see if Wrecker regains consciousness. Omega refuses to leave him until he wakes up.

Later, Omega is sleeping next to Wrecker when she feels a hand on her head. Wrecker is awake and back to normal. The rest of the squad gets the chip removed. While packing up, Wrecker looks preoccupied and goes to talk to Omega. He feels guilty and apologizes for attacking her, saying he tried very hard to fight it. She forgives him and gives him Mantell Mix to celebrate another successful mission since it’s tradition.

Outside the ship, Rex is talking to someone about a rendezvous. Hunter is not surprised and tells him he knew Rex was not done fighting. Rex won’t stop fighting for the Republic and tries to convince Hunter to come help him. Hunter doesn’t want to because the squad’s priorities have shifted. They need to protect Omega, and Hunter wants to do what is best for his squad, even if he doesn’t know what it is yet. Rex tells him to keep him informed when he figures it out.


Hunter urges Rex to reach out if he needs help. The clones part ways without realizing that they were observed by members of the Scrapper Guild, who nofity the Empire.

Fans have been long wondering what happened to Rex between the end of Clone Wars, being reunited with Ahsoka, and fighting for the Rebellion in Rebels. It’s a real treat to watch him in The Bad Batch meeting up with the squad and getting introduced to Omega. Hopefully, it will not be the last we saw of him in the series.

So far, the show has focused more on the relationship between Omega and Hunter. In this episode, we saw how close the young girl and Wrecker became and how Omega is afraid to lose her new friends. Omega is now a part of the team, and it will be interesting to see how things pan out when the squad crosses paths with Crosshairs again.

Who was Rex talking to at the end of the episode? Will Crosshairs be back next episode? And if so, will the squad remove his chip? A new episode of The Bad Batch will be out on Disney+ on June 18. Stay tuned for more recaps by Nerds and Beyond.

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