‘Mythic Quest’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “TBD”

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Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao in Mythic Quest
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In last week’s episode of Mythic Quest, Poppy crashed the game servers during the presentation of the new expansion. Jo realized that Brad’s brother tricked her into doing something quite illegal, and Ian dramatically landed himself in the hospital because he had a heart attack. (Just kidding, he fainted.) Keep reading to find out what happened in the season 2 finale, “TBD.”

Good news — mom and dad are getting back together! Poppy and Ian are partners again, and they’re going to make an amazing expansion … on time and on budget. The bad news? David is surprisingly unmoved by this announcement, because he’s upset that his girlfriend said no when he asked her to move in with him. It didn’t help that she doubled down when he proceeded to propose. (He begged.)

David seems refreshed and positive after realizing he’ll always have the Mythic Quest team despite his relationship problems. Dana and Rachel come into his office, and he immediately asks them to take a picture with him so that he can fill his new digital photo frame with pictures of his work family. Unfortunately, Dana and Rachel are quitting, because they’re both moving to Berkeley for school.

Imani Hakim, David Hornsby and Ashly Burch in Mythic Quest
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Jo is sitting in C.W.’s office, and she calls Zack to get him to admit to tricking her into his insider trading scheme. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Jo is screwed.

Ian, Poppy, and the programming team are looking at Poppy’s latest desperate attempt to make Hera work. It’s a great idea, but Mythic Quest just wasn’t built for something like this. And if it were doable, Poppy would have already done it. She’s horrified when she realizes how much time and how many resources she’s wasted on her planning.

Dana approaches Rachel, and she’s crying as she tells her that she didn’t get accepted into Berkeley. Rachel pulls her into a hug to comfort her. Meanwhile, Jo, who’s out of options, goes to see Brad and asks him to help her with her problem with Zack. She doesn’t want to go to jail. Although he initially couldn’t care less about her plea, Brad reconsiders when Jo tells him that they could get Zack put in jail instead.

Dana sits in Ian and Poppy’s office as they appraise Grouchy Goat and try to figure out if the game is about a “sad, injured dog.” After questioning her, Ian and Poppy are impressed by Dana’s persistence with her project despite the fact that it’s a mess. They tell her that they’re going to get her into a local programming school, and the company will pay for it.

The feds show up, and Jo goes running into Brad’s office to hide behind his desk. He tells her that he called in an anonymous tip about insider trading at Mythic Quest. The plot twist? He’s taking the fall for it. Brad tells the agents to cuff him, holding out his arms, but they don’t actually intend to arrest him. Jo insists that they go talk in the parking lot at least. She cover’s Brad’s hands, so it looks like he’s in handcuffs, and loudly announces his criminal departure to the entire office.

Dana is excited that she’ll be going to school somewhere local so that she can still see Rachel. However, Rachel hesitantly tells her that she still wants to go to Berkeley. Dana goes through a variety of emotions, eventually landing on pure panic when she realizes how strongly she’s begun to feel about Rachel. And for once, it’s Rachel that has to stop her from spiraling … with a kiss.

Rob McElhenney, F. Murray Abraham and Charlotte Nicdao in Mythic Quest
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Poppy walks Ian and C.W. down a hallway that she had the art department decorate with all of the original Mythic Quest artwork and props from the archives. They need inspiration to brainstorm for the new expansion, but the conversation quickly turns into something else when C.W. makes them realize that Raven’s Banquet may have been their final chapter.

Poppy and Ian walk into David’s office, and he’s exhausted as he explains how he feels like their entire family is falling apart. Unfortunately for him, the misery has only just begun. Poppy and Ian are leaving Mythic Quest.

David steps out onto the roof, and he finds Jo standing out there. He laments over how everyone always leaves him. Jo begs him to be his assistant again. He’ll take her back on one condition: she’s his employee, and they’re not friends or family. Now they need to get to work, because they need a new tester, a new money guy, and a new creative director.

Ian and Poppy reflect on their big decision over drinks. Well, Poppy reflects. Ian is already over it and ready to move on to their next game. He wants to pursue Poppy’s plans for Hera. Poppy looks pleased when Ian hands her a pen and a napkin to take the wheel and begin planning.

On to new beginnings …

Seasons 1 and 2 of Mythic Quest are now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. Catch up on all of our season 2 recaps here!

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