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Walt Disney World Announces More Special Events for the 50th Anniversary Including Two New Nighttime Spectaculars

WALT DISNEY WORLDANIMAL KINGDOMWalt Disney World Announces More Special Events for the 50th Anniversary Including...

“The World’s Most Magical Celebration” for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World will begin on October 1. Many special events have already been announced, including the “EARidescent” makeover of Cinderella’s castle. Walt Disney World has now announced even more events, including two new nighttime spectaculars!

Beginning October 1, “Disney Enchantment” will take over as the nighttime spectacular in Magic Kingdom. It will feature music, enhanced lighting, fireworks, and for the first time, projections that stretch down Main Street, U.S.A. This will mean that you are guaranteed an amazing experience no matter where you stand!

In addition, the long-awaited new fireworks show at EPCOT, “Harmonious,” will also debut on October 1. It will invite you to gather around World Showcase Lagoon and watch fireworks, pyrotechnics, and moving fountains. This will be set to a soundtrack of classic Disney songs reimagined in a dozen languages.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom park will not be left out of receiving a new show. Also, on October 1, “Disney KiteTails” will begin as daytime entertainment at the Discovery River Amphitheater. Windcatchers and kites on the water will entrance guests and depict fan-favorite characters, including Simba, Zazu, Baloo, and King Louie.

Finally, it has also been announced that all of the parks will receive golden character sculptures for the anniversary. There will be 50 characters on display across the four theme parks. Disney will soon reveal more information about these and “the surprising ways you’ll be able to interact with these beautiful sculptures.”

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For more information on these new events and others coming up in 2021, make sure to check out Disney Parks Blog!

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