Sunday, March 26, 2023

Stands’ ‘Supernatural’ Impala Ita Bag Now Available for Pre-Order

CHARITIESStands' 'Supernatural' Impala Ita Bag Now Available for Pre-Order

Stands has been teasing the Impala Ita Bags for a while now as production details were being implemented and finalized, and the time has (almost) come for you to have one of your very own! Stands’ Supernatural Impala Ita Bag is now available for pre-order!

Made out of vegan leather, the Baby-shaped bags have two windows that can be used to display your favorite Supernatural pins from over the years. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Random Acts.

Since the bags are only available for pre-order at the moment, Stands recommends that you order this item separately from any other merchandise you plan on purchasing. The Ita Bags are estimated to being shipping in October, but they will not ship until the bags are actually available, which can delay other items in the order.

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Support a good cause and get some cool merch! Visit Stands’ website to pre-order your Impala Ita Bag today.

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