‘Mythic Quest’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Juice Box”


In last week’s episode of Mythic Quest, C.W. paid his old writer friend Peter Cromwell a visit, dragging Rachel along as his driver. Though old wounds were still fresh for both of them, C.W. in particular, the two finally managed to put their differences behind them in light of Peter’s declining health. Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode, “Juice Box.”

The Mythic Quest team is gathered around in the board room, and Ian is presenting his preview for the next expansion, Zeus. When he’s finished, Poppy gets up to reveal Hera, which will essentially allow players to modify and build within the environment of the game and have those changes show up across all the servers. Unfortunately, she then proceeds to crash said servers — worldwide — with her demonstration. Cue office-wide panic!

Later, David tells Brad that his ex-wife sold their old house and decided she wants to kick him out of his condo. On the bright side, he’s drastically reduced his booty call commute with the location of his new apartment! They run into Jo, and things are awkward … to say the least.

Dana is still hard at work on Grouchy Goat, because she had to submit a sample of her work to Berkeley when she applied. Rachel, meanwhile, gets out of bed and tells Dana how Peter’s book inspired her to decide that she wants to write.

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Still horrified over the previous day’s disaster during the Hera presentation, Poppy flips out on her team. David walks in and tells her that Ian is in the hospital because he had a heart attack. Poppy rushes there, visibly shaken when she walks into Ian’s room, and he apologizes for being mean to her.

C.W. shows David the obituary that he prepared for Ian years ago. “Ian T. Grimm, world-builder, legend, and visionary of the world’s most popular MMORPG, Mythic Quest, shed his mortal form today.” After sitting through C.W.’s dramatic monologue, David asks him to help him with his own.

At the hospital, Ian ponders how heroic it is to be so passionate about something that your heart literally explodes. Ah yes, he’s just fine. Poppy gets up to leave, but Ian asks if she’ll stay and rub his head until he falls asleep. She’s a bit taken aback when she realizes he wasn’t joking. The doctor comes in and tells Ian that his heart is fine. He’s just severely dehydrated and hasn’t been eating enough. He didn’t even have a heart attack; his blood pressure dropped and he fainted. Poppy stares, shocked, as the doctor gives him a juice box and a newly filled prescription for his hair pills.

Rachel tells Dana that she found the perfect writing program at Berkeley, and then proceeds to spiral into word vomit about her worries over how Dana will feel about her going to the same school as her. Dana cuts her off by leaning in to kiss her.

Brad walks into his office to find Jo measuring his desk, preparing to take over his office. What’s Jo got up her sleeve? She’s been scheming with Brad’s brother, Zack, who advised her to buy a bunch of shares in the company before the mobile announcement is made. Jo proudly tells Brad that she’s now powerful and will soon be very wealthy. Brad happily informs Jo that she’s now a felon, because it’s illegal to use non-public information to buy shares of a publicly traded company. That’s insider trading, baby! Zack tricked her for his own benefit.

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Poppy snaps and begins reaming out Ian, accusing him of dehydrating himself on purpose for his physique. She goes to leave, and Ian stops her, asking what she thinks of Zeus. Poppy doesn’t hold back as she tells him that it’s derivative, unimaginative, and lazy. He knows. The two begin to trade barbs, and Ian tells her that he’s still upset about her inability to be honest with him the other night.

Ian begins to cry, and he tells Poppy to go. She leaves the room for a minute, and then comes back, sitting on the bed beside him. She begins to rub his head and starts singing to him. Ian predictably ruins the moment as he asks her to sing a different song instead. But hey, they’re making progress. Sort of.

The season 2 finale of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 25. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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