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‘Loki’: Who Was That at the End of Episode 2?

TELEVISIONDISNEY+'Loki': Who Was That at the End of Episode 2?

Has Lady Loki made her MCU debut?

In the final moments of episode 2, the Variant Loki that our Loki, Mobius, and the TVA had been hunting dropped their hood and revealed a woman with a very familiar crown … Marvel dropped the news that MCU Loki would be emulating his comic form’s gender fluidity just before the premiere of episode 1 in a teaser, where Loki’s sex was listed as “Fluid” in his TVA file, and as of right now, it seems that Loki has officially introduced the character known as Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino.

A Lady Loki appearance comes as no shock to fans of the comics, who have seen Loki change between his male and female identities many times before, but it doesn’t take away from the excitement of seeing this part of the God of Mischief brought to life on-screen.

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The blonde hair, however, does come as a bit of a shock to comic fans familiar with the character of Lady Loki, who sports Loki’s signature black hair in all of her appearances. Whether this is a choice to make Lady Loki appear closer to the blonde-haired Asgardians Loki was raised with (he is a shapeshifter after all, it’s an easy change), or if perhaps this isn’t Lady Loki (she gives off big Enchantress vibes, too), we’ll just have to wait and see.

Where this other “Loki” is from and how they got here remains to be seen, but with the Sacred Timeline now in complete chaos and Loki following our mystery lady through the time door away from Mobius and the TVA, we’re set to learn a lot more of her origins here very soon.

Episode 3 of Loki will air June 23 exclusively on Disney+. Be sure to keep up with our coverage of the series!

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