‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “O Mother, Where Art Thou?”

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Last week brought upon two major twists: Edge claimed relation to Superman, and Kyle has become one of Edge’s precious Kryptonians. This episode, Clark further explores his ancestry, and Lana finally comes face to face with someone she’s only ever heard mumblings of. Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode “O Mother, Where Art Thou?”

Edge and Superman are still facing off, Superman confused as to why he’s calling him his brother. He begins speaking in Kryptonian. Edge tells him that he was the first son of Krypton, he wants to resurrect Krypton so they can have their mother with them again. Superman tells him no, so Edge retaliates by flinging him and giving him an ultimatum.

Sarah is furious about Kyle, but Lana tries to keep her level headed. Sarah storms out of the house just as Kyle arrives. Lana wants to know everything about what happened as a call from Lois interrupts them.

Clark returns home and he looks visibly confused. After finding out the big news about Edge, Clark sits down with the family to drop it on them. Clark tells them he wants an army of Kryptonians to take over Earth. Lois wants Clark to find out if it’s actually true, but Clark doesn’t want to leave his family alone, not while Edge is around. Lois reassures him that the DoD will keep them safe; he needs to find out the truth.

Clark is at the fortress speaking to his father. He’s furious that he was the only one to know, Jor-El tells him there was no need to tell him. Clark wants to know how to take him down, but the eradicator is far beyond Jor-El’s means of knowledge, it was Lara’s invention.

Jonathan and Jordan are talking about the Superman on Irons’ Earth, worried that what happened on that planet will happen to them, too. Lois promises it won’t happen. Sam barges in and says they found Kyle.

At the Cushing home, Lana and Kyle are talking about Edge, and Kyle says he only said yes to the offer because he was sick of ruining everything for his family. Kyle begins telling her about the steps in the process when Lois knocks on the door. Kyle gets up, and as soon as the door is opened, he goes after her and Lana. The DoD isn’t far behind and takes him down.

Lois and Clark are making sure Lana is okay, but Lana doesn’t know how this can be fixed. They talk about the importance of the eradicator, and they go through the list of Edge’s subjects. Lana points out an anomaly in Dabney Donovan, the doctor who performed all of the exams for Edge.

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Jordan, Jon, and Sarah are at the diner while the DoD is taking over the entire town. Sarah is crushed, and Jon decides to tell her the truth. He tells her that Kyle has been “body-snatched” and that it isn’t anyone’s fault but Edge. Jordan suggests she go find out for herself.

Back at the Kent home, Lois wants to know why Superman was given time for an answer, suggesting that maybe he’s the one who needs time as if his plan isn’t quite complete. Just then, the DoD finds Donovan, and Superman accompanies them on the arrest. They want to reverse the machine and it’s powers, but Donovan says that’s not possible — he barely understands the technology himself. Clark realizes that the only one who can put a stop to it is his mother.

Lana and Lois are at the DoD when Lana spots Superman. They need a volunteer for the machine, and Lana steps up. Lois and Superman try to convince her not to, but she thinks she’s the perfect candidate, being from Smallville and all. She feels like it’s on her shoulders, she wants to save Kyle and the others.

Jordan, Jon, and Sarah are trying to get inside, but they aren’t allowed in. The boys are putting up a fight, she wants to see what is happening for herself. Sam is frustrated that Jon told her about it, but he is trying to do the right thing. Sam lets them inside, and the Kryptonian inhabiting Kyle’s body tries to get under Sarah’s skin, but he’s not done with Jonathan. He says that when he gets out, he’s going to kill Jon first.

Lois and Superman are discussing Lana, and Lois thinks that he should speak to her about her decision, so he does. He tells her she’s brave for doing this, but she doesn’t have to. Superman calls her a hero, and Lois tells her it’s time for her to go inside. The machine turns on, and Lana begins seizing. When she comes out, it’s clear she’s different, and Clark knows it. “Kal-El?'” she says, and he knows then that it’s his mother.

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Superman tells her that he knows it’s a lot to process, but she says it was never meant to plant another race. He asks about his brother, and she tells him that they were together long before her and Jor-El, and when she had gotten with his father, she cut off her relations with him. Her biggest fear was leaving him without a mother, but Superman said he had a mother — Martha. She only ever wanted the best for him, to find a new home. She’s happy that he’s found that. When he brings up Jon and Jordan, she wants to hear all about them.

Jordan tries to comfort Sarah, who is clearly upset about the situation and how her last conversation with her dad ended. Jordan tells her they have to hold onto hope.

Edge wants to prepare for the arrival now. There is no saving Clark, he’s chosen humanity over them. Back at the DoD, Lara tells them all about the machine and how to stop it. They need the people to go through the eradication process again to recover their old consciousness. Just then, Superman is notified of Edge and jets off to go after him.

Edge wants to know why he loves humans so much. He had a much different experience to Superman’s, he was experimented on. Edge made them afraid, and he wants to do it again, without his brother by his side.

At the diner, another one of Edge’s Kryptonians dashes out, and it’s obvious the plan has started. Edge claims his mission was to resurrect Krypton and its people, and he’s going to do it without being stopped. On the horizon is Edge’s army, who are prepared for a war. Superman leads the army into the sky, and he warns Sam they have no time, everyone needs to get out. He says he will create a solar flare with his body so that the machine will work. Jon and Jordan are desperate to find Sarah, who went to be with Kyle. But they’re all out of time, Superman uses all his energy to create the flare, and he’s able to bring everyone back to normal.

There’s no sign of Superman in Smallville, but there is sight of him at the Fortress. He’s barely able to crawl his way to the entrance before he collapses, exhausted and barely hanging on.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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