Saturday, September 18, 2021

#SaveZoeysPlaylist Climbs to the Top Of Twitter’s Trending Charts After ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Cancelation

Outros hang in the thick air that one does not realize a vinyl needle’s lifted until there’s wondering where the final note went. At least, the cancelation of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is up the same sonorous alley. It’s this approximately 40-minute comedy-drama stitched together through heart songs sung by both loved ones and random passersby to awkwardly cute tech geek Zoey Clarke after being accidentally implanted with a jukebox-chipped brain. 

So far, it had 2 seasons with word to move it to streaming service Peacock for its third until being met with the disgruntled confirmation there would be no more. According to Deadline, the musical gods at Lionsgate Television are firing up a campaign to find a new home, whether of network or streaming variety, which coincides with the chirping #SaveZoeysPlaylist hashtag climbing to the number one trending spot on Twitter’s charts. Creator Austin Winsberg stirs up the encore below …

Of course, we’re yet to know if it will meet delightful fruition; however, since you’re reading this, we’re head counting you as another possible viewer roped in through our recaps

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