Recap: Red Is Ready To Let Liz in on Some Secrets in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 8, Episode 20 “Godwin Page”

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At The Castle, Neville and his men prepare to raid the building, while Liz, Red, and Dembe struggle to find a way out. Neville’s men begin shooting, and Dembe and Red fight back. Eventually, Liz finds a way out and they make their escape. Neville and his men raid The Castle, only to find that it’s empty besides the bodies of Bino and his men. Liz, Dembe, and Reddington walk through the pipeline system and then walk through a convenience store, but a police officer pulls up outside. Liz walks out to tell the officer that Reddington has a gun, and she walks down the street to disappear. Meanwhile, Reddington and Dembe subdue the cop as Dembe snuck behind him and made him surrender his gun. Red goes to look outside to find Liz, but she’s in the wind.

At the hospital, Aram, Park, and Cooper are outside Ressler’s room. According to Park, Ressler has damage to his right lung and a possible infection. Cooper tells them about the shootout at The Castle that killed Bino, and Liz is gone. Cooper gets a seemingly alarming call about his wife, Charlene.

Godwin, a familiar associate of Neville’s, meets with Vandyke at a warehouse. He was able to get away from the penthouse when the FBI raided it. A man named Bolt has been instructed by Townsend to “handle his dissolve.” Godwin tells the men that he wants to help, but Vandyke tells him that since the FBI saw him during the raid, Townsend wants to keep him safe. Godwin asks what happened with Liz, and Vandyke answers that he will find her and will have Reddington watch her die.

Will Hart/NBC

Cooper is about to get into his car when Liz stops him. She assures him that Charlene is fine, but she needed to get him away from the others so they could talk. Cooper wants to talk about how they can end this, because it’s gone on too long. Liz tries to change the subject by asking about Ressler and his condition, but Cooper can’t give her a definitive answer. He offers his help with Townsend. She hesitates but asks if she turns herself in, how can he keep her safe? Cooper says, “Not how, Elizabeth. Where.” Suddenly, we see Liz being escorted to the orange box, which once held Reddington in the pilot. She’s put into the box as Reddington calls Cooper to say that he lost Liz, but Cooper assures him she’s safe and she surrendered.

Godwin and Bolt arrive at a barn. Once they knock on the barn door, they’re met with guns. The men instruct Bolt to search Godwin, and Bolt takes his gun. Reddington employed Bolt and had Bolt bring Godwin there because he wants Godwin to help kill Townsend, not willingly, of course. Suddenly, Brimley (Red’s torturer) and his wife Edna arrive, ready to get started with Godwin.

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Aram approaches Liz to talk while she’s encased in the orange box. Aram seems to have a realization that the Liz he’s seen lately, the darker Liz, is the real her. He continues that the Liz that was his friend was an illusion. She tells him that people aren’t good and bad, but what she’s done is her. He informs her that Panabaker is talking to Cooper upstairs in his office. Liz tells Aram that she’s not ashamed of what she’s done or who she’s become. Aram also updates Liz on Ressler and as he goes to walk away, Liz asks for a phone call.

Meanwhile, Cooper and Panabaker talk in his office. Panabaker tells Cooper that she’s not willing to make a deal for Keen, and that she deserves to go to prison. He defends Liz, and says there would be no Task Force without Keen.

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Aram comes back into where Liz is being kept, and he’s willing to give her a phone call. Aram dials the phone and it’s Ressler, who’s still in the hospital. He asks Liz about what Panabaker said, but Liz knows that whatever it is, it’s not good. Unexpectedly, they hear a loud noise overhead, and it’s a chopper landing on the roof. Cooper calls for a code black and the Post Office goes into lockdown. Ressler is still on the phone as Liz and Aram try and figure out the noise. Suddenly, Liz looks up and the roof collapses on top of the orange box. The team come to take Liz away and tie the orange box with ropes, telling her to hold on. The box is lifted into the air, just as Cooper and other agents appear to see it be taken away.

In the aftermath, Aram and Cooper are looking at the camera footage from Liz’s escape. Unfortunately, Aram says that he can’t get a tail number and due to the face masks, he can’t get facial recognition. Cooper wants him to re-interview the people for Townsend. Cooper and Aram both think that Townsend is behind this elaborate plan.

Back at the barn, Brimley briefly talks to Reddington about how he and Edna met. Right on cue, Edna comes to tell Red that she’s finished, when Liz arrives to yell at Reddington for blowing the roof off of the Post Office. Edna finishes her statement by saying that the chip is in Godwin’s neck and the tracking device is set. As Edna and Brimley leave, Liz grabs a knife from Edna’s backpack of weapons. Red tells Liz that he broke her out of the Post Office to keep her out of a maximum security prison. To keep her in one place, Red has his men put Liz into one of the horse stables.

At the Post Office, Panabaker comes into the Post Office in a fury to talk with Cooper. He tells her that Liz is gone, but he believes Townsend is responsible. Panabaker is skeptical and believes that Reddington had orchestrated Liz’s escape, and even consulted Cooper to do it. They argue, but Panabaker decides that she wants Reddington to come in to meet with her tomorrow at the Post Office.

Godwin wakes up in the other stable next door to Liz. She tells him she knows a way to escape, but she wants him to make a deal with Townsend. If Townsend agrees to leave her, her daughter, and the FBI alone, she can help him get revenge on Reddington. Godwin agrees to help her.

Next, Aram gets a call from Park, who is at the hospital watching over Ressler. She updates him on Ressler while he briefs her about Townsend extracting Liz from the Post Office. Aram thinks that Godwin Page may be responsible for helping Townsend arrange Liz’s escape, but unfortunately, Page is in the wind.

In the stables, Liz gives Godwin the knife to extract the chip from his neck. Once he painfully retrieves the chip, he hands it to Liz. She become excited because this chip is vulnerable to interference. If Townsend can intercept the signal, it can lead him to Reddington. She wants Godwin to instruct Townsend to book a suite under Margaret French, and if the room is booked, she will turn on the tracking device chip. Simultaneously, one of Red’s men discovers that the signal for Page’s chip has been lost. One of the men goes to investigate, but Page stabs him and escapes. Red is notified and he looks to Liz for details, but she lies and doesn’t take responsibility.

In Cooper’s office, Cooper is on the phone with Reddington, who tells him that he broke out Liz. Red decides that he can’t keep her safe anymore by withholding secrets from her, so he is going to tell her everything. Cooper asks why Red is divulging this information, and Red says it’s because he needs him to capture Godwin Page.

After his escape, Godwin reaches a pay phone and calls Neville. Neville is unconvinced that Godwin escaped, but he reveals that Keen helped him because she wants to make a deal. If Neville agrees, Liz will turn on the chip to lead him straight to Reddington. Godwin suggests that Neville make the deal.

Aram and Park are once again on the phone. Aram notifies Park that Godwin Page has been picked up and Reddington took Liz. Suddenly, Ressler’s doctors begin bringing equipment into his room, as the elevator to the Post Office opens with Godwin Page in custody.

Back at the barn, Red tells Liz that they need to leave, but Liz states she needs to make a phone call to set up arrangements for Agnes. She calls the hotel where Neville has booked a room, and she talks to Townsend. She fakes a conversation with Mrs. French, and Neville tells her he’s prepared to track the chip once she turns it on.

Aram interrogates Godwin at the Post Office and warns him what will happen if he doesn’t help. Godwin says he may have something better. Simultaneously, Red and Liz are in the car and he explains he kept things from her to keep her safe. Back in interrogation, Godwin tells Cooper that he wants immunity because he knows Liz’s plan. Red gets a call from Harold, but he tells Dembe to ignore it. Cooper leaves a voicemail for Red to explain what Godwin revealed about Liz’s plan to set him up. While in the car, Liz turns the chip on and Neville retrieves the signal.

Townsend and Vandyke are in the car tracking the signal, while Liz and Red continue to drive. Dembe tells Red that Edward is standing by, and Liz asks if they are flying somewhere. Townsend tells Vandyke that the signal has Reddington at a standstill, and Vandyke calls in a team. Concurrently, Panabaker arrives and goes to Cooper’s office. Neville orders Vandyke to stop because he sees the signal coming towards them alarmingly fast, as he sees Red’s plane fly overhead. In Cooper’s office, Panabaker tells Aram and Cooper about the directive from the Department of Justice regarding Keen. Panabaker says Liz will be eliminated and once Liz is captured, the DOJ will set Reddington free and disavow the task force.

Hours later, Keen wakes up on the plane and asks where they are. Reddington tells her they’re going to Latvia for answers. Liz looks at the body of water below them, and she realizes it’s similar to her burn. Red remembers the night of the fire and how her burn is a permanent reminder of how choices that were made impacted her life. He continues that the image of her burn became a symbol of the most important aspect of his business, representing the danger she faces and the promise to protect her. He tells her that Latvia is where it all began.

Red, Liz, and Dembe arrive in Lativa. They greet a friend of Red’s named Juris, and he escorts them into an awaiting vehicle. They drive a distance, and Liz asks Reddington why he was present the night of the fire. He tells her it was for the fulcrum, and others were there. She states that her mother was there to confront her father. She asks if he was working with her mother, and he explains he knew her mother better than she knew herself. 

Red, Juris, Dembe, and Liz arrive at a guarded stone cavern. Red explains to Liz that this place is the epicenter. He knows she wants answers, so he decides to start with one she knows: the identity of N-13. He tells her that the story she’s heard is partially true. Reddington is N-13, but he never stole anything. The Sikorsky Archive was given to him as a gift from one of her mother’s closest colleagues. Liz is in disbelief because she’s under the impression that Reddington framed her mother, but he tells her to forget everything she thinks she knows. He sternly tells her that Katarina was never framed or killed, and the Sikorsky Archive was a seed that would become the beginning of the most intricate intelligence networks in existence. A network created with her blessing, with one sole purpose — to give Red the power to to keep Liz safe and her mother hidden. That vision was manifested by this epicenter, which became his life work for the past three decades.

Liz: “So what is this?
Reddington: “This is The Blacklist.”

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