Recap: There’s a Zoo of Grievances in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 5 “Please Sign Here”

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In last week’s episode of Mythic Quest, Brad’s scheming brother Zack showed up at the office to schmooze the team and to warn him that it’s time to sell the company off. Meanwhile, Ian showed off his inability to drive a car with a manual transmission, and Snoop Dogg put on a virtual in-game concert. Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode, “Please Sign Here.”

We open with Carol, who’s talking about MQ’s new employee evaluation process, which is a test to determine everyone’s workplace profile. The task was simple: complete the evaluation, print it out, sign it, return it to her. However, quite a few employees have failed to do so, much to her dismay.

Although Carol is obligated to hear out everyone’s concerns as to why they won’t sign the evaluation, she puts the tantalizing offer on the table of three additional vacation days for anyone who will just sign and leave. One employee quickly agrees, but Ian, Brad, Jo, Rachel, Dana, and Sue don’t budge. Rachel tells Carol that she doesn’t like the animal that the test assigned her (a baboon). Ian is satisfied with his—a lion—but he wants to know what Poppy’s animal is. Carol informs the group that Montreal gave Poppy a dispensation because she’s been so busy with work, and Ian declares that he’s never signing now.

Brad claims that he doesn’t care about the test, he’s just there for the data. Jo is fine with signing, but Brad took her packet. After sharing that Brad ended up as a mouse, despite picking random answers, Jo looks at him predatorially when she announces that she’s a shark. C.W. joins in on the meeting virtually, and Ian reveals that he’s set up a mannequin with a tablet mount where his head would be.

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Rachel continues to vent her frustrations about the test, and she strikes a nerve with Carol when she starts talking about oppression. After spiraling as she recounts the laborious old way that the tests had to be administered, Carol stalks off for a five-minute break. When she returns, she finds the team desperately rifling through the cupboards looking for food. Dana then shares that she’s unhappy with the test’s assumption that she’s an otter, and further voices her displeasure that David (who’s sitting off in the distance on a windowsill, hair spiked up and wearing a leather jacket) is somehow a wolf.

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As Dana continues her rant about being an otter, Rachel stands up “as the person that knows her best,” but Ian quickly throws her off kilter when he asks what Dana’s middle name is. A question she … doesn’t know the answer to. Dana thinks she should be a wolf. She then shares that she’s thinking about applying to the Computer Sciences program at Berkley, which is news to Rachel. Oops. Shaken by the news, Rachel signs her packet and leaves.

Poppy arrives, and Ian tells her that everyone is upset that she didn’t take the test. (Not really though, it’s just him.) As an act of defiance against Poppy, Dana signs the wolf section of the animal chart that’s on display and leaves. It may not be on the packet … but at this point, it’s good enough for Carol. Poppy agrees to take the test to spite Ian, and when Carol explains how the 1 to 5 ratings work, David realizes that he took the test backwards. So he’s not a wolf, he’s actually … a butterfly. David quickly signs and leaves, and then Jo and Brad’s standoff continues. Both finally end up signing as well and make dramatic exits.

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Carol scores Poppy’s test and announces that she’s a lion, which Ian refuses to believe. This sends both of them into a tailspin, and they begin picking through each other’s answers bit by bit, accusing one another of answering them falsely. Carol convinces them that they need to share their fears, and Ian finally admits that he’s afraid that MQ was his only good idea and that Poppy is the younger, smarter lion. Poppy, on the other hand, simply says she’s afraid of singing in public. Ian is put off that Poppy didn’t take the question seriously like he did, and she begins to flip out and tells him he’s the boss, asking him if that makes him happy. “Not really,” he responds dejectedly, and he signs his paper.

Carol is thrilled to leave, but is then upset when the elevator opens to reveal David, who’s been stuck in the basement the entire time. Poppy tries to make a joke, but Ian doesn’t respond. She then apologizes and admits she’s been having trouble with the expansion and she misses having him around. Because he believes in her in a way that nobody ever has. Ian stands up, smiles, and tells her that he doesn’t believe in her, and she will fail without him. And the best part? Poppy knows it, too. Ian leaves.

Episode 6 of the second season of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 4. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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