‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Announces Five New Cast Members For Season 2

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Freeform has revealed additional cast members that will be joining the thriller drama Motherland: Fort Salem this summer and it’s an exciting line up! Announced by Deadline, the five new recurring cast members include Victor Webster (Workin’ Moms), Mellany Barros (Chad), Praneet Akilla (Nancy Drew), Ess Hödlmoser (The Boys), and Arlen Aguayo (The Good Doctor).

In Season 2, Raelle (Hickson), Tally (Sutton) and Abigail (Williams) will face higher stakes, more dangerous magic, and the Camarilla, an ancient group of witch hunters. Now moving on to War College, their training will be intensified and they will be pushed to their limits. General Alder (Renée) searches for new witches to join the military while the Spree and the Army begin to realize their fight may no longer be with each other. Can these two enemies join forces to defeat the Camarilla who are fueled by hatred so deep they won’t stop until all witches are exterminated?

Webster will play Vice President of the United States Blanton Silver. When his daughter, Penelope, is revealed to be a witch, Silver must now adjust to her newfound identity. Penelope Silver, portrayed by Barros, is the VP’s only daughter. An enthusiastic and passionate person, she struggles to navigate this newfound world of military life.

Akilla will play Gregorio, a male witch from the upper echelons of military witch society much like Abigail. He has big opinions about how male witches are treated in this female dominant witch army, and makes those opinions known. Hödlmoser joins the cast as M, a non-binary second-year soldier in War College, M is very protective of the Unit and any witch in their coven. Aguayo is Nicte, a figure from Alder’s past who helped shape her into the witch she has become.

Already sporting an incredibly strong cast, Motherland: Fort Salem season 2 looks even more promising with these impressive additions. Check out the synopsis for episode one and two here as well as the new trailer!

Motherland: Fort Salem premieres at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on Tuesday, June 22.

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