‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 “Home”

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On this week’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, June adjusts to her new life in Canada, reconnecting with her friends and Luke. Meanwhile, Serena continues to work through her pregnancy. Read on to find out what happened in “Home.”

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We pick up right where last week ended: June has stepped off the boat onto Canadian soil. She and Luke are greeted by Moira, Tuello, Rachel Tapping, and a few others. Tuello asks her the standard round of questions for Gilead escapees and if June wants to seek asylum. She does, and officially declares it.

They bring June to a ritzy hotel where she will stay temporarily. Moira and Luke talk with Tuello and Tapping, who are saying something to June, but she doesn’t hear them; she’s taking in her new surroundings. Tuello and Tapping leave. Just before Moira does, she says she’ll come back with Nichole, and leaves June and Luke. Unsure of what to do, Luke offers a few options to June, and she lands on the bathroom, taking her first real shower in years. While Luke waits, he orders and preps a meal from room service. He goes to check on June and finds her sleeping in the other room.

The next morning, June wakes up and sees Luke on the couch. She invites him to sit on the bed with her. She apologizes about the room service, and he tells her she doesn’t need to. He continues by apologizing for not being able to get her out of Gilead or finding Hannah. June tells him about the short visit she had with Hannah (from season 2), explaining how Hannah had grown and also that she was angry at June and Luke. June also shares that she told Hannah it was okay to feel that, and despite everything, she and Luke still love her. They share an emotional moment as Luke reminds June that she’s a good mother, even if she struggles to believe it.

June debriefs with Tuello. Luke interrupts and offers a break, June asking about Nichole. Tuello wants to wait until after they finish debriefing, but Luke convinces him to finish later. He brings June home where she sees Nichole (and Emily!) for the first time since they escaped. Later that night, June rocks with Nichole and talks to her. She tells Nichole how lucky both of them are to have Luke and Moira. She then says that she and Nichole’s father (meaning Nick) love her.

Serena prays at the holding center’s chapel, confessing her misgivings and praying for a healthy baby – which she mentions raising by herself. Tuello catches the end of it, and Serena notices his mood change, prompting her to ask if he’s seen June. Serena’s lawyer said June arrived, which complicates her case. Tuello moves on and tells her that Fred requested, again, to see her. She doesn’t want to, saying that Fred is just scared now that June is here. Tuello, though, thinks Serena has more influence now, thanks to the pregnancy. She can get Fred to cooperate with them.

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Serena eventually decides to see Fred, with Fred claiming that God wants them to be together. He tells her he wants to be a good husband and father and tries to claim ownership over the pregnancy, and Serena turns to leave. Fred tells her about June arriving and changing their legal landscape. He proposes a team up with Serena, not just for their sake, but also for the baby’s.

June wakes up to the sound of Nichole cooing in the kitchen where Luke is making breakfast. Moira says she’ll make a trip to the grocery store. June expresses interest in going, but Moira thinks it will be overwhelming, but she doesn’t say no. June also suggests inviting Rita, Emily, and Oliver over for dinner.

June, Luke, Moira, and Nichole head to the store. June seems a bit overwhelmed but also content to be in a normal grocery store again. She and Luke head to the chip aisle while Moira goes to grab some other items. She finds them with a diaper emergency with Nichole. Luke helps her and then goes to grab a few more things while June decides on a bag of chips. As she takes one off the shelf, she flashes back to Loaves & Fishes in Gilead. She spots two women that she briefly thinks are handmaids, and as more reminders pop up, she has intense flashbacks and begins to panic.

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That evening, June hides on the staircase as Emily and Oliver show up for dinner, still shaken from earlier. After a few moments, June goes to greet them. She and Oliver hug. As they do, June sees Rita, and the two tightly embrace. A little later, the women catch up. Emily talks about how patient Sylvia has been. Meanwhile, Moira explains how she messed up with Oona, leading June to take the blame until Moira stops her, reminding June that they won. June changes topics to Serena, asking if anyone’s seen her. Rita admits she has and breaks the news about the pregnancy. June seems shocked and angry but doesn’t say so, letting the conversation continue as Moira goes to get more alcohol.

Moira spots Oona outside, who’s just dropping off something for June. She reveals that they aren’t allowed to go outside Canada for the time being, for which Moira apologizes. As Oona turns to leave, Moira says she doesn’t want them to be over. Oona doesn’t want to fight anymore, but Moira does, not wanting to move on; Oona could be forever. Just before leaving, Oona agrees to “have the fight” with Moira, but for another night.

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After everyone’s left, June is joined in the kitchen by Luke. She tells him she had fun but is clearly still thinking about Serena. Later that night, she lies awake in bed and flashes back to another moment with Serena. She heads outside where Tuello picks her up and brings her to where Serena is being held. When the two are face to face again, Serena believes that God brought June there to make amends. June, however, is feeling quite the opposite, saying it was to tell Serena how much she hates her. June continues that she wishes nothing but the worst for Serena for destroying everything. Serena gets on her knees, begging for June’s forgiveness. In response, June says the only reason God gave Serena a child was so that when she loses it, she feels only a fraction of what everyone else in Gilead felt when their children were literally ripped away from them.

When June returns home, she wakes Luke up and initiates sex, not letting him touch her. He tries to pause and check on her, but she keeps going. And despite the major step this is having just escaped Gilead, June seems more fueled by anger and frustration.

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The next day, June and Luke enjoy the snow with Nichole. The scene bounces back and forth between the trio, June talking with Tuello, and Serena and Fred. June tells Tuello about how manipulative Serena is, explaining that she’s fueled by hatred and rage. As June continues that underneath all that is misery and Serena trying not to feel it, we see Serena go to Fred, saying she needs him. (Though, knowing Serena, it’s not so simple as that.) June, Luke, and Nichole continue enjoying themselves in the snow, as June explains how Serena draws people in. The episode ends with June and Tuello, as June finishes by saying that if Tuello finds himself sucked in by Serena, he should run for his life.

The Handmaid’s Tale is streaming now on Hulu. Episode 8 of this season will release next Wednesday, June 2. Find our recaps for episodes 1-6 and the rest of our coverage here.

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