Recap: It’s Time for Fallon & Liam’s Wedding in ‘Dynasty’ Season 4, Episode 2 “Vows Are Still Sacred”


Last week’s premiere of Dynasty brought old faces and old skeletons out of the closet, but this week we finally get to see the wedding of Falliam, one that could easily rival the royal wedding (at least in theory). Read on to find out what happens in “Vows Are Still Sacred.”

The manor is being prepared for Fallon and Liam’s nuptials. Inside, Adam is working on his vows while Fallon is still in bed, stressing about the day and the power tools being on too early in the morning.

In Blake’s office, he’s on a business call. He’s secured more barrels of oil to fill an order, but still needs a good chunk. Blake says it’ll be easy, he knows a supplier, Cliff Wilson, who could do the job. Cristal interrupts, holding her dress for the ceremony. She asks if she’d be able to change at the manor, because the La Mirage just isn’t the same. Cristal sets boundaries: no discussing the Van Kirks, the priest, or where they stand — it’s all about Fallon.

Sam is out to lunch with Ryan, and now that he knows all about his ruse, he begins asking him more and more questions. Ryan gets caught in his web of lies, though, and quickly tries to deflect. Sam won’t let it go though, and finally tells him that he knows he lied about his flight being canceled. Ryan says he was trying to do a romantic gesture but got flustered; he didn’t want to come off as desperate or a stalker. Sam sends him off.

Adam is at the Colby residence cluing them in on Blake’s plans. Alexis leaves Jeff and Adam to handle the transaction while she heads to the manor to help Fallon get ready.

Kirby is attempting to help Fallon pick out her shoes for the wedding and so far, no luck. Alexis walks in and says that maybe she should consider flats since she’ll be walking on grass but Fallon claims with the right sherpa and oxygen, she could climb Mount Everest in heels. After finally lacing up a pair of heels, when she stands up she instantly twists her ankle and falls to the floor. Sam suggests she use Blake as a crutch when they’re walking down the aisle, but Fallon needs more … so she asks Alexis to help, too.

Dominique meets up with Blake. She tells him that in her safety deposit box that was left to her by their father is a deed for all mineral rights underneath the manor. Because Dominique can’t go excavating, she offers Blake the chance to buy her rights. For the right price, of course. Blake says he had no idea about the land splitting or anything being left to his sister, so he declines.

Adam gets paid a visit by Shelly. She is there to tell him about Anders coming to visit her. She tells him that he was asking all sorts of questions about his mother’s overdose and his involvement. She didn’t say anything, but again, for a price, she won’t say anything ever.

Fallon’s ankle is iced and elevated and she is now working on her vows that she will sing to Liam at the piano. Blake brings her a new ice bag and she decides to ask him about having Alexis walk down the aisle with them. Blake says he has no problem with it and Fallon is visibly stunned. Blake notes that it’s her day, so he will do anything she needs.

Back in Shelly’s car, Anders is in the back seat, inquiring about her meeting with Adam. She tells him about their planned meeting. Anders said they need proof that he’s dangerous because he can’t keep doing this to people, especially now that he’s with Kirby.

Blake is still trying to settle the crude oil payment needed to keep his personal assets from being leveraged with the loan, but apparently, the barrels have been sold, and Cliff had no idea about it. He says he can do it if Blake gives him a week, but he doesn’t have that kind of time.

Blake walks in just as Cristal is finishing her makeup and she asks him if he put a hold on the foundation’s funding for the hospital. He says yes, but it’s only temporary and he will pay it back when he can. Cristal then begins asking if something is happening, she saw all the monitors in his office. Blake confesses the truth, and he says that’s why he needs to talk to her. Blake wonders if it would be possible if he could borrow some money from her father, which he will pay back before he even knew it was gone, of course. Cristal gets heated and tells him nothing would make her happier than to see Carrington Atlantic fall, because it may be the only way they can save their marriage.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

In Fallon’s room, Kirby and Alexis are waiting to see the big dress reveal. Blake knocks and asks if he can have a moment with Fallon. She thanks him for allowing Alexis to walk with them down the aisle and he insists it’s her day and he wants what is best for her. Blake then proceeds to tell her the same story he told Cristal and asks if he can borrow money. Fallon asks how much he needs and when he says just under $100 million, she quickly shuts him down. Fallon is upset because she thought for once that Blake would come through for her but she was sorely mistaken. She tells him Alexis will have no problem walking her herself.

At La Mirage Ryan asks the front desk why he was called over, and Sam shows up behind him saying he wanted to see him. Sam wants to apologize for what he said to Ryan, and Ryan asks what changed. Sam says he saw the way Fallon was with her parents and decided he was being cynical. Sam recalls that Ryan told him he was acting flustered because he has feelings for him, but Sam thinks he reacted the way he did because he has feelings for Ryan. He asks him to stay for the wedding and even offers to bring him as a plus one.

Blake tries to get an extension on the loan deadline with the bank, but it has already been sold. He soon finds out that Jeff and Alexis were behind it. They let him know that unless he can pay it back in 40 minutes, they will need to take all collateral he put up … including the manor. Jeff tells him he doesn’t have to leave until after the wedding causing Blake to go after him. Fallon is on the sidelines watching, hurt, because she thought Alexis was different from Blake.

Outside, Liam is getting his photo taken by the wedding photographer. Fallon walks outside and fills him in on everything that has happened. They decide to leave and get married more intimately.

Inside the manor, Jeff and Alexis are having a conversation about their marriage. Alexis says she doesn’t want to deny him the life he sees for himself, and realizes there is no future in his marriage. She tells him to have his lawyer get the divorce papers ready to sign and Jeff says he will sign his share of the house over to her.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Sam gets a text from Fallon who is now at the high school with Liam. She wants him to officiate there and for Kirby to bring her shoes. However, they must try to be as discreet as possible.

Culhane and Jeff are having a drink together, and Culhane asks him if he is going to move into the manor. Jeff says no, that’s more of Alexis’ thing and she already has the name change covered. Sam walks in and tells Culhane he needs to talk to him. Confused, he follows.

Blake is trying desperately to get ahold of Fallon, but she won’t take his calls. He tries with Anders’ phone but Fallon knows better. When she picks up, Blake says that Alexis is trying to ruin everything for him and Fallon says this is why she left, even on her wedding day it’s not about her. She wants to be left out of the situation.

Kirby is in Fallon’s closet collecting the shoes. Behind her in the mirror Evan can be seen. As she’s rushing out of the room he corners her and says he needs to talk to Fallon about something, urgently, and he asks Kirby where she is. Kirby won’t budge. He tries to take her phone but she hits him over the head with the bag and tries to get away. Evan grabs her leg and stabs her. He takes her phone and leaves her to bleed out on the floor.

At the high school, Sam has shown up but there is no sign of Kirby. Fallon asks where she is but same doesn’t realize that she hasn’t shown up. Fallon texts her phone asking where she is, and she gets a response that apparently she is on her way.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Outside, Alexis is overlooking the property when Dominique shows up to congratulate her on her ownership of the manor. She lets her know that while Alexis may own the house, Dominique owns what is underneath, and offers to let Alexis bid first on the rights instead of Blake.

Finally, it’s time for the ceremony. Sam begins his speech but gets interrupted by his phone ringing. It’s Ryan. Sam picks up attempting to tell him he will call back but Ryan says he’s thought about it and wants to give their relationship a real try. Sam quickly tells him he would like to, too, but he needs to marry Fallon and Liam first.

Fallon begins her vows but tells Liam she wrote a song for him instead of reading “regular boring old vows.” Now it’s time for Liam to follow up on that performance. Sam hands over the rings and finally pronounces them husband and wife.

Cristal meets up with Caleb and he apologizes for ruining the rehearsal dinner, but she claims it was all Blake. She lets him know that even though she’s still technically married, she isn’t sure she wants to be anymore.

Adam gets off the phone with Shelly and sees the bloody handprint on the door to Fallon’s room. He rushes in and sees Kirby laying there, unconscious. Meanwhile, in Blake’s study, he’s on the phone with Anders who says that his best guess is that Fallon and Liam are in a theater of some sort and Blake knows exactly where they are.

Liam leaves to go get the champagne from the car when Evan shows up with a rope and a knife. She hears footsteps behind her thinking it was Liam but turns to see Evan. With the knife held to her throat, Evan says he thought they had something special together. Blake walks in and cues Liam to shut off the lights and Fallon kicks Evan off of her. Blake lunges at Evan and after the noise dies down, Liam turns the lights back on. Evan and Blake fell over into the instruments. Neither of them moving.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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