‘Manifest’ Recap: The Lifeboat Begins to Sink in Season 3, Episode 9 “Bogey”

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Following last week’s two-parter, this week’s episode of Manifest has Ben teaming up with an enemy in order to solve a Calling and save their Lifeboat. However, Saanvi’s at Eureka, and a lie may be killing her. Michaela tries everything she can to get the truth, no matter what it takes. Keep reading to find out what happens on the newest episode of Manifest, “Bogey.”

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As Zeke is making dinner, Michaela gets a Calling… the dark clouds yet again. “It’s happening again.” She calls Ben to tell him and asks if he’s okay. The last time she got this Calling, it was about him being at Eureka. Ben says he’s persona non grata — they wouldn’t let him back in even if he tried.

Soon after, Ben calls Grace from the garage, where water is leaking everywhere and all over the passenger board. As he’s moving things so as not to get them more damaged, Grace opens the door to find her husband in a frantic state. He tells her to switch off the washing machine, the water is overflowing. However, Grace tells him she’s not running the washing machine. “Then where’s all this water coming from?” Grace doesn’t see any water — it’s a Calling. A dark cloud looms over the garage, and the doorbell rings rapidly. Ben answers it, and it’s Eagan, soaking wet. “What the hell is going on, Professor?”

In the living room with Ben, Grace and Olive, Eagan tells them that it happened again, same dark clouds, but this time, it was dumping rain and there was a lion that was roaring in his face. “I thought it was gonna rip my freaking head off.” The second he popped out of the Calling, Eagan says he knew he had to pay a visit to Professor Dark Clouds. Ben says he saw them too, but not the lion and the rain. It has to be about Eureka, he figures. Olive suggests she can help, and Ben tells her to go to Astoria and see what she can dig up on lions and floods. Something bad’s happening at Eureka, Eagan says. They have to go down there. Grace asks Ben to speak with him and the two go upstairs.

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While having dinner with Zeke, Jared, Sarah, and Beverly, Michaela gets another Calling. In the mirror, in her reflection, she has tears of blood streaming down her face. Dark clouds loom overhead, and she touches her face, but there is nothing. Zeke asks if she’s okay, and she assures him she is. Michaela leaves to take a phone call, apologizing to everyone.

After talking, Ben and Grace find Angelina and Eagan in the garage. Grace and Angelina leave, and once the door closes, Ben tells Eagan he has no business being in there. Eagan thought Ben was Mister Full Disclosure until he found his wall papered with 828 stuff. It’s years of painstaking research, Ben says. It’s exactly why the Calling led him there, Eagan says. Ben’s phone rings, and it’s Michaela. She tells him about the Calling she had, and Ben tells her about his and Eagan’s. While looking at the passenger board, Eagan asks Ben if Saanvi’s his inside man at Eureka. Her picture’s wet, and it’s the only one. Ben touches it and it’s water, part of the Calling. Saanvi hasn’t called him in close to a week, but Ben defends it by saying that if she had found something, she would have called; she wouldn’t keep secrets. Eagan points out that Eureka is a research facility: it’s filled with nothing but secrets. Michaela thinks Saanvi could be in some serious trouble at Eureka. Ben tries calling her, but it’s her voicemail. Eagan begins to leave, but Ben stops him. He says they can’t just barge in there, and Michaela tells Ben that she has a badge, so she’ll go. Ben tells her to get real. “This is the NSA.” She has to do this for Saanvi. “Something is seriously, seriously wrong,” Michaela says, as she looks at herself in a window, once again getting the tears of blood Calling.

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At Eureka, Saanvi shoots the simulated dark lightning at the driftwood, and monitors start acting up and the device shuts down. She tells Troy to stabilize the instrument, and Troy points out her vest, which is covered in blood. She takes off her helmet, and her eyes are bleeding.

Ben and Eagan keep going over information, trying to find anything that can help them, though Eagan’s really just being annoying rather than helpful. Ben says his garage flooded for a reason. “There’s something we’re supposed to find here.” A big roar scares Ben and Eagan, and they are met face-to-face with a lion in the garage, whose eyes are bleeding. “Hello, kitty.” The two of them are standing still, but terrified, against the passenger board as the lion is just roaring. It comes right at them and then disappears. “That did not happen in Oz.” Ben points out that the lion’s eyes were bleeding, just like Michaela’s Calling.

From Eureka, Michaela calls Ben, who is on the phone with Olive. She tells them that Saanvi has tears of blood. Ben tells Michaela about the Calling he and Eagan had. He thinks this is happening because Saanvi can’t get Callings. He tells Olive to tell Michaela what she found, and Olive says there’s this Chinese buddhist myth that if a lion statue is crying tears of blood, it’s a warning of a flood. The villagers have to rush to the top of a mountain or drown. One day, townsfolk painted red tears on the lion to trick an old woman. When she wanted everyone to rush to the top of the mountain to safety, they laughed. But there was a flood, Ben continues. And everyone except the old woman was killed. “So God punished the liars by drowning them?” It all tracks up to their Calling, Olive says. Water, lion, blood tears. Everything except the dark clouds, Eagan points out, which led them to Eureka. Ben tells Michaela they’re being warned about a lie over there, one that might threaten Saanvi’s life. “All of our lives.”

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Michaela goes back to Saanvi’s room and asks to speak to her alone. Once alone with Saanvi, Michaela tells her that her bleeding eyes are a warning. She needs to tell her what’s going on. “Whatever you’re hiding, it could be killing you.” Saanvi needs to tell Michaela what she’s involved in. Experiments, Saanvi tells her, on a piece of wood. That they know is a fragment of Noah’s Ark. The science supports the conclusion and it’s laced with sapphire. She controlled the dark lighting simulator for the first time, but the others were working on it for weeks and they’re fine. “They’re not us.” “828, ride or die.”

Still in the garage with Eagan, Ben starts to move closer to the passenger board when he hears a splashing sound. He looks down, and there is water everywhere. There’s a shimmering, bright light coming from the ground, and Ben picks up the item, only for it to be Al-Zuras’ journal, glowing once again. Before he has a chance to look through it, Michaela calls him. She tells him about the connection to Noah’s Ark. Ben wonders how on earth did they find Noah’s Ark, and while Michaela doesn’t know, she does think it could be connected to Saanvi being sick. She was experimenting on it when her eyes started bleeding. Is that not the lie? Michaela tells Ben that’s what she’s going to find out.

Ben tells Eagan that some ancient texts say that Noah’s Ark was lit by sapphire, which is what Saanvi found on the tailfin. The Hebrew word for “sapphire” is sappir, which comes from sefirah, which means “Glow of God.” Ben says that Al-Zuras wrote about a glow on his boat, and he thinks that was sapphire, too. “I feel like I’m going crazy.” So did Al-Zuras’ crew, Ben tells Eagan, while showing him the picture. Eagan points to a terrified woman that looks like Saanvi, asking Ben if that’s his inside man. “How did I not see that before?” “We see what we want to see.” Ben says that some of Al-Zuras’ men tried to get rid of their Callings, and Saanvi’s experiments caused her to get rid of her Callings, too. Is Ben actually suggesting that whoever drew this knew that Saanvi would be going through the same thing hundreds of years later? Ben doesn’t know, but he says it gets worse. He turns to a different page and shows him some of Al-Zuras’ crew in the water, away from the boat. Ben suggests that maybe the only way to keep the boat afloat was for those sinking the boat to jump. That means the Lifeboat could already have holes, and Saanvi made one. It’s hard to believe, Ben says. “But it does feel like we’re going down.”

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As a code blue alert is blaring through Eureka, Dr. Yeo and her team prep a crash cart, and Michaela and Vance come in. Dr. Yeo says Saanvi started crashing out of nowhere and that they’re pumping fluids and meds but nothing’s working. Saanvi refuses to get intubated, admitting they both know that they’re not going to fix her. Once she goes on a vent, she’s not going to come back. Michaela tells Saanvi she has to let Dr. Yeo do whatever she can to save her right now. “She can’t save me. No one can.” Michaela says her tears of blood and her body breaking down are because she can’t get Callings anymore, which is why her Calling led her to her. It’s about a lie. Michaela tells her she doesn’t have to die, she can save herself. Saanvi’s not afraid to die. “Then save the rest of us. Please.” After Saanvi has everyone leave and it’s just her and Michaela, she confesses she’s tired of fighting, of hiding, of lying. There’s nothing she can do, Saanvi says. There’s nothing anybody can do, because she brought it upon herself. “I killed her. I killed the Major.” The blood fades from Saanvi’s eyes, and her stats come back up.

In Ben’s garage, the book is dry, and there’s no longer a flood. The water is gone. Ben’s phone rings and it’s Michaela, who tells him the good news about Saanvi, whose picture on the passenger board is no longer wet. Ben gets off the phone and tells Eagan that Saanvi’s eyes stopped bleeding. She’s going to be fine. Eagan says that’s good and to not do this again. He begins to leave, but Ben tells him he can’t leave. It’s their lifeboat. They have to save it together. Eagan tells him he didn’t share any of this until he absolutely had to, so why should he trust him? Grabbing Al-Zuras’ book, Ben says they have the capacity to stop this from happening to all of them. He can’t do it without him. Eagan looks at the passenger board and tells Ben to tell him everything he knows. Ben says that could take days, so he starts with some basic assumptions of Death Date and Lifeboat. While Ben is talking, Eagan takes a flash drive from his laptop.

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Saanvi is up and walking at Eureka, meeting with Dr. Gupta and Vance. She says she really thought that she could help find answers to what happened to the Ark, to 828. But that experiment was a fail. Far from it, Dr. Gupta says. Even though she performed the same protocol they’d tried again and again on the driftwood, Saanvi’s participation was invaluable. Saanvi says nothing happened except for her eyes. That’s what everyone thought, Vance mentions. But Dr. Gupta slowed down the footage. When she plays it, the driftwood disappears at exactly 7:44 p.m. and returned precisely 37 milliseconds later. Vance assumed the piece of the Ark wouldn’t be more than a fascinating historical relic. “But it appears that God isn’t the only one who can create a miracle.” They did it. And they’re just getting started.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cooper tells Troy that there was nothing to fix with his computer after all. He shows him a map of an earthquake swarm, a cluster of tiny tremors. Right there. There is no fault line anywhere in the vicinity. Dr. Cooper says he recalibrated and ran every test again. His readings were accurate. It’s barely detectable, but there was an earthquake, nonetheless, just a couple of hours ago. 7:44 p.m. “And we’re standing on the epicenter.”

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Catch a new episode of Manifest this Thursday, May 20 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC, streaming the next day on Hulu and Peacock!

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