Recap: Escape Is Imminent in ‘Prodigal Son’ Season 2, Episode 10 “Exit Strategy”

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This week on Prodigal Son, the gang investigates another murder with the help of a neighbor and his penchant for observation. Meanwhile, escape from Claremont seems possible for Martin, but will it actually happen? Read on to find out what happens in “Exit Strategy.”

The episode opens with Dr. Capshaw and Martin performing surgery together. As Martin praises her, the patient begins to flatline, though they pay no mind at first. Soon, Dr. Capshaw notices that the patient is her, and she awakens with a start in the chair she fell asleep in.

Meanwhile, Jessica is attempting to sneak down from a second level of Malcolm’s apartment with a box of Martin’s belongings. When she reaches the main floor, Malcolm startles her and she drops the box. He asks what everything is for and she tells him about the memoir. He remarks that while she’s immersing herself, he’s cutting himself off from Martin. Jessica is glad to hear it. While they talk, Jessica rifles through the box and pulls out a bank key that’s unfamiliar to both of them. Determined to find out what it’s for, Jessica leaves. Malcolm then gets a phone call from Claremont that he ignores.

On the other end is a frantic Martin, desperate to reach Malcolm. When Mr. David returns for the phone, Martin says it’s urgent he speak to Malcolm, flashing back to the first time he learned about Exodus. Mr. David instead preps Martin for his next activity, saying he has a busy day, to which Martin remarks under his breath, “You don’t know the half of it.” Today is escape day.

In the infirmary, Friar Pete and Hector are discussing Exodus and that it needs to happen that day. Hector reveals that Martin wants it to happen tomorrow, though. As they talk, they watch Dr. Capshaw tend to Darryl, who’s on edge. He mentions something about being cut out thanks to Martin (though he doesn’t elaborate further), revealing his blatant distaste for Martin.

Malcolm arrives at a crime scene where Rosalie, the victim, is lying dead on the stairs with blunt force head trauma and signs of overkill. The group figures that the killer knew her; they were intimate, and this is a crime of passion. They learn that a witness called in the murder, spotting him across the way through the window. They head across the street to talk with the witness, but he refuses to answer the door. Gil mentions he’s under duress, which gives JT the cue to bang in the door. As they look around the house, they find out the witness is chess world champion Gerald Morris. Malcolm deduces, through the items in the house, that Gerald is agoraphobic, Gil realizing they need a warrant to be there. As they leave, Gerald creeps down the stairs to lock the door. Malcolm, however, is still there, startling Gerald who pulls a gun on Malcolm.

Gerald demands to know who Malcolm is, and Malcolm tells him. He also tells Gerald he’s not going fire the gun, revealing that it’s not actually loaded. Gerald shares that he hasn’t left the house in 24 years, and Malcolm asks if Gerald would be willing to talk to the detectives if he doesn’t have to go outside. Gerald agrees to talk to one, and Malcolm brings in Dani. She asks about Rosalie and whether Gerald knew her. He explains that, through the window, he saw Rosalie always meeting with a man late at night, and the killer was similar in build and hair to that same man. Malcolm crafts a chess metaphor to talk about how Gerald learns about his neighbors. Gerald mentions his gift of memory and is able to ID not only the man’s car, but also offers to share the license plate number.

Back at the precinct, Malcolm, Gil, and Dani find out that Rosalie’s boyfriend is Clayton, an investment banker who fits their profile, Malcolm saying that the environment could’ve caused him to snap. He gets another call from Claremont that he rejects, explaining that he’s on a cleanse from Martin. He brings focus back to the case, he and Gil considering using Gerald as a witness. Dani, however, doesn’t think Gerald would be reliable because of his agoraphobia, but Malcolm swiftly comes to his defense. JT enters and tells them that Clayton has a standing poker game at a social club. Dani, JT, and Gil leave to find Clayton. Malcolm receives yet another phone call, but this time he answers. Martin tries to talk but Malcolm interjects, saying he’s cutting himself off from Martin and then hangs up. Martin grows increasingly frustrated, as his phone time has once again run out.

Dr. Capshaw finds Friar Pete in an area he shouldn’t be in. She watches as he talks to a bunch of rats, removing poison tablets from a rat trap and placing them in his pocket. Dr. Capshaw begins calling security, but Friar Pete comes up behind her and tells her to hang up. She beats him up enough to briefly incapacitate him and turns back to the phone. He tells her that if she continues, he’ll spill her secret about Martin, and she returns the phone to its cradle.

Gil and Malcolm interrogate Clayton, and Malcolm asks about the scars on his neck. Clayton claims they came from a car accident. Gil says that Malcolm asked to find out if there was a history of domestic abuse. Clayton brings up Gerald and they remind him that Gerald hasn’t left his house. Clayton disputes this, explaining a confrontation he had with Rosalie. Malcolm leaves to go talk with Gerald about it, bringing up how he lied. Gerald refuses to elaborate unless Malcolm admits his feelings for Dani (which Gerald picked up on earlier). Malcolm again brings up how Gerald lied, continuing that he probably lied about his agoraphobia as well and that it was a cover for voyeurism. Gerald admits his obsession for watching his neighbors, and Rosalie was angry when she caught him. As he explains how Rosalie helped him, he notices someone in her place. Malcolm heads over to investigate, and a man who looks like Clayton walks out. Malcolm calls Dani to tell her that Clayton has a twin.

Back in Martin’s cell, Dr. Capshaw checks Martin’s pulse, wondering how he can be so calm after learning about Friar Pete. He tells her that no one would ever believe Pete, and he’ll take of it for her. Jessica walks in and after some banter, Dr. Capshaw leaves. Martin is unenthused by Jessica’s visit, saying he has a busy day. She doesn’t care, because she knows his secret … which turns out to be about the bank key. She demands to know what it’s for, but Martin gives her vague non-answers. Jessica notices his good mood and asks what he’s hiding, but he says, “Absolutely nothing.” The two are interrupted when Martin learns there’s an emergency in the infirmary.

Gil and Malcolm discuss the evil twin theory, which Gil is hesitant to believe. JT enters and confirms Clayton has a twin brother named Felix, and both brothers were part of a drug cartel until Clayton left. This upset Felix, prompting him to go after Clayton. Instead, he found Rosalie and killed her when she wouldn’t give up Clayton. Gil sends JT and Dani to go find Clayton and wants Malcolm to convince Gerald to testify. Later at Gerald’s, he and Malcolm play chess. Malcolm thinks Gerald can handle a deposition, but Gerald says no.

The infirmary is packed with sick inmates, much to Dr. Capshaw’s confusion. Martin makes a remark about dysentery, which prompts Dr. Capshaw to realize it must’ve been Pete and the rat poison. Desperate for more hands, Dr. Capshaw releases Martin from his cuffs. As they work, Martin looks at the clock. Dr. Capshaw asks for more fluids, but Martin says they’re out. She sends Martin, with her gold key card, to get more. Instead of going to the supply closet, Martin goes through a different exit and locks Dr. Capshaw in. She screams at him to stop, but he tells her that family comes first and leaves.

Dani tells Gil they found Clayton, but Felix got to him first and is now on his way to Gerald — and Malcolm. She texts Malcolm seconds before Felix begins shooting his way inside. He and Gerald run upstairs to hide just before Felix gets inside. A little later, they’re hiding in a hall closet as Felix searches for them and taunts them using Rosalie. When the coast is clear, Malcolm pushes Gerald to think of an escape plan, and Gerald realizes going outside is the only option.

Meanwhile, Jessica seems to be trapped inside of Claremont, unable to find her way out. Due to the current escape happening with Martin, Friar Pete, and Hector, she ends up trapped in a section of the hospital. She notices a group of rats, remembering a remark Martin made earlier and realizes Martin is trying to escape. She calls Gil, who tells her to find something to defend herself and hide until he arrives. Soon, Darryl finds her (using her shoes as protection), recognizing her. He corners her and pulls out a shiv. As he taunts her, she shoves one of the heels into Darryl’s ear.

Martin, Pete, and Hector are on the move, almost in the clear. Martin spots a phone on the wall and stops to use it. He calls Malcolm, whose phone begins to vibrate in the closet he and Gerald were hiding in. Felix finds the phone but not them. They quietly move around until they can make a break for the stairs. Just as they’re about to leave, Gerald stops, still believing he can’t go outside. Malcolm convinces him, and they run out. Felix catches up, and as the two cross the street, Felix follows, preparing to shoot them. However, he’s hit by Gil’s car, and Dani steps out. Upon seeing this, Gerald tells Malcolm, “I can see why you like her so much.”

Gil and two uniformed officers reach Jessica. He tells her she’s safe, but she emphasizes that if Martin escapes, no one is safe. We then seen Pete and Hector run towards the final exit, with Martin following shortly after. As he makes it outside, he pauses for a moment to savor it before following after the other two.

Things have settled with Gerald and Malcolm. Malcolm asks Gerald how it feels to be outside, and he mentions that it smells like garbage. He also mentions everything Malcolm was saying to him before, and Malcolm says he meant every word. Gerald indicates Dani and tells Malcolm to prove it. As Malcolm heads towards her, he listens to a voicemail Martin left him, hearing Martin say he’s doing this for family and that Malcolm is the only one who can find him. Malcolm reaches Dani, who was also just on the phone, and she tells Malcolm that Martin escaped.

Prodigal Son airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX. Find the rest of our coverage here.

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