Recap: Perspective Is Everything in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 8 Episode 14 “Misère”


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In this episode, fans are seeing events that have transpired over the last 9 episodes of Liz’s absence, but from Liz’s perspective.

Three months ago

Liz is on her jet with Skip and Agnes. Skip sits down and tells her that Esi has convinced The Fribourg Confidence to steal the flash drive from Reddington’s safe deposit box. Liz instructs Skip to have Esi deliver the drive to Cooper because it may help prove that Reddington is N-13. Skip asks about their next moves and Liz says that they’re going to meet with Mr. French, a man her mother trusted more than anyone. Skip, Liz, and Agnes arrive in Norway, but Mr. French doesn’t make any contact. Suddenly, a woman knocks at Liz’s window and tells her that something has happened.

The woman is Mrs. French. She says that her husband is missing, and that he’s lied to her about his job. She found a hidden key that opened an apartment she didn’t know existed, but the one thing he did tell his wife was that he needed to help the daughter of an old client, being Liz. Mrs. French asks Liz if she thinks Mr. French is alive, but Liz is unsure. Liz tells Skip in an aside that Reddington must be behind this, but they aren’t leaving Mrs. French out to dry. Liz gives Mrs. French her number and tells her to call if she needs anything, as Mrs. French offers the trio to stay at the apartment with her.

Will Hart/NBC

Upstairs in the apartment, Liz is visited by an old confidant, Mr. Kaplan. Liz tells her that she can’t do this alone, and Mr. Kaplan apologizes for not being able to do what needed to be done. She tells Liz that she needs to be fierce, and not show any weakness. She leaves Liz with some advice, “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.” Liz wakes up from her dream, and wakes up Skip to tell him she knows how to take down Reddington: teaming up with Neville Townsend.

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Skip is skeptical of the idea, but Liz says that if Townsend discovered that Reddington is N-13 and killed his family, he would hate Red as much as she does. Townsend is the only person, besides Reddington, that has the resources to carry this out. Liz says that they may be able to contact him through his sister: Mary Bremmer (Chemical Mary). If they could reach Mary, they could contact Townsend. Liz tells Skip her plan of how they recruit Mary- criminals. Liz says that before they do anything, they need a network, as Skip is seen interviewing criminals, and need papers/new identities.

Liz goes back and forth with Esi and Skip and the chain of events that transpire (discussed separately). First, there’s a bounty hunter out of Bosnia, Adin Markovic, who can locate Mary Bremmer. Once Markovic finds Mary, Liz suggests gaining Mary’s trust by saving her life. Next, Liz wants to use Red’s money to hire Alban “The Freelancer” Veseli a new lawyer and appeal to the court that Veseli’s 6th amendment rights were violated. If the informant (Red) and the case agent (Liz) don’t show, the court can drop charges against Veseli. Veseli will go after Bremmer, but Liz and her team will get to her first. To avoid mass casualties from Veseli, Liz will back channel information to the Task Force so that no one is harmed, and Veseli will go back to jail. Liz hopes that if she can explain to Mary why they grabbed her, she may be willing to help introduce Liz to Townsend. Liz is shown talking to Bremmer to explain, and Bremmer tells one of Liz’s guards that she’ll reach out to Neville.

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Jumping a bit to Liz’s meeting, or her cyranoid’s meeting, with Neville Townsend. We hear the same conversation shown in episode 9 of this season, but now we hear Liz’s conversations with Mr. Kaplan as her guide. Mr. Kaplan tells Liz that she’s doing great, but Liz has reservations about teaming up with Neville. Mr. Kaplan tells Liz that Townsend may test her loyalties, and we know that test is killing Mary Bremmer. Liz doesn’t want to kill Mary, but Mr. Kaplan tells her that she must and Liz needs to become as cold and ruthless as Reddington. As fans saw in episode 9, Liz’s cyranoid kills Mary, and Liz watches. She is so distraught that she becomes physically ill, but calls Neville to say that it’s done.

In New York, Liz meets with Neville face-to-face. Liz tells Neville that Red is N-13, but Neville wants proof. Liz asks how Neville’s family died to better understand him, and Neville tells her that he was asleep throughout most of it, and he watched his wife being killed, as his wife watched their children killed. Neville wants Reddington to confirm that he’s N-13, answer questions about the archive, and most importantly, answer why his family had to die. Neville suggests they lure him out with a friend he trusts.

Liz talks to Ruddiger and again tries convincing him to turn on Red, but Ruddiger refuses. As he goes to leave, Neville and his men enter through the door and grab Ruddiger. Neville’s men hold him down and Neville tells him to call Reddington to set a meeting. If not, Dr. Laken Perillos will torture him.

Liz is sitting in a car and watching Ruddiger, Dembe, and Reddington meet at Ruddiger’s warehouse. As Liz watches, Mr. Kaplan appears and tells her that she can’t second guess herself. Liz and Mr. Kaplan discuss Liz’s burn and she tells Liz that her burn is not only a part of her past, but it’s the key to her future. Liz tries to decipher that message as Neville’s men arrive in vans in an attempt to capture Reddington. Liz watches as Dembe gets captured instead and is taken to Dr. Perillos. Liz tries to stop it, but she’s stopped by Mr. Kaplan.

At Neville’s, Liz argues with one of Neville’s men, VanDyke, about Dembe’s capture. Liz bursts into the room where Neville is waiting, and she asks about Dembe’s condition since he’s with Perillos. Neville tells Liz that Dembe is fine because Dembe escaped from Perillos. Liz tells Neville that VanDyke told Liz that Perillos was with the subject and he wanted her to watch, and Neville tells her that he wants her to watch Reddington. Liz and Neville sit down and watch Perillos paralyze Reddington, as Reddington tries to appeal to Liz, correctly assuming that she’s there with Neville. As Liz watches, suddenly a hand is placed on Liz’s shoulders and it’s Mr. Kaplan. Although she’s only visible by Liz, Kaplan tells Reddington that Liz has already crossed the line, and she’s ready for what comes next.

Next, Liz comes back and sees on the screen that Reddington is no longer with Perillos. She asks where he is and Neville says he was going to ask her. Liz says she has no idea; he shows Liz the punching bag and Ruddiger’s blood, showing her what happens when someone fails him, but she argues that she’s the one who got Reddington for them. Liz says that instead of killing Reddington, Townsend gave Reddington the one thing he should’ve never gotten- time. Neville thought Liz understood his need for answers, and she tells him that she didn’t watch him torture Red because it sickens her, but knows it’s what has to be done. He warns her that, “There can be no space between what you want to happen, and what you’re willing to do to make it happen.”

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Liz is seen listening to Ressler’s voicemail about the Task Force capturing Rakitin and later that night, Liz sits at Bentham Park in her car. After a call with Agnes, Liz’s phone rings and it’s Ressler, but Mr. Kaplan tells her not to answer. Liz tells her that he might have good news and if Rakitin talks, it could all be over, but Mr. Kaplan tells Liz that she doesn’t have to listen to know it’s not over.

At Mrs. French’s apartment, Liz is upset about recent events. Mrs. French sits down with Liz, she tells her that her husband’s body was found, and she knows Liz can help her get justice. Liz says that she’s tried, and she doesn’t know if she can keep trying. She reminds Liz that her mother’s love saved her, and now she needs to pay that forward because love always wins.

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Liz meets with Dembe’s daughter, Isabella. Liz sits down with her and tells her that Dembe needs protection from Reddington because he may be a Russian asset. Liz says that her and the Bureau need proof, and Liz tells Isabella that in order to protect both their daughters, she needs her help to stop Reddington. Isabella sets a meeting with Dembe, and Liz tells her that once he arrives, she wants her to plant a device on him to see if it can give Liz insight into what Reddington is up to. Isabella meets Dembe and plants the device. Liz listens to Dembe and Reds conversation to learn where and what he plans to do next: visit Anne.

In Cottonwood Falls, where Anne lives, Liz watches Anne from afar and calls Neville to say that she may have an idea of how to get to Reddington. Next, as Anne is leaving a parking lot, Liz purposefully runs into her and causes a minor accident. They exchange information and Liz gets Anne’s address. Liz introduces herself as Cindi (from last episode) and as Liz gets into her car, she calls Neville to give him an address. Later, as Anne, Lois, and Bran are waiting for Reddington to arrive, Liz arrives to give Anne a cake as an apology for the accident. Anne invites her in, and Liz drops a video/audio device in a decorative lamp. Liz leaves and watches/listens from a work van. The next day, Liz calls Neville to tell him they need to make their move. Neville and VanDyke are on the way, but he instructs Liz to have the fake water/power guy cut power to Anne’s house. As Anne leaves to go to town, Liz watches as Red approaches the worker, kills him, and heads to the van. Liz speedily drives away.

Liz arrives back at Anne’s house to tell Neville to call it off, but Neville decides to take the fight to the police station. Liz pleads with Neville, but Neville disregards her concerns. Liz calls Neville to say that she heard the police scanner and innocent people were killed/injured, and they have nothing to show for it because Reddington escaped. Neville said he did what he had to do, and Liz says that maybe there is space between what she wants and what she’s willing to do to get it. Neville says it’s unacceptable, but Liz says that although Red is gone, she may know where to find him. Kaplan appears and says that Neville was there so he didn’t see it, but Liz knows how he got away because she would’ve done the same thing.

Will Hart/NBC

Anne arrives back at her house and Liz arrives shortly after. Anne tells her a friend is in trouble, with people coming after him that may come after her too. She asks Liz/Cindi if she can stay at her cabin, but Liz needs her help finding Reddington. Anne says Red left and doesn’t know where he is, as Reddington walks in the door.

Will Hart/NBC

In the present, Liz has Anne at gunpoint and asks why Red came back. He tells Liz to put the gun down and Anne to stay calm. She tells Red that he and Kate (Kaplan) underestimate her. Liz asks if he can see her too, with Kaplan standing behind Liz, and he says he can see her without having to look. Liz tells Anne that Red has a secret and perhaps, he’ll reveal it as a deathbed confession. She points her gun at Reddington, but Red asks that Anne be released. Liz agrees, but Anne goes for Liz’s weapon and they struggle. It ends with Anne hitting her head on her glass table. Red goes to Anne’s aid and calls for an ambulance, as Mr. Kaplan tells Liz to take the shot. Liz holds the gun over Red’s head as he focuses on Anne, but Liz ultimately leaves.

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