Recap: ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Season 2, Episode 9 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Mystery” Sparks Something Mystic


It may not be a deck of tarot cards with artistically printed images, yet this week’s episode, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Mystery,” certainly felt a tad mystic. We travel back to shipper’s avenue, where we’ve taken a far turn on Simon street; they’re happily twisting around on a comfy bed to claim their rightful side. His is on the left; she’s right. Within the few weeks that have supposedly passed, Simon has taken up classes for as he pens “an elite woodworking hub.” In contrast, Zoey is about to spend her time channeling the dead through a psychic meet-up courtesy of Mo. See, mystic! Simon warns her about “grief vampires,” those who trade trickling blood for emotionally sensitive folks who have just lost a dear someone. The only pre-requisite is to hand over an object one ties to them. In this case, a watch with a saucy joke written by Maggie is engraved onto the back. Guzzling down a soda drink apparently inspires one’s electric gifts as the hanging lifts flicker upon the intuitive and Zoey holding hands. “Did your dad like movies?” She asked afterward with this wonky grin. “Yeah,” Zoey started taking a stifling pause, “my dad, like most humans on planet earth, enjoyed movies.” 

Hypnotized on romance, Max has finished his shift, ready to go on a date with Rose. Only there’s an except budding as the minute he sees her, a torn rendition of Demi Lovato’s “Anyone” spirals out of his mouth stained with the prickles of tears. In a hilarious segment coming out of the trance causes Max to blinkingly state that he doesn’t know why that happened. A knock upon the red door belonging to apartment four pulls Zoey into Mo’s apartment. There’s a conundrum. Either Max is lying, and his façade is Oscar-worthy, or something is up with her powers. Against the dreary backdrop belonging to a winter weather segment, Zoey persistently asks Max if really not depressed. “No,” he said quickly, “I’m happy.” In fact, they were exchanging secrets on top of Ferris wheels, launching into the subject change of landing the nuclear one of Zoey’s onto an unprepared Simon. Although honest is an essential ingredient for any relationship recipe, Max argues knowing his inside thoughts in song form made it that more complicated, leaving her to have the level-up. 


Zoey strolls into the SPQR Point building finding a waiting Simon, who, after musing about the dud of an intuitive, asks her to be his for a special guest of the week woodworking class. She agrees! Musical number time as her team awkwardly bops along to John Farnham’s “One (One is the loneliest number).” The message of loneliness doesn’t seem to match up with the current debate. Catch Mo K.I.S.S.I.N.G-ing the hot firefighter, Perry, against the wall intersecting two rooms. Incoming is a text from his ex who writes their son cannot find the stuffed toy he usually sleeps with. In the low-lit Clarke’s kitchen, Maggie tells Zoey she thinks it’s best to be a lone wolf while adjusting to life after Mitch. Usually, after a statement laced with heaviness, a heart song would linger in its place except a catty “Anything You Can Do” originally sung by Betty Hutton replaces. There’s a top-tier code in this one, two parts. Two people. Zoey’s got it! The cover shakeup rattles through, switching one’s to another person. Making apologies at the front door is Perry, but Mo has seemingly broken out into a country yeehaw. With hay between her teeth, this classic is something she had never sworn to sing: Blake Shelton’s “The More I Drink.” Letting her too conclude something is severely skewed. 

We’re back at the psychic round table, letting the can of singing worms out as Mo exclaims, “you’re not the only redhead with powers.” Clutching each other’s hands again, the next perceptive message is the sound “M.” While the quick thought is to latch onto Mitch in which Zoey does the second to muster on those detective hats and realize the intuitive may have some truth. Zoey’s favorite movie to watch with her dad was Freaky Friday. Don’t you think it resembles their current stitch-up? To undo, she must line up the songs to their rightful owners, thereby helping the person screaming out for “Anyone.” Simon, however, is belting out a more childish tune in the form of Ylvis’s “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).” How has he still remained a solid eleven on the hot scale? Return to school to figure this equation out. Laid out on “Mo’s Crime Board” are several photographs stitched together with red string detailing a guess who game of which song belongs to the particular person. Emily beeps through via text, asking to grab a drink after work. Possible match here, Mo decides, guessing garnishes spiced onto alcoholic beverages could be on the after-hours menu. A quick strikeout by Zoey, however, since Emily’s still baby feeding. Back in Mo’s court for the possible match-up as Zoey remembers that Rose likes country music.


Head In The Cloud is a quaint art exhibit advertised by a technicolor projection of a spliced older day computer. A waiter with bleached hair walks around carrying a wine tray, making a pitstop in front of the newly formed trio otherwise known as Zoey, Mo, and Rose. The latter refuses then excuses herself a second, drifting off into an angry laced “IDGAF” by Britain’s pop enthusiast Dua Lipa as she stalks the waiter around the room. It, however, belongs to Mo, who doesn’t buy into Perry’s apology. By her lonesome sitting on a blue velvet couch with the night’s stretch of the city behind, a detached Rose has a water bottle in her hand. To have this DnM session, Zoey must cancel on Simon; that she does. Just as the art exhibit takes those back a couple of years through its pieces, Rose explains some spotty moments in her past that don’t lend credit to this pristine image Max may think she has—wondering if he’ll see her any differently upon learning about them. Similarly, Zoey thinks the same when it comes to Simon. Another text has linked up Mr. Fox to Perry’s son attached to a stuffed toy animal eerily in identical form. What’s Simon’s song then? Our answer is at the science museum, where a skeleton dinosaur lurks over passing strangers. One in particular whose stuffed toy is nicknamed Marvin; he’s short in height, but the voice that comes out of him can easily shake anyone. Simon’s serenade to Zoey is “Love On The Brain” by the Queen herself, Rihanna. 

There are a couple of secrets looming over Simon’s office space; some echo high school walls while one remains entirely disclosed. Perhaps she’s not quite ready? Or she knows when it finally comes to the surface, there won’t be any going back? For now, perched on a stool Simon made for her so she can reach the top of her closet, her intuitive musical gift is silenced. Max drags Zoey away from her mom onto his restaurant’s outskirts to thank her for supporting Rose. Amid being grateful for knowing, the chords struck by a band filter throughout the restaurant, reminding there’s still one person left to tie their song to. Lights then flicker. She revisits the intuitive once again to try and piece together who “M” is; Em, Emily, the person who has been texting her incessantly. At first, Totò’s “Rosanna” appears as a lullaby to her son until the lights in the room dim as Emily shrinks into the chair planted in the baby’s room, weeping uncontrollably to the song she’s been trying to get out this entire time. 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC.

Joining the Nerds and Beyond team back in February 2019, Rachel Finucane graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) majoring in Screen Arts. She’s been passionate about all things television and film-related since penning her first Neighbours fanfiction aged twelve, before inevitably taking that pen to dabble in fashion, sports, and music. She can be spotted on Twitter at @rachelfinucane_.

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