Welcome To Eureka: Questions That Need To Be Answered in Season 3 of ‘Manifest’

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As season 3 of Manifest is preparing for takeoff, we are taking a look back at season 2 and some of the burning questions that still need to be answered in the upcoming season. From the mysteries of Flight 828 to the wonders of the Death Date, what could season 3 have in store for us?

What Really Happened to Flight 828?


The question that has been plaguing viewers since the very first episode will finally be answered in season 3. While it seemed like it was just a crazy anomaly, and with the plane getting blown up at the end of the first episode, it looked as if that mystery may never be solved. However, 828’s tail fin was found in the water at the end of season 2 after Michaela, Ben and other passengers were getting visions of the plane crashing and exploding, seeming more and more real each time. Could what is going on just be some alternate universe and the passengers are truly dead? Or is there some connection to Al-Zuras who was lost at sea and mysteriously reappeared after 10 years? Remember, it’s all connected.

Where in the World Is Captain Daly?


Going all the way back to season 1, Captain William Daly, who piloted Flight 828, kept trying to figure out exactly what happened. As the weather was supposed to be clear the night of the flight, he was blaming himself for what happened and in turn, ran through a simulation that had the exact weather coordinates of the day of the disappearance, over and over again. When all was said and done and no one, not even Ben, believed him, he found an area of dark weather and stole a plane, as well as Fiona, to try to figure it out. Just as the plane was shot out of the sky, it disappeared. No sign of the plane’s remains anywhere. So where did they go? Could it be possible that the same thing that happened to Flight 828 happened again? It’s been reported a long-lost character will make a reappearance in season 3, could it be Captain Daly? If not, then who?

What Do the Shadow Figures Mean?


The shadow figures were a prominent part in the final episodes of season 2. Cal first discovered the figures when he was drawing a family picture and he saw them on the paper. Then later, the figures found Adrian, but he hadn’t been seen or heard from since. When criminals Kory, Jace, and Pete had kidnapped Cal and fell into the icy lake, Search & Rescue couldn’t find them anywhere, so where did they go? The shadow figures resembled the three of them, which means they could have something to do with the Callings, as well as gloom and doom. In what capacity and how, we don’t know yet. Hopefully we’ll get answers in the upcoming season.

Is There Really a Way to Survive the Death Date?


One of the most surprising moments in the season 2 finale was that Zeke, who was literally freezing to death and getting closer and closer to his Death Date, survived. When everyone thought he had died, there was a glowing bright light and next thing you knew, Zeke was alive and well. When all seemed lost, he came back and now it’s just a matter of what will happen next and what does this mean for the rest of the other passengers whose impending Death Date is June 2, 2024? Is it really possible to survive the Death Date or does this just mean they have a little bit more time to figure everything out? Throughout season 2, Saanvi was also experimenting and trying to find a cure for the Death Date. She may have finally figured out a way to save everyone, but at what cost?

Where Did the Tail Fin Come From?


Season 2 ended on Ben getting a calling of Flight 828 blowing up yet again after it seemed like the Callings would stop. The pieces of Flight 828, including and most notably, the tail fin, came crashing into the water. A fishing boat then discovered a piece of the plane, the tail fin. When they pulled it out, one of the fishermen noted it’s from the missing plane, but that missing plane came back, another one had said. The fisherman pointed out that that tail fin is from 828. So are the Callings about Flight 828 exploding really true? It was shown in the trailer that Ben will come face to face with the tail fin, but when he touches it, he’s flown across the room by some sort of energy. What energy that is, is currently a mystery that will hopefully be solved.

In a safety-video format released by NBC, the cast of Manifest recapped the last two seasons and you can watch it here. The cast and showrunner will also be participating in a panel for WonderCon this Saturday, March 27 at 1 p.m. PT!

The first two seasons, minus episodes 10-13 of season 2, of Manifest will expire on Hulu next week, so make sure you catch up before season 3 premieres next Thursday, April 1 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC, streaming the next day on Peacock!

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