Recap: It’s Harvest Festival Season in Smallville in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 5 “The Best of Smallville”


In last week’s episode, Clark finds himself being pulled in two different directions. He wants to save the world but he also wants to protect, save, and be a better father and husband to Lois, Jonathan, and Jordan. Leslie and Edge were also up to no good, officially being granted permission to the Shuster Mines, they uncover an incredible amount of X-Kryptonite — Just what they were looking for.

This week, the Kent family hangs out at the Harvest Festival and Captain Luthor makes his return. Read on to find out what happens in “The Best of Smallville.”

The episode opens with a morning in Smallville, The Kent family is just waking up and starting their day. They’re watching the news which is running a story about an uptick in Superman activity. Cut to the family sitting around and doing some good old-fashioned corn husking, preparing for the Harvest festival. Clark is undeniably excited about getting to share the festival with the family (and the chocolate bacon). 

Jonathan and Jordan are at school and they meet up with Sarah. She asks if they’ll be at the festival and Jonathan says yes, he’s bringing Eliza. She asks Jordan if he would like to go with her, and he says yes, he’d love to. Jonathan excuses himself because he has just gotten a call from Eliza, who has broken up with him over the phone. Poor Jon. 

At the Kent house, Clark wants to turn a room in their house into Lois’ office, getting rid of some of his mom’s possessions to give them to others who may be in need. Suddenly, Lois gets a call from Chrissy, who lets her know that Sharon Powell is at the Gazette … with her very much alive son. He says he doesn’t remember much of the situation and doesn’t know anything about the messages that he left on his mom’s phone. Sharon thanks Lois for her help, but she says she’s just glad to have her son back, despite her near-death experience. Chrissy and Lois both know that they want to cover this story and investigate it further. Luthor is spying on Lois at the Gazette, “wherever Lois Lane goes, Superman follows.” 

The Powell’s are donating things for the Harvest festival, and Derek has to quickly leave. He calls Leslie and says something feels off — that he needs to talk to her — but then his heat vision, uncontrolled, activates. 

At home, Clark is reminiscing about some of his greatest memories regarding the harvest festival. Among them, when he stopped two men that stole a bunch of things from a local store. He stands his ground, snapping a gun in half and dodging a bullet. Snapping out of it, he hears sirens — a fire has broken out. Kyle is on the rescue, but is struggling to help the patient out of the fire. Clark speeds in and cools down the area after a piece of broken wood nearly kills Kyle. 

Clark inquires about Sharon being on the scene and Lois asks if Derek was there. Clark says no, and the twins walk into the house just having returned home from school. Jonathan is upset about his breakup, and Lois tries to comfort him, telling him to give it time. She gives him her motherly wisdom, letting him know that if she doesn’t come back to him, it’s her loss.

Back at the scene of the accident, Lois catches up with Kyle, asking him what caused the fire. Kyle says the most confusing thing was how it started and how it ended. Lois asks if he saw Derek at the scene, and he says that he may have. Lois calls up Chrissy, saying she needs to get Sharon and Derek down to the Gazette as soon as possible. Just as Lois hangs up, Luthor calls her name, saying he’s been looking for her.

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The two are at the Diner, and Luthor says he’s a journalist, a tech reporter. She asks what has brought him to Kansas, and he says she has. He read her story and thinks there’s a bigger story to tell. Luthor brings up Superman, and Lois changes the subject when she gets the chance, asking him what he has on Edge. She tells him to give her a call if he has any valuable information.

At the Gazette, Sharon is there with Chrissy. Sharon says she has just gotten him back and now he’s leaving again because he needs space. Chrissy asks to see the text and tracks down Derek’s phone. Jordan asks if he can leave early to the Festival with Sarah, and Clark asks if it’s a date. Jordan says yes and Clark is overjoyed. Jonathan on the other hand… is having a hard time. He lashes out — he wants to go back to the city. He wants his old life back. He says Smallville is his Kryptonite, and he hates it. Jonathan asks if he can stay with a friend just outside the city and Clark says no. 

At the Cushing’s house, Kyle returns home and Lana asks about Mitch and if he’s okay after what happened to him in the fire. She asks if he was drinking and he said he only had one. Lana says it smells like he had more than one, and he tells her he just wants to grab a quick bite before they go. Lana says she has people waiting for her, and Sarah tells her to take Sophie, staying back with her dad.

The Kent boys are at the festival, and Jonathan takes a swig of alcohol with his buddies. He dismisses him telling Jordan to go find Sarah. Back at the Cushing’s, Sarah is tending to her dad. He begins singing her favorite song as a child, and she interrupts him telling him to stop, tears in her eyes. She says she has to go, Jordan is waiting. 

Derek and Leslie are kissing, and he’s worried about Edge finding out about him starting the fire. Leslie tells him not to worry and they enter a building together. Chrissy has also tracked them down because of Derek having his location tracking on.

At the festival, Sarah apologizes for being late and Jordan asks if she’s okay she says no and he doesn’t press further. He grabs a piece of chocolate bacon, saying his dad won’t shut up about it. Sarah says he probably shouldn’t eat anything from a stick. They’re sitting on hay piles and he says he understands what his dad sees in Smallville. Sarah finally tells him everything is not okay, the weight is getting to her. Jordan says she can talk to him. Jonathan interrupts loudly and drunk, saying this is Jordan’s first date. Jordan tries to tell her that he’s just having a rough day but she lashes out on Jonathan and she leaves. Jordan is upset but tells Jon they’re going to get him some water. 

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Clark and Lois are hanging out together, and the boys approach them. Clark can tell that Jon has been drinking and Clark and Lois are both livid. She sends them home. She gets a call from Chrissy who tells her about Leslie and Derek. Of course, Clark can hear everything and heads to the scene just as Derek is exiting the machine he was under. 

Superman asks what is going on, and Derek dashes off. Superman follows, and Luthor gets a notification that a Kryptonian is in air space. Now a full blown chase, Superman asks Derek what Edge has done to him, and Derek tells him he’s no longer alone. Superman says he can help Derek, but Derek says he can’t, and combusts.

At home, Jonathan apologizes and Clark says this is his one “get out of jail free” card. He says he also left home to figure out who he was, and never came back. He tells him he has his own path that will lead to great things. He agrees to explore other options if he is still unhappy. Lois calls him a softie and says she’s still trying to process what happened to Derek. Clark says he doesn’t think it was Derek, just someone in his body.

Clark and Lois drop off some items at the donation center and Lana says Edge has made an extremely charitable donation to take care of the town. Lana says there is one last surprise for them. She gushes about Martha, and how much she loved the Harvest Festival. They have dedicated a bench to Martha in town. Luthor is once again spying on Lois.

Sarah and Jordan are having a heartfelt conversation, and he gets friend-zoned to the max. Sarah says she just needs a friend more than anything. Jordan says as long as he gets to hang out with her, that’s okay with him. Jordan is on his way home when Tag attacks him, asking him what he did to him.

After tonight’s episode, Superman & Lois will go on a seven week hiatus to catch up on filming due to a Covid related issue earlier in production. Check out our other coverage here.

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