Recap: Goodbyes Are Never Easy in ‘A Discovery of Witches’ Season 2, Episode 10


In last week’s episode of A Discovery of Witches, Diana continued her training while Matthew clued Queen Elizabeth in on the fact that they’re from the future. Louisa hatched a plan and tricked Kit into helping her kidnap Diana so that she could kill her and “free” Matthew from her thrall. Diana and her firedrake familiar Corra gained the upper hand though, and Matthew arrived and ultimately imprisoned his sister and Kit. Keep reading to find out what happened in the season 2 finale.

We open in the year 1591, and Diana continues to practice her knots with Goody. The scene runs in tandem with shots of Diana and Matthew stargazing with Jack. Goody turns to Diana and tells her that she has felt the arrival of another weaver in London.

Sept-Tours, Present Day

Agatha, Nathaniel, Sophie, baby Margaret, Miriam, Marcus, and Phoebe arrive at Sept-Tours, seeking asylum from the dangerous threat of the Congregation.

London, 1591

Matthew and Diana stop at a stall in search of a book for Jack, and Matthew is confused when he picks up the scent of coffee. That wouldn’t be an issue, if not for the fact that coffee won’t arrive for decades yet. There’s a timewalker nearby. Matthew finds the man and pins him up against a wall, only to discover … it’s Diana’s father, Stephen Proctor.

Stephen comes back to Matthew’s house; he’s stunned. For him, Diana is still a child, and she was riding a tricycle but two days ago. Stephen makes note of the fact that Matthew is the vampire that Diana’s mother, Rebecca, saw in her visions. He tells them that he came back to 1591 in search of Ashmole 782, and Diana proudly tells him that they have it. We learn that the Bishop’s page of the Book of Life likely made it to them with the help of Rabbi Loew.

Congregation Headquarters, Present Day

Peter Knox and Gerbert surmise that Sarah and Emily may be the ones that are currently in possession of the witches’ page of the Book of Life. Gerbert, meanwhile, shares that he believes Ysabeau is sheltering them at Sept-Tours.

London, 1591

Stephen scolds Matthew for all of the timewalking rules that they’ve broken. They’ve been there for too long, and they’ve changed too many things. Timewalkers must use their powers to observe, not to participate. Stephen then tells Diana that she must leave the Book of Life behind. Although Diana wants to find the missing pages and Matthew is hellbent on analyzing its properties, this rule is quite straightforward – you cannot timewalk with a powerful object that you don’t understand.

Sept-Tours, Present Day

The entire household sits around the table for a meal and discusses the Congregation and the covenant. Phoebe speaks up and makes note of the changes that they’re already making, just based on the mere fact that there are four different species dining together at that very moment. It’s something that’s typically unheard of. The only way forward … is together.

Ysabeau catches Phoebe exploring the house, and Phoebe is initially embarrassed, but Ysabeau encourages her to snoop away. The two have an important exchange as Ysabeau learns that Phoebe is hardly put off by being in a house full of vampires, witches, and daemons. Ysabeau then tells Marcus that he made an excellent choice, which is high praise coming from her.

London, 1591

Diana and her father take a walk and discuss her current challenges with finishing the final knots. Stephen is quick to deduce that perhaps she’s having trouble finishing because she knows that when she does, it will be time to leave. Diana then introduces him to Goody, and they watch as she continues to work on the knots. As she completes the ninth knot, Stephen unknowingly says that some witches would kill for that kind of power. Goody, knowing a difficult conversation is ahead, bids them goodnight. Stephen and Diana share an important moment as he tells her that he and Rebecca already know that their time with her is short, and she must make peace with it. He even knows that she’s pregnant, because Rebecca saw it in a vision. The two embrace as they say a tearful goodbye.

The next morning, Diana tells Matthew that she now understands how he feels when he “leaves a life behind.” He then ensures her that Henry will look after Jack, but Diana still looks torn over the decision. Later, Gallowglass accompanies Diana to say goodbye to the coven, but when they arrive at the building she tells him he doesn’t need to wait for her. The reasoning for Diana’s odd behavior is soon revealed when she steps inside and is met by Father Hubbard. Diana offers him a single drop of her blood in exchange for Jack’s protection, but she warns him that it must be done in such a way that Matthew won’t find out (for he already forbade her from doing so when she first met Father Hubbard).

Afterward, she goes to say her real goodbyes to Goody and Susanna. Goody tells her about the tenth knot, which can only be completed by a weaver who stands between worlds. Diana then gives Susanna the figurine that her descendant Sophie will eventually give to her once more in the future. (Time traveling logic is a doozy, eh?)

Congregation Headquarters, Present Day

Satu finally returns. Peter Knox shares his plans to get Sarah and Emily from Sept-Tours, and Satu tells him that she would be a powerful ally in the mission. However, he seemingly has no interest in involving her.

London, 1591

Father Hubbard is met by the curious man who appeared both while Diana was waiting in line to see the Emperor and later in the dungeon that Edward Kelley was being kept in — Benjamin Fuchs. Benjamin asks him to tell him about Diana, but Father Hubbard rebuffs him. Now that she has given him a drop of his blood, she is one of his flock, and he cannot share her history. However, the problem is … Benjamin is his sire.

Present Day

A hooded figure enters a house, unaware that Domenico is sitting in the darkness waiting for them. Domenico tells them that he knows they took the portraits, and that they’ve been killing humans. He rushes forward to try and see who the hooded figure is, but the other vampire viciously attacks him and then flees.

London, 1591

Matthew and Diana prepare to leave, and the witch tasks Gallowglass with returning the Book of Life to Doctor Dee. They say their final goodbyes to Francoise, Pierre, and Jack. The young boy is distraught as he tells Matthew and Diana that he wants to stay with them. They share one last hug as a family.

Present Day, Sept-Tours

Peter Knox arrives at Sept-Tours, and he ventures out to the ruins that Sarah and Emily have been using to attempt to contact Rebecca. He harnesses the power of the site in order to pull Emily from her slumber and draw her forth. Sarah wakes up shortly after to find that she’s gone. Emily sits at the ruins, and she manages to summon Rebecca. She tells her that Diana needs help, because she’s connected to the Book of Life somehow. Rebecca responds cryptically as she tells her that there will be dark times and great losses, but the book will change everything. Once it’s completed, the book will reveal itself. Emily asks her where the two missing pages are while a stunned Peter approaches from where he was hiding in the trees. Rebecca tells Emily that she’s in danger, because “he” wants the page. Diana’s mother’s ghostly form disappears as Emily turns around to find the Congregation witch standing behind her. She quickly grabs the page and uses a spell to hide it.  Peter demands that she recall the page, but Emily refuses.

When they realize Emily’s not inside of the house, Sarah heads off to the ruins. Meanwhile, the others notice that there’s another powerful creature nearby (Peter). Marcus leaves as well and tells Nathaniel, Sophie, and Ysabeau to protect baby Margaret. Peter continues to use his powers against Emily, who refuses to give in. She tells him that Diana will unite all creatures against bigots like him … and she will avenge her. Emily drops to the ground and Peter takes off. Marcus quickly finds him and goes to attack him, but the witch easily throws him backward with his powers. Marcus reminds him that if he kills him, he’ll start a war that he has no hope in winning. Peter puts him to sleep instead and leaves. Sarah arrives at the ruins and tearfully pulls Emily to her chest as she begs her to wake up.

London, 1591

Matthew tells Diana that he’s had many roles throughout his life, but being a husband and a father again is all that he’s ever wanted.

And now, it’s time for them to return to the future.

The final episode of season 2 of A Discovery of Witches closes on a somber note as we’re left knowing the unsuspecting scene that Matthew and Diana will be arriving at once they timewalk back to Sept-Tours in the present day. Many challenges and mysteries still lie ahead in what will be the third and final season of A Discovery of Witches, a release date for which has not yet been announced. In the meantime, make sure to read all of our episodic recaps and overall review for season 2.

The entire second season of A Discovery of Witches is now streaming on Sundance NowAMC Plus, and Shudder.

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