Recap: Twists and Turns Abound in ‘Walker’ Season 1, Episode 6 “Bar None”

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After a brief hiatus, Walker returned tonight with some big punches. Read on to learn what happened in episode six, “Bar None.”

Warning: This will contain spoilers.

The episode starts out at the Side Step, where Micki and Cordell are discussing how Walker could lose his job on Monday, due to use of excessive force. Cordell talks about how the guy did spit in his face, but Micki reminds Cordell that he slammed him repeatedly. Cordell says that it probably won’t matter, because judges tend to protect the white hat, and he knows it’s not right, but that’s how the system works. Micki says that it fits the “my actions were justified” rule, but it still doesn’t make it ok. Cordell toasts to “Denise”, a boar head that’s hanging on the Side Step’s wall. He explains to Micki that it’s hideous, but it was Emily’s favorite thing about the place.

With that, we enter a flashback with Cordell, Emily, Hoyt and Geri, where Emily presents Cordell with the boar head, which Geri names Denise. In present time, Geri asks Cordell to move his mail back to his own address, while handing him a stack of mail that had been sent to the Side Step. In it, Cordell finds Emily’s life insurance check. He explains that Sunday marks a year since Emily’s death, and that Stella and August want to honor Emily by doing her favorite thing and going camping. Cordell continues to reassure Micki and Geri that he’s fine, and while that’s happening, a part of the Side Step collapses inside and Denise falls off the wall.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

At the prison, we see Captain James and Liam talk to Carlos, who is convicted of Emily’s murder. The two are investigating the details of the murder and want to ask Carlos questions. Captain James tells Carlos if he helps them they can get him a new trial, but Carlos refuses and does not want a new trial, saying he doesn’t want anything to do with them or anyone else and not to come back. Liam tells Captain James that he thinks Carlos is scared of what’s waiting for him once he leaves. Captain James says they’re going to need someone on the inside – enter Hoyt.

Back at Cordell’s house, Stella and August are checking off a list of what they need for the camping trip. Cordell’s interrupted by Geri, who says she’s selling the bar. Cordell gets visibly upset about this, and tells her not to sell it and he’s on his way over.

At Micki’s house, her and Trey are in bed before he receives a text from his mom. He takes a picture, and tells her that she can’t tell they’re in bed. The doorbell rings, and he tells her he ordered food from the “Olive Garlic”. Trey goes to open the door but it’s not a delivery person, it’s Micki’s Mom.

At the Side Step, Geri’s meeting with a real estate developer who wants to purchase the Side Step and tear it down. Cordell walks in, and says don’t bother and Geri’s not serious about selling. Cordell makes up a case about the wreckage in the Side Step, saying it could indicate foul play, to deter the developer and delay any purchasing of the bar.

Back at Micki’s, she tells Trey she didn’t know her Mom was coming and that she hasn’t talked to her in months. Micki tells her Mom that she wished she would have told her she was coming. Her mom states that her and Trey living together is a recent development, as she investigates her house. Her Mom apologizes for dropping by unannounced, and Micki asks if she wants to go to lunch. Her mom says she could fit that in after her appointment… of her psych evaluation with Cordell. Micki yells at her Mom for a conflict of interest, and defends Cordell saying she’s not going to let her do her mind games to him.

At the Side Step, Cordell’s drinking and talking to Denise when Geri walks back in, upset about him interfering. Geri tells Cordell he’s in denial about the bar and Emily dying a year ago. Cordell tells Geri he’ll fix the bar, and she says it’s foundational problems and that it’s hard, but that it’s time to move on. The flashback resumes, with Emily and Cordell still in the Side Step, as he hangs up Denise on the wall. The two have a conversation of what would happen if each of them died, and Cordell tells Emily his life would be over, and come back to the Side Step every night to feel the faintest spark of joy that she brought him.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The flashback ends, and we’re brought to Stella and August. Stella’s on the phone giving someone directions, and the two are packing for the camping trip. Bonham and Abeline arrive, and Stella says she didn’t know they were coming so she made a “Plan B” since she didn’t think Cordell was going to make it. Outside, we see Trevor pull up, as Abeline says, “I thought this was a family trip,” and Trevor realizes she’s the one he has to win over.

At the prison, Hoyt meets with Liam and Captain James. They ask him to room with Carlos, and Captain James says they can help reduce his sentence. Hoyt gets angry at them asking him to room with Emily’s murderer, but they explain they need his help and that it might not be him who really did it. Hoyt agrees, but says if he finds out it is Carlos, he will be in there for a much longer prison sentence.

At the Side Step, Micki’s there warning Cordell about her Mom and the psych evaluation, while Cordell tries to fix up the bar. Micki tells him her Mom will work to not just get him suspended, but to get his badge and that she’s punishing him for Micki joining the Rangers. Cordell is resistant to Micki’s help, and while they talking, he shoots his hand with a nail gun. Micki pulls the nail out of Walker’s hand and sanitizes the would with alcohol. Trey arrives, and in tow is Micki’s Mom. Cordell jumps in, asking if she’s the big bad wolf that’s going to come after him before Micki pulls her away and Trey tends to Cordell’s wound.

At Walker’s house, Stella asks Abeline why they have to come, and Abeline says she’s 17 and she’s not going to let her go camping with that boy alone. Abeline asks if she wants to wait until Cordell comes back to ask him, and Stella argues that he’s not coming and she’s the only person who sees that. Stella gets angry and storms off. Bonham asks Abeline asking why she’s so mad about Trevor coming camping, and asks her if she’s upset that Stella asked Trevor to come camping, or if she’s mad Stella didn’t ask her.

At the prison, Hoyt enters the cell where Carlos is. The two are off to a cold start, but Hoyt soon gets him to talk about artists and his niece and her gallery.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Micki and Cordell resume fixing up the Side Step, as Micki grills him with questions that her Mom would ask. Cordell gets angry and storms off after Micki insinuates that his anger is about Emily’s death.

Abeline, Bonham, Stella, August and Trevor are stopped to eat lunch at their last stop before the campsite, as they pass around sandwiches. Trevor tries to talk to Abeline again, who is making snide remarks about him being there. As they’re sitting down eating, there’s smoke that starts to come from the car.

Back at the prison, Hoyt called in Liam and Captain James, saying Carlos talked. Liam says that’s impossible, as it’s only been two hours. Hoyt explains it’s not what he said, but what he didn’t say. Hoyt found out that Carlos was taking a drug because he had ALS, and he’s dying. He’s getting the drug through other channels, which means he doesn’t want people to know. Captain James says who better to confess to a crime they didn’t commit, than someone who is already dying.

Stella and Abeline try to fix the car, and Stella asks why she’s being harsh with Trevor. Abeline says she’s aware of everything she’s been through, and they don’t know him and they’re trying to take extra care of her today of all days. She says that Trevor gets this, more than Abeline thinks. They get the car to work, and Abeline tells them all to get back in the car.

At the Side Step, Micki’s still grilling Cordell about the questions while fixing the bar. Cordell once again gets angry, and yells at Micki saying that if she thought he was out of line why didn’t she stop him? He tells her that her default setting is avoidance, and that she’s avoiding her Mom. Micki says he’s the one with the lawsuits, and he should be thankful that he’s helping her not lose his badge. She yells about fixing the bar with “cheap old brackets” and Cordell says, “looks like those cheap old brackets done did the deed,” before it all falls back down again.

Cordell screams, throwing a chair as he says Micki was right and that it was about Emily. In the next scene, Cordell and Micki are outside of the Side Step, and she asks to talk. Cordell says he failed, while Micki acknowledges that this was Emily’s place and that today was a tough day. Micki tells him that it’s ok to be sad, and he says he’s not sad, he’s pissed. Cordell says he’s pissed that the only time he didn’t feel like crap was when he was pretending to be Duke, that scum like the guy who he’s fighting in the lawsuit gets to live and Emily doesn’t. He’s pissed that him saying he was threatened and his actions were justified is his “Get Out of Jail Free” card, cause it’s not true and he never felt threatened. He said he pushed it with him because that’s who he is, he’s pissed. Micki says he’s right, and he has to deal with his feelings and not run away with them. Cordell says he made a promise to Emily that he would give her and the kids a better world, but when she stopped being in it, a part of him stopped trying. Micki said she failed too, she didn’t step in when she should have and it is better to avoid it and that’s what she does with her Mom. Cordell tells Micki that he plans to plead guilty and that he’ll probably receive a suspension but get to keep his badge. Micki tells him she’s proud of him before leaving.

As Cordell sits at the Side Step, he calls Bonham and tells him to bring the kids to the Side Step.

Back at Micki’s house, she walks in to see her Mom and Trey cooking dinner. She tells her that Cordell’s pleading guilty. Her Mom tells her she wasn’t randomly assigned the case.

As Stella, August, Trevor, Bonham and Abeline arrive at the Side Step, Trevor says bye to Stella and goes in to kiss her but Cordell interrupts. Bonham and Abeline leave as well, and it’s just Stella, August and Cordell left in the Side Step. Cordell apologizes to his kids, and says to camp inside the Side Step to honor Emily. He tells the kids that their mom actually hated camping, but that she always said, “It’s important to know that not all things have to be good for them to be good.”

Outside, Abeline finally talks to Trevor and learns that his mother also recently died. In an act of peace, Abeline offers Trevor the rest of the food they had for dinner. Bonham and Abeline decide to still go camping, even without the kids.

Back inside, Cordell pours himself another drink as the kids are sleeping. He sees a vision of Emily, and he apologizes for not being able to save the Side Step. The next morning, they’re making breakfast and Cordell pulls out a skillet snickerdoodle that had been in the freezer that Emily made the day before she died. As they’re talking, Geri shows up, and August and Stella ask Cordell to purchase the Side Step with Emily’s life insurance policy and make it a family place. Cordell agrees and says they’ll match the bid and Geri accepts.

Back at Captain James’ office, he tells Liam he found out that Carlos’ niece’s gallery had some really big recent sales ($50,000) and they find out the repeat purchases were wired from a bank in Austin. The first purchase was made two days after Emily’s murder, and they think it’s hush money. Liam asks where it’s coming from, which is Straw Ring LLP. Captain James drops a bombshell, saying, “You’re not going to believe this.. that’s Geri’s LLP for the Side Step.”

Outside of the station we see Cordell and Micki, who see Micki’s Mom. As they’re talking, Micki’s Mom gets served with a warrant for her arrest.

Finally, we see Trevor enter the prison where his Dad is… and we see it’s none other than Clint West, who Cordell knew undercover as Duke. Trevor tells him that he’s a Texas Ranger and that he thinks he’s the reason he’s behind bars.

The episode ends, and we’re left with a lot of information to digest. Was Geri part of Emily’s murder? What is Micki’s Mom arrested for? What’s going to happen with Clint, Trevor, and Cordell?

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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