Recap: There’s Some Tense Family Drama in ‘9-1-1 Lone Star’ Season 2, Episode 7 “Displaced”


This week’s episode is the last before the winter finale and it didn’t disappoint. With our first look at Paramedic T.K. in action, some weird calls, and lots of family drama, “Displaced” really has it all. Let’s jump right in!

The episode opens with Owen coming downstairs to find Gwyn and her many, many boxes of belongings spread throughout the house as she is systematically going through everything and deciding what stays and what goes. Gwyn is less than impressed with Owen’s sarcastic comments about the state of the house and number of boxes and she shares she’s having second thoughts on moving her whole life to Texas. Owen reassures that he is fully on board but is wary when she says she hoped to have everything ‘swapped out’ during one of his 24 hour shifts.

A preacher speaks at a graveside service as planes fly over the cemetery. Just as his frustration with the noise peaks, a body comes crashing down onto the casket throwing poor Silvio’s body out when the casket is smashed. The 126 arrives on scene where Carlos gives them the run down. Owen says he was likely a stowaway on a plane hiding near the wheels and fell when the landing gear was released. T.K., now in his new role as paramedic, checks the victim and confirms he is deceased.


Paul, Mateo, and Marjan work to cover the body while discussing the strength it takes to stow away on a plane. Paul notices scratches on the man’s arm and finds a red fingernail on the his jacket as if someone was trying to hold on to him. The team realizes there is a second stowaway. Owen calls dispatch where Grace works through the flight logs to determine what plane they would have taken. Thankfully, Grace is able to narrow it down and the 126 head to the airport to search for the missing woman on a cargo plane. Owen finds her and they are able to bring her down, but she is severely hypothermic according to T.K. and Captain Vega smartly warms up the saline on the hood of the ambulance. The woman revives onlyh to learn that her brother didn’t survive and she says simply in Spanish, “I want to go home.”

Back home, Owen defends his blender to Gwyn as they decide which one will stay. Considering he named the blender, Gwyn gives in and lets him keep it. They move to the “proposed cuts” table where Gwyn has moving everything she thinks they need to get rid of to avoid redundancies, but Owen is upset to find many of his favorite kitchen items on the chopping block. He points out her otter (it’s a sloth) tea diffuser which she says is practical and is absolutely staying. Next, Owen finds a beautiful Japanese kintsugi bowl he thinks should be displayed but Gwyn wants it in storage. She’s very defensive about putting the bowl out, claiming it’s too fragile and will clash with the rug. Owen agrees they need to merge (and purge) their items.

Tommy gets Evie up early to help her train for her black belt test, encouraging her to practice before breakfast much to Evie’s dismay. Charles tries to gently warn her she’s being intense, but this is Tommy’s only time to train Evie. Evie relents and does an impressive roundhouse kick, and Charles tells Tommy they’ve also been practicing while she was at work in the afternoons. “She’s got this,” he says. Tommy has to work a shift but they plan to FaceTime so she can watch Evie, and Tommy reminds Charles to hold the phone horizontal this time.

At the station, Nancy talks to T.K. and welcomes him to the team. She says she thinks it’s great he left the cool kids table to hang out with the geeks. When T.K. is confused she explains that Tim said the firehouse is like high school where the firefighters are the jocks and the EMTs are the geeks. She also asks him about the changes he made to the ambulance supplies, mainly that everything is moved and she now has no idea where stuff is. He tells her that his new arrangement made more sense, after all the 18 gauge needles are now moved away from the 20 gauge so no one will accidentally grab the wrong one. Nancy is frustrated but T.K. nonchalantly drops that Tommy liked the changes and tells Nancy, “I’m sure you’ll find your way around and I am here to help.” Which judging by Nancy’s face is less than helpful.


At a hospital a patient is being wheeled to a room by a confused hospital attendant. Lost, he mistakenly wheels her into the wrong room where an active MRI is ongoing. The magnetic machine sucks the metal of the hospital bed to it, trapping the employee between it and the bed and crushing him. The 126 arrive to assess the situation and it’s revealed the button to kill the machine is inaccessible because it’s behind the bed and attendant. They’ll have to go in and try to access the button, and the team is quickly whittled down based on who has no metal implants.


Owen, T.K., Mateo, and Tommy strip down to their underclothes and shirts (no metal!) and enter the room. Using mallets and rubber pressure bags to move the bed enough that they can turn off the machine. T.K. and Tommy check out the attendant who is stable but who likely has a few cracked ribs. As he’s moved out, T.K. helps the patient that was trapped inside the MRI machine only to discover she has a piece of metal stuck in her throat. She panics and pulls it out, causing blood to gush everywhere as it severed her carotid artery. Tommy is able to do an emergency tracheotomy and they race her to the OR.

Back at the firehouse, Owen unpacks the espresso cups of the items Gwyn wanted to throw out. Judd finds him unpacking and he slyly asks why they decided to have Gwyn move in. Owen realizes someone told Judd about the baby, but Judd isn’t about to snitch though Owen suspects T.K. Judd congratulates him on the “new little Texan”. Judd sees Owen is upset about his things being thrown out and points out that he’s never seen Owen so happy as when he is with Gwyn which cheers Owen up. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to find service on her iPad. With the house wifi down, she won’t be able to FaceTime with Charles for Evie’s black belt test. Nancy offers Tommy her wifi hotspot information, but T.K. overhears and (not so) subtly suggests they do one better and use the ambulance to get Tommy to the test in person. The location is in their service range and their ‘office’ is basically the ambulance anyway. T.K. persuasiveness works and Tommy agrees. With Nancy up front and T.K. driving, he bends the rules even further when they are stuck at a traffic light and uses the sirens to get Tommy there on time. Tommy is elated to have made it, but Evie doesn’t look happy about it at all. This is when Tommy learns from Charles that Evie has felt intimidated and pressured by her to get this black belt. He has to tell her that Evie doesn’t want Tommy there, they should FaceTime just like they planned. Cleary upset, Tommy reluctantly agrees and leaves.

At Carlos’, T.K. tells Carlos about the incident and starts to question his decision to become a paramedic. He also confides that Nancy hate him and reiterates her comment about firefighters being “the cool kids” at the firehouse. Carlos points out that when they hang out with their friends they never invited Nancy or Tim along and T.K. realizes there is a divide between the EMTs and the firefighters that he didn’t see until now.

Grace and Tommy share drinks as Tommy talks about how she used to be the one her twins ran to when they needed her but that wasn’t the case during her black belt test. Grace points out that its nature since Charles spends the most time with them now, and while she understands it, Tommy is a upset that he’s handling it so well.

Gwyn arrives home to find their house completely organized. Owen had Judd haul away his living room stuff so that there is no clashing with the beautiful bowl. Gwyn sits Owen down and explains that her latest doctor appointment revealed that she’s actually 18 weeks pregnant which throws the paternity of the baby into question. About 18 weeks ago, Gwyn’s ex Enzo came into town and they hooked up. Owen calls him “rebound guy” because Enzo and Gwyn met just three weeks after he and Gwyn divorced. Owen also pieces together that Enzo bought her the bowl, but she doesn’t care about that. He accuses her of cheating after she says Enzo is one possibility, and she reminds him they were split up and she was about to leave. To settle the matter, she tells him to spit in a medical cup so they can get a paternity test.


Tommy wakes up to find Charles cooking a perfect hangover breakfast, the kids still in bed. As they talk she tells him she’s upset that he has so easily stepped into her stay-at-home-parent shoes and wishes the girls still needed her as much as they used to. As they are about to really fight, Tommy accidentally flings a ladle full of pancake batter at Charles getting it all over him. He retaliates by throwing egg and some flour as the twins walk into the room. Tommy declares a food fight and the whole family joins in throwing food.

At the station on their day off, Nancy arrives to find the whole gang waiting for her. T.K. thanks her for coming and and apologizes for not being more inclusive with the EMTs and sensitive to taking over Tim’s position. They had the idea to honor Tim’s memory by painting a memorial to him on the side of the ambulance and invite Nancy to do the honors of filling in his name. Below his name is the date of his last call, this way according to T.K. “Tim will be riding with us on every call.”


Gwyn brews some tea while she and Owen anxiously await the message from the lab with the paternity results. At long last her phone chimes, but as she goes to look Owen suggests they don’t look. He says he wants the baby with her no matter what and the results don’t matter, however she thinks that’s foolish since they’ll always be wondering. She stands up and checks the results. Her face drops as Owen reads over her shoulder and the realization that the baby isn’t his hits them both. Suddenly, Gwyn decides she needs some space, this changes things, and she packs a bag to leave. Angry and hurt, Owen realizes that he’s “rebound guy” for her, not Enzo. With Gwyn gone he walks straight to the living room to the Japanese bowl, picks it up but then puts it back and walks away. Not two seconds later, he walks back, picks it up and smashes it on the floor.

The winter finale of 9-1-1 Lone Star will air Monday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT on FOX.

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