‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 14 “Tongues Out”

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This week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star was a roller coaster. Following last week’s episode when Kendra’s husband died, it was discovered that he was poisoned, and Kendra was the #1 suspect. From murder mysteries to investigations to gossip and more, with a plot twist that not many saw coming.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Tongues Out.”

Black Widow

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Owen meets with Ranger Reyes at his office, who reminds him that none of what he’s about to tell him is what he’s supposed to hear since he usually doesn’t give this many details to someone who’s romantically involved with the prime suspect. However, not only does Gabriel know Owen, they are about to become family. He wants to make sure Owen has the information he needs to make the right decisions. Gabriel gives Owen the autopsy report, which states that Brett had fluid in his lungs. He was paralyzed. Nine times out of time, it’s the spouse … or the spouse’s lover.

Owen says he broke it off with Kendra by saying he doesn’t want to be with a married woman. That doesn’t particularly help her since she now has a reason to kill Brett. Gabriel then gives Owen a file on Logan Daniels, Kendra’s first husband. He fell off a balcony during their honeymoon, and witnesses reported hearing the couple fighting beforehand. Gabriel just has one piece of advice for Owen.

“If you want to make it to your son’s wedding, stay away from her. Kendra Harrington is bad news.”

At the firehouse, Kendra’s waiting for Owen in his office. Kendra knows they think she murdered him, especially since Owen’s been icing her out since he got the call. She says the Rangers have been blowing up her phone. She tells him he knows that she could never hurt anyone, and Owen brings up Logan. Kendra says she loved Logan, and what happened to him was a tragedy, but everyone judged her, made rumors about her, and lied. It was nothing but a terrible accident. Owen mentions that Kendra wanted out of the marriage and probably didn’t want a messy divorce. Kendra swears on her brother’s soul she didn’t do this, and Owen believes her. The Rangers keep calling her, and Owen advises her to turn off her phone until they find evidence. Luckily, he knows a guy.

Detective Strickland

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After someone ate his last pudding cup, Paul rounded up T.K., Marjan, Nancy, Mateo, and even Carlos. Carlos tries to get out of it by saying he should go back to patrol, but Paul isn’t letting anyone leave. No one is taking it seriously, but they reluctantly answer Paul’s questions. He brings up that everyone knows the chore chart, and only one person doesn’t: Carlos. The police officer admits to it, shocking everyone, and Carlos is amused, telling Paul how delicious it was. Just then, Owen and Kendra walk up behind him.

At Kendra’s house, Kendra and Owen watch Paul looking at the cryo-therapy chamber, noticing that there are no scuff marks. Whatever Brett was dosed with incapacitated him quickly. He thinks Brett was poisoned about 30 minutes beforehand. Paul asks to look at the security cameras, thinking they’ll catch the real killer. Brady, the dog, is whimpering as he usually waits for Brett to come home when he’s traveling. After Kendra finds a birthday gift from Brett, the Rangers pull up. As Gabriel and two other Rangers wait at the front door, the other three escape in one of Kendra’s cars.

Owen and Paul look through the security footage at Owen’s, with Kendra anxiously looking with them. There’s a knock at the door, and Owen gets a call from Gabriel, telling him he’s out running errands. Unfortunately, Gabriel’s at the door with the Pad Thai food that Owen ordered. Gabriel doesn’t like what he’s seeing, and Paul has him look at the footage before arresting Kendra. The footage reveals that after Brett and Brady come back from their walk, Brady was walking weird, clearly sick. Owen thinks the dog met the killer, so they take him to the vet.

Owen, Kendra, Paul, and Gabriel wait at the vet for results on Brady, and the veterinarian tells them that with his motor function and respiration, she usually sees it in farmer dogs after getting exposed to pesticides. Kendra takes the guys to a greenhouse of sorts at her house that Brett used. Gabriel notices an insecticide on the wooden counter, and Paul does a thing. He says it’s going to be a match; he knows who killed Kendra’s husband: Kendra’s husband. Security footage showed him leaving the house and returning an hour later. He needed horticultural therapy, and since he was working with his less-dominate arm, he got the contaminate all over him. He gets enough of it on his skin, and it could kill him; it would just take longer. Since Brett pet Brady, that’s how he got sick, and since it was only a little bit, it wasn’t as bad.

Close Call

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Gabriel tells the trio that Paul was right and Brett’s death has been ruled accidental. Kendra is free to go. Unfortunately, not everyone gets good news. Gabriel has Owen stay back, and he goes off on him for interfering with an investigation and obstruction of justice. The two are going to be related soon, but Gabriel tells him that the next time he goes behind his back, he better have the cojones to say it to his face.

Kendra visits Owen, wondering if the spare bedroom is open, and Owen obliges. She asks if they can keep things as friends, and Owen agrees, not wanting to be one to turn against a friend. The two open the bottle of wine from Brett, but at a 126 hang at the Tarloft, Paul has a feeling that something is still missing from the puzzle. After remembering it was Kendra’s birthday, he frantically calls Owen and tells him to tell Kendra not to open the bottle. He thinks Brett poisoned it. However, it’s too late, and Kendra’s having trouble. Paul puts T.K. and Nancy on the phone to talk Owen through what he needs to do. Against their advice, he gives her mouth-to-mouth, even though it would poison him too. Paramedics arrive and revive Kendra, but Owen collapses.

Owen wakes up in the hospital with Kendra by his side. The two are about to kiss, and T.K. clears his throat, sitting next to Paul and Carlos. Owen’s having trouble following what really happened. Paul’s theory was right, but Brett was a would-be killer. He noticed bolt cutters in the greenhouse and realized Brett cut the brakes on Kendra’s car, but that’s when the accident happened. So Brett used the wine bottle as the next chance. Kendra says he didn’t do it for money; he did it because he loved her.

Gabriel walks into the hospital room with a peace offering, a bottle of wine. Owen tells Gabriel he thinks they’re going to be great consuegros; it’s like in-laws, only better.

Church Gossip

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At a Bible study at the church, a few women aren’t taking it very seriously and giving answers that clearly are not about the Bible. When Trevor grabs a rag, someone’s unmentionables drop on the ground (and we all know who). Grace overhears two women talking about it, and one makes a surprising observation as Trevor and Tommy are smiling at each other.

“I believe Reverend Parks is filling her with more than the Holy Spirit.”

Grace has called Tommy to the Call Center to tell her about what happened at Bible study and what she heard. All Tommy does is laugh, but Grace tells her it’s not funny. She doesn’t like that they’re talking about her and disrespecting her like that, especially since the women are in a group chat with half the congregation. Tommy reminds Grace of her concerns about dating their pastor, and Grace was the one who encouraged it. Tommy says if it makes her uncomfortable, she should say something, so Grace does; she just wants to make sure that she’s setting things straight, subtly asking if she’s sleeping with their pastor. Tommy, however, doesn’t exactly give her a straight answer.

Tommy and Trevor are enjoying a nice time dancing and kissing at Tommy’s house, and Tommy tells him about what Grace told her. Trevor doesn’t like it, saying it’s not okay what they’re saying. He’s a pastor of a congregation; their business is their business. He admits this is why he had to leave the church in Kansas because there was a rumor about his wife and the choir director, and it was all true. The elder board removed him as a pastor, and he can’t let it happen again. Tommy doesn’t want to let it get to him, but he apologizes and leaves.

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Tommy talks to Grace and Judd about the breakup, and the couple clearly still wants the juicy details, but Tommy promises she’s still pure. However, she thinks it’s time to find a new home church, but Grace doesn’t think she should.

At church, Grace is sad she’s not seeing Tommy, but Tommy walks through wearing a blazing red pantsuit and walks right up to Trevor, asking to do the reading. Grace is shocked as Tommy reads a passage, and she translates to, “If you can’t say something nice, keep your damn mouth shut.” Tommy addresses the churchgoers about the pain, tragedy, and meanness in the world, having seen it every day on the job and fighting it. She shouldn’t feel like she has to fight it here, but she will.

“But what I will not do is I will not be shamed, and I will not be driven from this place.”

She ends the reading, and Trevor immediately kisses her in front of the entire church, telling Tommy he loves her. The entire church claps for them.

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