‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 “Of Sound Mind”


In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Clark finds himself in uncharted territory, and Lois bonds with a new friend. Meanwhile, Superman pays Bruno Mannheim a surprise visit. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Of Sound Mind.”

Clark Goes to Counseling

With all the weight of Lois’ diagnosis weighing on Clark’s heart, he attempts counseling with other significant others going through the same thing. The counselor tells them a story about her own husband and having to say goodbye to him, and it freaks Clark out so bad he leaves and tells Lois he won’t be going back. After some thought and a conversation with Lois later in the episode, Clark decides to give it another shot, admitting to the counselor his fears of having to say goodbye to his wife. Now, he wants to make sure that he can be the person she needs, as well as his sons.

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Jon and Jordan’s Training

It’s time for Jon’s first day at the fire station, and he puts on the outfit loaned to him from Kyle. It belonged to a man named Rusty who, according to the crew, “died” in those clothes. Clark and Lois laugh and shake their heads as he heads out. At the station, Kyle puts him to work cleaning the fire truck.

Jordan, on the other hand, has been exceeding at his training at the fortress. He feels he’s ready to go out on his own or to assist his dad, but Clark doesn’t think he’s ready yet. However, Lois sends him out to save people in a flood, and when he comes home, Clark is ready to yell at him about it when she says that she was the reason he went. So Clark says if he thinks he’s ready, they’ll train together. Clark takes him to the fortress and throws challenges at him that he’s doing well with, but Clark continues to shoot him with hologram lasers. Jordan grows frustrated, but Clark is trying to be realistic; this is what will happen in the real world, they won’t stop trying to hurt him. Jordan tells him that he thinks his dad is just scared and that he doesn’t want someone else with powers saving the world.

Superman’s in Trouble

Onomatopoeia lures Superman into a trap by using Lois’ voice calling for help. He rushes over there and looks for her, only to find Onomatopoeia waiting for him. They use their powers to “incapacitate” him while people shoot him with Kryptonite lasers, wearing him down. Lois comes home, and Jordan asks her if she’s okay because they heard her crying for help. Once they realize it wasn’t her, she makes him listen for his dad. Superman eventually cries out in agony, and Lois tells him he has to save his dad. Jordan tells her he said he wasn’t ready, but Lois knows he is, and he’ll make it there faster than the DoD will. Jordan rushes over and knocks down the men with lasers and tries to go after Onomatopoeia, who knocks him over and continues their work on Superman. One of the men with the Kryptonite guns shoots him in the chest, and Superman screams out in anger, taking out the men and Onomatopoeia. He rushes to Jordan’s side and tries to wake him up as Jordan gasps for air. The Kryptonite doesn’t seem to affect him like it does to Clark.

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Sophie is Missing

Sophie has been trying to spend more time with her parents, but it always seems like they’re too busy for her. As Jonathan comes over to study with Sarah, Kyle is heading out to meet Chrissy. Sophie enters the living area and asks where their dad went, but Sarah gives her quick answers. Sophie is hungry, but as she looks in the fridge, there’s nothing to eat, so she leaves the apartment. A while later, Lana comes and asks where Sophie is, but once Sarah tells her she sent her to get food and it’s been over an hour … they panic.

They cover ground all over Smallville when Lana heads into the gas station to see if she’s there when she finds Kyle. She yells at him because she’s been trying to contact him, but he hasn’t answered, and now Sophie is missing. He was supposed to be watching her, but according to him, he was on a “hike.” Lana finds that odd considering that’s not something he’s done in the 20 years she’s known him. She notices he keeps looking off to the side, so she looks around the corner and finds Chrissy there. She shakes her head and goes to find Sophie herself.

Sarah and Jon find Sophie sitting on a ledge, alone, at the football field. Jon goes over to her and talks about his own feelings of feeling alone and how he tried to convince his parents to let him move back to Metropolis. He tells her that sometimes he took his feelings out on his brother, but when things got tough, he always had Jon’s back. Sophie tells him that’s his family; not hers. He doesn’t care about her. He looks over at a worried Kyle and Sarah and says he highly doubts it. They come running over and embrace her. Sarah thanks Jon, and Kyle tells him there may be a new shirt in his future for this.

Lois’ Lunch with Peia

Lois has lunch with Peia at a restaurant near Hob’s Bay. They talk about Bruno and everything he’s done for the city, but Lois wants to know where the money came from. Peia doesn’t want to fight her but brings up all he’s done with the hospital and the lives he’s saving, including her and Lois’. It’s hard for her to imagine them doing things that could hurt people when they caught things her first team didn’t. Lois apologizes and tells her that she’s right. Lois also divulges about how whenever Lois says she may die from Cancer, Clark doesn’t want to hear it. Peia tells her that’s a reality they have to face and live with every day, but for everyone else, they won’t really understand.

Kyle and Chrissy Make it Official

After sneaking around for much of this season and Lana finally catching the two of them together, Kyle decides to ask Chrissy to be his girlfriend. Chrissy, overcome with stress from work, lets out an exasperated “yes” as they kiss at the Smallville Gazette.

Onomatopoeia’s Identity Revealed

At the end of the episode, Onomatopoeia is visibly exhausted from taking on Superman and Jordan, as they show up to Bruno Mannheim’s “lair” and state that they “can’t do this anymore.” They peel off the mask to reveal Peia, and she says she can feel herself getting weaker. Bruno promises that he’s going to make sure she gets better.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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