Recap: Lois Seeks Out Answers in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 2 “Heritage”

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In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, we get introduced to Morgan Edge, Jordan learns more about his powers, and Lois comes to a realization. Read on to find out what happens in “Heritage.”

The episode opens with a shot of the Kent family officially moving to Smallville to stay on the Kent farm. Jonathan and Jordan are helping Clark and are mesmerized by their dad’s flying abilities. Cut to a family dinner where the boys are talking about their school schedules and Lois and Clark express their concerns about the duo starting school. Clark says he wants Jordan to be able to control his own abilities. Jordan leaves the table, visibly upset, and Clark and Lois have a heart to heart about The Stranger, the boys, and the family unit as a whole. 

The Stranger — now known as Captain Luthor — is getting shot at, on the search for extra kryptonite that he can use to take down Superman. He says he wants to stop Kal-El before he does to this world what he did to his. Jonathan is getting ready to leave for his first day of school, and while Lois takes him to school, Clark and Jordan take a trip to new heights, literally, on their way to the Fortress of Solitude. Sarah escorts Jonathan to class, and her boyfriend sizes him up.

Clark and Jordan are seen entering the Fortress of Solitude where Clark says that after his father died, he had a lot of questions he wanted answers to, hoping that being in the Fortress will help answer some of Jordan’s own questions. Lois is gathering research on one Morgan Edge when Lana and Kyle come in to ask her how the family is doing. They then extend a hand to the family to attend their BBQ. Back in the fortress, Jordan meets Jor-El, who finds out that Jordan will be the one to continue the Kryptonian Lineage.

When Jordan and Clark return home, Lois lets Clark know that she’s taking the boys to the city council meeting about the Edge proposal. Sam Lane is seen pulling in the driveway on a visit to talk more about Captain Luthor, sharing new footage of him. Back at the town meeting, Lois questions Chrissy Beppo, a journalist for the Smallville Gazette, excited that she finally got the chance to speak to her. Back at the Kent farm, Sam asks Clark if he’s still looking for a simple life because that’s long gone. He says Clark is the one who stripped the family of everything they already had where they needed to be — in the city. He then realizes that Clark has told the boys about his powers. In a heated exchange, he tells Clark that this will tear the family apart. Sam gets a call about Mongolia and Clark overhears it, quickly racing off.

The city council meeting about the Edge proposal is underway with Kyle at the front asking Morgan Edge how many jobs he’s willing to provide in the city. Lois quickly gets on his case about his promises and Morgan just as quickly deflects, noting that while he was wrong and missed the target, he offered to take a risk on the town when nobody else was willing. Morgan further explains that he doesn’t want to do any harm to the community and that this is possibly something that needs to be discussed further.

Captain Luthor is seen in Mongolia, where Superman arrives soon after. In another stand-off, he says he wants Superman gone for destroying his entire planet. When Clark realizes there is a bomb inside of Luthor’s suit, he has to make a quick decision — either Luthor and Clark will get hurt or the people in trouble will. He obviously chooses to save everyone and quickly gets the exploding ship out of harm’s way.

At football practice, Jonathan wants to show the coach what he can do. The coach tells him he wants him to learn the playbook, but Jonathan challenges it and the coach lets him in. Jonathan fumbles the ball but shakes it off, and then ends up on the ground. 

At home, Clark and Lois are talking about Morgan Edge, and Lois lets him know she’s writing a story about him and how he’s destroying the cities he touches from the inside out. Clark almost seems like he’s trying to talk her out of it, but Lois quickly bites back.

“You know what babe, you do your Superman stuff and I’ll do my Lois Lane stuff.”

Jordan and Clark are once again headed to the Fortress, and Jonathan is contently studying the playbook, with a clear chip on his shoulder. Lois consoles him, saying that even though he left the established life he had behind, he still came to Smallville to help his brother. In the Fortress, Jor-El is talking to Clark about Jordan’s test results and says he will never have the ability to produce his powers at 100 percent. Jor-El notes that he will never be like Superman, and Jordan overhears it, becoming upset. 

Lois is on the phone and Jordan comes inside the house enraged, Jonathan and Jordan get into it, saying that the entire football team and Sarah’s boyfriend are coming after him because of Jordan kissing Sarah. Lois reigns everyone in, saying that they will be going to the Cushing’s for the barbecue because they were invited as a family so that is exactly how they will attend. At the Cushing’s, Jordan and Jonathan meet up with Sarah and Sophie, and Jonathan takes out his frustrations on Sarah. Sarah asks if Jordan will be going to school any time soon, and he says he doesn’t have control over his issues despite them thinking they had it all figured out.

Dean Buscher/The CW

Lois heads outside to talk to Kyle, who is grilling, and Morgan Edge once again gets brought up. Kyle says they need anything to get the ball rolling in the town. Lois tells Clark that her entire piece about Edge was turned into a pro-Edge fluff piece. Sam sets off the button for help from Superman, and he quickly apologizes before he heads out to help at the DoD. They open fire on Captain Luthor, who is scanning the area for Sam. Luthor finally takes a shot, clearing the path for him to get Sam. Luthor tells him he needs to stop protecting Superman, wanting to team up to save Earth before Kal-El destroys it. Superman is quick to swoop in and take down who he thinks is Luthor, but when he takes the helmet off, he realizes nobody is actually in the suit. 

At the Kent farm, Lois is sitting on the porch and hands Clark a drink. Clark talks about the good old days of his younger years and how he would ask his parents questions on how to fix issues in his life. Lois asks if he thinks they made a mistake moving to Smallville, and he says no. He asks Lois what she’s going to do about the Planet and says that the fire she has for the Edge story, he hasn’t seen it in a long time. He wants her to know that it’s okay that they have a lot of questions, because they will find the answers together. (Talk about goals!)

Jonathan gets off the phone with Eliza, and Jordan asks how she’s doing. He comes to apologize and say thank you, because Jonathan has always been there for him but he wants to start being there for him, too. Jonathan says he doesn’t care what the tests say, something happened to him that was special and he wants to help him because regardless, he’s his twin brother and he saved him. Downstairs, Clark sits the boys down and apologizes for leaving. Clark opens up the discussion by saying that he wants to be more active in their lives, and wants to find a balance between being a better father and saving the world. While that might take some time, he’s going to make the effort.

Dean Buscher/The CW

Lois enters the Planet and marches right to the meeting that Morgan is in, seething that he rewrote her story. She asks him if they are allowed to do any actual reporting anymore and Morgan says he won’t have that kind of work printed at his paper … so she hands in her letter of resignation. She is next seen at the Gazette, where she is once again faced with Chrissy and hands over the actual article that she wrote. She inquires about having her work published at the Gazette and Chrissy asks when she is available to start. The episode ends with Luthor being told he will need to move forward without the kryptonite and will need to build another better suit. Shots of an alternate universe’s dark Superman are some of the last scenes we see, and he’s eradicating everything in sight. 

What an eventful episode!

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