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Episode 8 of WandaVision was a rough one, giving a lot of insight into the tormented past of Wanda Maximoff and how years of trauma built up until she burst. A lot of questions about what’s been happening finally got answered, but a lot didn’t.

With only one episode to go, will all of the mysteries of WandaVision be solved?

What We Know

We learned quite a few things that can debunk a few theories … finally.

The Hex’s Origin – Wanda is the sole creator of the Hex. While they’ve been telling us this for a few episodes all the pieces weren’t quite there. Wanda had stated multiple times that she had no idea how she had gotten there or how the Westview anomaly came to be, but with some help from Agatha, we got the truth. In an absolute moment of unbridled despair, the Hex burst free from Wanda out of even her control, and we don’t blame her for going along with it.


The Truth About Vision – We knew something seemed off about Wanda stealing Vision’s corpse, and that instinct was true. The Vision of Westview is solely a construct of the Hex, which we get a better idea about in the ending moments of episode 6 when he begins to disintegrate after he leaves its protective walls. Hayward had kept Vision’s body all along to make a new weapon for himself …

The Ad Actors Were Not Wanda’s Parents – The same two actors were used throughout all of the WandaVision ads, leading many to believe they were representative of Wanda’s parents. But after a look back into the past we know that they indeed are just random players.

Agatha Harkness’ Motivations (One at Least) – After the big Agatha Harkness reveal in episode 7, a lot of viewers were left wondering how she fit in and why she was there. Some thought maybe she was working with a higher power, and that may still be true, but we know at least one motivation was to learn just how Wanda had been capable of such power.


The Significance of the Sitcoms – A callback to Wanda’s original comfort — classic sitcoms. As we traveled through her trauma, the only solace she found was that of these old TV shows, so it’s fitting that her ultimate escape emulates them so closely.

What We Don’t Know

Who or What is the Scarlet Witch? – The context of this was interesting. In the comics, Scarlet Witch has a complicated family history, with Wanda assuming the name from her mother, but in WandaVision, Agatha made the implication that this means something greater than just a superhero alias. She could very well be hinting at Wanda’s role as a Nexus Being, the gatekeeper of Reality 616 in the Multiverse. The Nexus Being has the power to warp all of reality, so it’s a solid theory. If Agatha is aware of the Multiverse, it could also explain how Pietro got there, or at least how she knew who he was if Wanda accidentally dragged him over.

Where Did Fake Pietro Come From? – We know that Pietro was under Agatha’s control, but this still doesn’t explain how he got there. He was her “eyes and ears” under her crystalline possession, meaning that she was getting intel into the Vision residence while Pietro was there, but she didn’t say anything about if or how she got him there. So there’s still a very good chance this is Pietro from the Fox Universe that got yanked over via the Multiverse. With the end credits scene of episode 7, I’m sure we’ll find this out very soon into episode 9.

What Does Hayward Want With Vision? – S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward got busted with his obsession with Vision in the middle of the season, and viewers have been wondering why. Turns out, he’d had a rebuilt version of White Vision all along and just needed a bit of Wanda’s magic (from the missile he launched at her in episode 5) to power him up. Clearly there’s something sinister there, and could it be Ultron?


Who’s the Big Bad? – At this stage, there really could be none. With one episode left, the villain all along could have been Wanda’s grief, and in episode 9 we’ll see her reach the final stage of that grief in acceptance. We know that episode 9 is going to involve a “fight” for Wanda and Vizh’s “home” from previews — likely from Hayward –, but there could be something else behind Agatha popping up in the first place or Ultron behind Hayward. And we still don’t have an explanation for the twins who have background with one big bad.

Speaking of bad, will Agatha stick around after the series? She’d be a great antagonizing force through more of the MCU. She also could at some point become an ally to Wanda, teaching her the sorcery side of her powers.

What’s Going to Happen to Billy and Tommy? – They’re clearly Wiccan and Speed, two stars of the Young Avengers that Marvel is stacking here in Phase 4, but what’s going to happen to them when the Hex is dismantled? Comics say they’re half Mephisto, but comic Billy and Tommy also don’t make it past infancy. Marvel could be skipping that story altogether and making them tangible objects of the Hex, much like Monica’s outfit; however Vision — also a construct of Wanda’s — won’t be. The boys will stick around in some manner, but with their ages, it makes their comic reincarnation storyline almost impossible.

Whatever happens to Billy and Tommy, anticipate them aging up another five years so they’ll be in line with the other newly introduced Young Avengers we have coming soon. I’d also anticipate Agatha making Wanda forget all about them …


White Vision — Can He Be Saved? – We know that regular Vision is a construct of the Hex and Hayward is about to unleash his weaponized, robotic Vision onto Westview. Comic White Vision remained his cold, robotic new self due to his backups being erased and Simon Williams being unwilling to lend his brainwaves to give Vision his “soul” back, but MCU Vision is a product of J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark. Tony may be gone, but there may still be a backup drive of him out there somewhere even though the Avengers compound was leveled. (We’re rooting for Peter or Happy to come through with a copy …)

Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy – Monica has undergone her superhero transformation! Now Photon, we’ll be seeing her in more MCU projects, her next of which we may get a hint at by the end of the series. Also, Darcy and Jimmy, we just love them and hope that this isn’t the last time we’ll see them, or the last time we see them together.

Who is the Missing Person Jimmy Was Responding To? – When we first meet Agent Jimmy Woo in episode 4, he’s investigating Westview looking for a reported missing person in the Witness Protection Program. Who is it? We know it’s a he. And why are they in protective custody?

Is S.W.O.R.D. the next S.H.I.E.L.D.? – Clearly, S.W.O.R.D. has some villain issues with their director. Will they right the ship or fall like S.H.I.E.L.D. did under HYDRA?

With only one episode remaining, there’s still a lot we need answers for, some likely to not be answered until later projects. After the finale, Wanda can be seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arriving March 25, 2022.

The finale of WandaVision will premiere Friday, March 5 at midnight PST exclusively on Disney+.

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