Recap: New Problems Arise in ‘A Discovery of Witches’ Season 2, Episode 8

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In last week’s episode of A Discovery of Witches, Matthew and Diana had their work cut out with them as they arrived in Bohemia to address the temperamental Emperor Rudolf. Though the trip was not without its challenges, a sacred Book of Life was finally recovered. Keep reading to find out what happened in the eighth episode of season 2.

We open in the year 1591. Diana, Matthew, and co. have returned to London, and Diana has the Book of Life open in her lap. Indecipherable words float across the pages — the book is resisting her. Matthew urges her to stop, because it’s having a negative effect on her.

Present Day

At the Congregation headquarters, Peter Knox informs Gerbert of his findings: Edward Kelley’s writing proves that the Book of Life was indeed in his possession in the year 1591. And not only that, but it confirms that he tore three pages from it as well. Edward gave one page to each of the three species. Meanwhile, at Sept-Tours, Emily gazes at the page from the Book of Life that belongs to the Bishop witches.

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Back in Oxford, Miriam pays Marcus a visit because he’s been avoiding her. He’s still upset over being left in the dark about the blood rage. Marcus visits Phoebe at work, though she doesn’t seem to have much interest in speaking with him after the whole “By the way … I’m a vampire” thing. He hands her his Knights of Lazarus medallion, tells her that he’s the Grand Master of the organization, and encourages her to research it. After he returns home, Marcus and Nathaniel sit in the kitchen discussing his love life and the issues it entails. Sophie comes down the steps and tells them that the baby is coming.

At Sept-Tours, Emily attempts to summon Rebecca once again. She succeeds for a moment, but Rebecca’s ghostly form disappears before she can respond. Sarah catches her, and she’s furious, but Emily tries to convince her that Rebecca has a message for her. Elsewhere in the house, Ysabeau is on the phone with Gerbert. He threateningly says that it’s time for her to choose a side, but she remains unruffled.

Phoebe, overcome with curiosity, beckons the assistance of a co-worker to begin researching Marcus’ medallion while she begins to read about the Knights of Lazarus. She recognizes a sketch on a webpage and realizes that it matches the man in the portraits Marcus had been trying to buy — it’s Matthew. She heads down to the vault and is met by Domenico, who she believes is a police officer. Phoebe becomes suspicious once he mentions Marcus by name, but they’re thankfully interrupted by her co-worker.

Sophie has given birth to a healthy baby girl — Margaret — and she and Nathaniel are joined by Marcus, Miriam, and Agatha at the hospital. Marcus and Miriam take note of the fact that Margaret’s blood is singing, which confirms that she’s a witch. Meanwhile, Emily and Sarah lament over the memory of Rebecca, and Emily is stunned when Sarah finally agrees to go and visit the sacred site with her.

Phoebe arrives at Marcus’ house; she’s ready for answers. Marcus tells her the true identity of the people in the portraits that he was trying to buy, and Phoebe finally begins to believe him. He goes on to explain that he was born in the year 1757, and Matthew later sired him in 1781. Phoebe continues to ask more questions about his life as a vampire. They take a walk, and their conversation eventually veers to the topic of Marcus’ diet and the dwindling existence of creatures. They return back to the house once more, Marcus continues to teach Phoebe about the ins and outs of vampires, and they eventually fall into bed together.

Now that she’s clearly grown comfortable with the whole vampire revelation, Phoebe puts Marcus’ vampire speed to the test. She playfully challenges him to go pick up ice cream, and she’s stunned when he returns to the house with her requests less than a minute later. Phoebe tells him about Domenico’s surprise visit at her work, and she notes that the other vampire respected the mention of Marcus being the Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus (it’s a noble institution, after all). Marcus tells her that he wants to give it all up, but Phoebe doesn’t buy it. She encourages him to use the Knights for positive change for future generations.

Marcus seeks out Baldwin at the Congregation headquarters and informs him that he won’t be handing over the Grand Master title to him. Phoebe managed to get through to him after all. As Marcus tells him that he plans on using the Knights for the betterment of all creatures, Baldwin is displeased, because the Knights were formed to protect the interests of the de Clermonts. Marcus tells Baldwin that he needs his help (he’s bound to it as a Knight), and he shares the secret about Sophie and Nathaniel’s half witch/half daemon child. Marcus has decided that his first act as Grand Master will be to protect Margaret and her family. Baldwin, however, doesn’t seem to feel the need to bow to Marcus’ authority. As Marcus leaves, Gerbert storms into Baldwin’s office and demands to know why he was there.  Baldwin, immediately defying Marcus’ orders, tells Gerbert that he’s protecting a child.

Domenic goes to find Marcus just before he leaves the Congregation headquarters. He tells him that he’s found a link between Matthew and the Oxford murders. And when he does finally catch the vampire responsible for the attacks, both their identity and Domenico’s loyalty will be for sale.

Gerbert shares the information about the child with Knox, who in turn makes his way to the hospital. He swiftly uses his magic to disable both Sophie and Nathaniel and approaches Margaret to confirm that she’s a witch. Agatha walks into the room and she’s furious; she demands that Knox leave. Knox tells her that because the child is the witch, she must be raised by her own species. The arrangements will be made soon enough.

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Emily and Sarah venture off into the night to the sacred site and once again attempt to summon Rebecca. It works, but in her state of shock over seeing her sister’s face, Sarah reaches for her and disperses the spell.

In the final moments of the episode, we jump back to the year 1591. Diana wakes up from a disturbing dream about the tree. Matthew asks her if everything is alright and she responds with an ominous “I don’t think so.”   

Just two episodes remain! Episode 9 of the second season of A Discovery of Witches will be available on Sundance NowAMC Plus, and Shudder on Saturday, March 6. Check out the rest of our season 2 recaps here.

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