Bill Burr Talks ‘The Mandalorian’ and His Boston Accent on ‘Literally! With Rob Lowe’

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'Literally! With Rob Lowe'

Stand-up comedian Bill Burr is the latest guest on the hit podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe, a show where Rob Lowe chats with new guests on a weekly basis about movies, TV, sports, music, and culture for fun, wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversations.

This week’s episode — “Who Killed The Hat?” — veered into a territory hailing from a galaxy far, far away as the two touched on Burr’s role in the hit Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Burr portrayed Migs Mayfeld, a mercenary that teamed up with (and eventually betrayed) the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin in the first season. Mayfeld made his triumphant return in the tail end of season 2 when he assisted Din and his crew on a mission to Morak … and may he “rest in peace” (wink wink).

After Lowe discussed some of his own family history with the original Star Wars films, Burr joked about the fact that some fans have given him a hard time about his use of a Boston accent on the show.

Check out the video clip from the episode below.

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