What’s the Deal With Pietro in ‘WandaVision’? A Few Possibilities

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Ever since Pietro’s appearance on the door of the Vision residence at the end of WandaVision episode 5, viewers have had at it trying to figure out who he might be and where he came from. While we still don’t know for certain, there are definitely a lot of good contenders to explain the recast Pietro, and some we can almost debunk.



A lot of viewers thought he was Mephisto, but after episode 7 we can rule this out. After Agnes/Agatha is seen controlling him at the door during his arrival, there’s absolutely no way that Pietro is Mephisto because well, Mephisto wouldn’t need Agatha to help him in any way. Of course, the MCU can change that dynamic, but I wouldn’t count on it. If anything, it’s the other way around with Mephisto using Agatha (which is even more of a possibility now …).

A Figment of Agatha’s Magic


After the montage of Agatha’s hand in all that is Westview, it would appear that Pietro was brought in by Agatha, but to say he’s all Agatha seems a bit of a stretch. Controlled by Agatha, yes; in Westview because of her? I’d wager no. This, however, opens the door for someone else to be aiding or using Agatha, someone much more powerful.

The mid-credits scene can be taken two ways, one being that he’s stopping Monica from heading down to find Agnes turned Agatha and Wanda. The second … a little farther down.

MCU Pietro Maximoff

Marvel Studios

In the series, it was first hinted that this was indeed MCU Pietro, and Wanda’s inability to face her traumas changed Pietro to look a little less Pietro because she wouldn’t be able to handle seeing the real him. If so, this was a perfectly wasted opportunity to bring in the X-Men, mutants, and the Multiverse simultaneously. Also, to revive Vision she went and stole his body from S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, but I don’t think she made it out to steal Pietro’s unnoticed as well. Also, gross.

X-Men‘s Peter Maximoff


He looks like him. He talks like him. He acts like him. Maybe it really is him.

We know we’re toying with the Multiverse here very soon (the ad from this episode confirms this), and to not have it somehow wrapped up in all this craziness in Westview would be anti-climactic. If the Multiverse is the answer, how did this Pietro get here, who transported him here? It could be Wanda unknowingly as she warps reality and pushes something that shouldn’t be opened. Or it could be someone else, someone not so good, someone who’s teaming up with Agatha …

This Pietro does know more than any other version of Pietro should. He knows about the Hex, Vision’s death, Wanda and Vision’s marriage … all of these things happened well after Pietro died in Avengers: Age of Ultron and before his arrival in Westview. and never happened to this version of Pietro. So, could Agatha have lied when this Pietro was randomly transported to this Universe to get his help? Or was he pulled from his own universe, planted here, then put under a spell? Absolutely possible.

There’s really no reason to have this version of Quicksilver here if it doesn’t mean more, unless its pure fan service. Fans loved his version of Peter Maximoff in the X-Men films, so did they bring him back versus Aaron Taylor-Johnson for that? Perhaps.

After the mid-credits scene, as said above, some can take it as he’s about to stop Monica from going and finding Agatha and Wanda. However, others see Pietro ready to help.

He’s obviously not at Agnes/Agatha’s house when the twins are there, or when Wanda arrives, but yet he finds himself there moments after Wanda gets inside. Is he tracking Wanda because after she tossed him with her magic at the end of episode 6 whatever spell he was under was broken? And, while he knows his (long lost) sister has some ill will towards him now for his callous (very Peter-like) words, he isn’t willing to let her navigate this very wrong and bizarre world without a watchful, protective eye?

The answer to that will come next Friday, February 28 when we see just how Pietro and Monica handle their meeting.

The first seven episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on Disney+.

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