Super Mario Bros. Is Heading Straight for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’!


A new collaboration is heading to your little piece of Animal Crossing paradise — New Horizons x Super Mario!

The collaboration will be available on Thursday, February 25 via a free update.

The update will help you transform your island into the Mario paradise from your childhood, no matter which version of Super Mario you started with. New clothing will be available where you can dress as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach from head to toe, each featuring special properties that will affect how you can interact with new special items.

There is a massive catalog of new Mario items that will be available in your Nook Stop which will be available after March 1. The familiar Super Star, Shell, Yoshi’s Egg Rule, Lakitu’s Cloud Rug, 1-Up Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Coin, Mushroom Mural, and Block Flooring, ? Block, Thwomp, Fire Flower, Block, Floating Block, Goal Post, L Mushroom Platform, S Mushroom Platform, and Pipe will be included in the new items.

You’ll also be able to use those newly added Pipes to make Warp Pipes! Set up some Warp Pipes and immediately transport yourself to another area of your island.

Some new seasonal items will also be available. February 25-March 3 celebrate the Girls Day holiday with Girls Day Doll Set and the Bonbori Lamp. Pi Day Pie will be available March 1-March 14 and Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock Rugs, Door Plates, and Sodas will be for sale March 10-March 17. All items will be available at your Nook Stop under Seasonal Items.

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