Monday, September 20, 2021

Nic Stone Announces New Book ‘Fast Pitch’ Coming in August

Only a week after releasing her latest book, Shuri: The Vanished, Nic Stone has announced her next upcoming project! The new middle-grade book is titled Fast Pitch and is set to release on August 31, and you can pre-order your copy here.

Fast Pitch will follow Shenice Lockwood, who’s the captain of her softball team, the Fulton Firebirds. Shenice is hyper-focused and ready to clinch the U12 fast-pitch softball regional championships, but life has other plans for her.

“Strike one: As the sole team of all-brown faces on the field, Shenice and the Firebirds have to work twice as hard to prove that Black girls belong at bat.
Strike two: Shenice’s focus gets shaken when her great-uncle Jack reveals that a career-ending—and family-name-ruining—crime may have been a setup. . .
Strike three: Broken focus means mistakes on the field. And Shenice’s teammates are beginning to wonder if she’s captain-qualified.”

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It’s a race against time as Shenice works to uncover her family’s history before she and the Firebirds lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Stone also revealed the cover for the book, which prominently features Shenice in her softball gear. Stone shared via Instagram the personal significance the cover holds for her. Check out the cover below!

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