Sun Spin’s First Album Is Now Available


Sun Spin, the band Michael Rosenbaum formed with friend Rob Danson, has officially released their first album, titled Best Days!

After announcing late last year that he would be leaving Left on Laurel, Michael Rosenbaum buoyed fans by confirming a new music project was in the works with Left on Laurel’s lead guitarist Rob Danson. The two had been preforming together on StageIt once a month throughout the last year and announced the band name Sun Spin in December, immediately followed by the release of merch for the new group.

The album includes 10 tracks of original music by the duo, including a special track featuring the ever wonderful Emma Fitzpatrick. You can find an MP3 copy of the album for sale now on Amazon for $9.49, or you can pre-order a CD, signed or unsigned, from the band’s official website.

Be sure to check it out, and if you like what you hear you can catch Sun Spin live in concert on February 27th via StageIt.

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