Recap: Meet Philippe de Clermont in ‘A Discovery of Witches’ Season 2, Episode 5


In last week’s episode of A Discovery of Witches, we spent some time catching up with our present day characters. Marcus appeared to have secured an auction lot that contained the portraits that Diana and Matthew had commissioned for Jack back in 1590, but they were unfortunately stolen. Meanwhile, Domenico and Gerbert continued on their mission to take down the de Claremonts while investigating the bloodthirsty vampire on the loose in Oxford. Marcus then paid Ysabeau a visit and learned that the blood rage disease originates from her bloodline, and he’s a carrier of it. Keep reading to find out what happened in the fifth episode of season 2, in which we timewalk back to the year 1590.

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The episode opens with Matthew and Diana arriving by ship on the shores of Mont Saint-Michel, France, following up on Philippe’s orders. Pierre has also joined them on their journey. They part ways with Gallowglass on the beach and greet the “escort” that Philippe has sent for them. Before they part ways, Gallowglass warns Diana not to lose Matthew or herself at Sept-Tours.


Kit runs into Matthew’s sister Louisa, who had initially come to town in search of her brother. When Kit informs her that he’s in France, she inquires why he’s not with him. “Aren’t you two joined at the hip?” He leads her away, as they have much to discuss in regards to Matthew.

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Diana and Matthew have begun their journey to Sept-Tours on horseback. Matthew informs her that they will not be seeing Ysabeau on their trip, as he recalls that she spent most of that year at the witch trials.


Settled in at the tavern, Louisa is less than pleased to find out that her brother is fraternizing with a witch. She refuses to believe that it’s anything but the result of an enchantment. Kit solemnly tells her that he’s been enchanted by love, not sorcery. Without Matthew in town, Louisa clearly hopes to have some fun. She attempts to kiss Kit, which ends up awkward as he turns away, for this de Claremont sibling is not the one that is the object of his affections.

LOUISA: Broken. And yet it still beats for him.


Diana and Matthew have stopped traveling for the evening and set up camp with their escort. Matthew remarks that though the armed guards are there to ensure they arrive at Sept-Tours without delay, they are also there to serve as a reminder of the vampire’s dwindling freedom the closer he gets to his father.


Though Kit may not have been receptive to Louisa’s initial plans for fun, they’ve found something else to do in the meantime — shooting bottles. A man approaches to accost them for the noise they’re making, on top of the fact that they’re out past curfew. Louisa’s face quickly morphs from laughter to anger when the man calls her a whore, and she shoots him. She then asks Kit if she’s better company than her brother, to which he responds, “Infinitely.”

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Matthew wakes up Diana and informs her that they need to get moving, because the weather has taken a turn for the worst. As they travel on, they come upon a settlement that has been attacked and left to burn. Though Diana wants to check for survivors, Matthew won’t let her, because the soldiers may still be nearby. Later, Diana falls off of her horse, overcome with exhaustion.

That evening, things begin to get heated between Matthew and Diana in their tent, and Diana implores Matthew to let her have him. He declines and tells her not there, not now, but they will in time. Diana turns away as he goes to kiss her, disappointed and offended. The next morning, she’s thrilled to find a pair of pants beside her when she wakes up, which will prove to be far more comfortable for riding. Matthew and Diana part ways with Pierre, sending him to reconvene with Gallowglass and find them lodgings in Bohemia for the next leg of their trip after their visit to see Philippe.

As they approach Sept-Tours, Matthew warns Diana not to bother trying to read Philippe. He spent centuries with his father and still could never tell what he was thinking. Diana seems unperturbed by the warning, as she did manage to win over Ysabeau, after all.

The mood is tense when Matthew and Diana approach Philippe inside the castle. His father calmly expresses his displeasure over the fact that he had to find out that Matthew was with a witch through his spies, rather than from his son himself. Diana interrupts, confidently informing Philippe that she is not just a witch but also a weaver. Philippe, however, has lived far too long to find this news impressive by any means. Much to Matthew’s dismay, Diana proceeds to make another comment alluding to the fact that she’s from the future. Philippe, who has already heard from Father Hubbard that Matthew is a “changed man,” then gathers that Diana is a timewalker.

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Diana admits to Philippe that she was spellbound and is still learning how to harness her powers, hence why they needed to find a teacher for her in the past. She confidently proclaims her and Matthew’s love for each other. Philippe scoffs at this, picking at an already raw wound as he states that if the relationship truly meant something to Matthew, he would have consummated it already. (“Did you really expect me not to know? You both have very distinct scents.” Jot that down as a very weird vampire skill.) Matthew cuts him off before he can say any more, and Diana stalks away in anger.

Once they’re alone, Diana accosts Matthew, furious that he lied to her. Matthew tells her that as far as he’s concerned, they are mated. The two continue to shout at one another, and when Diana asks him why he’s holding back if she’s all that he could ever want, Matthew snaps that it’s complicated. Diana tosses a sidelong remark that Philippe doesn’t seem to think so, to which Matthew snidely responds that she should bed him, then. Having crossed the line and then some, Diana slaps him and sends him flying out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

He angrily heads down the hallway to confront Philippe, knowing that the fight had been his father’s desired outcome. Matthew remains full of rage as Philippe evenly reminds him that though he has never lied to Diana, there is still the sin of omission. His father then inquires when the last time he fed was, and Matthew is bothered to see Philippe expressing concern for his well-being. Philippe is very quick to assess that there is likely a schism between the two of them in Matthew’s current time, not realizing the real truth: he’s dead.

The next morning, Matthew heads out alone on horseback. Diana finds Philippe and declines his invitation to take her to see Matthew — she’s not ready to talk to him yet. Due to the fact that Ysabeau is absent, Diana is currently the highest ranking in Sept-Tours, and for this reason Philippe attempts to give her keys to the house. Diana is initially offended by the gesture until Philippe explains that he’s doing it out of respect. He then takes her to the library upon her request.

Matthew rides alone through the woods on horseback, hunting. Meanwhile, a witch has arrived at Sept-Tours, stating that he needs to speak to Philippe about an urgent matter. Philippe is not pleased by the uninvited guest.

Philippe and the witch, Champier, enter the room that Diana is in. Champier has told Philippe that he was summoned by Diana … he sensed a great power. Diana makes note of the fact that Philippe immediately obliged the stranger’s request, to which he simply brushes off by saying it’s not for him to interfere in the business of witches. It appears that Philippe has spun an interesting tale about Diana, for Champier seems to believe that Matthew found her and she has no recollection of her past.

Champier approaches her, despite the fact that Diana says she doesn’t need help, and he tells her that there are ways to unlock painful memories. Philippe watches on stoically as Champier grabs Diana’s head and begins to sift through her mind. He asks who’s been feeding from her, calls her a traitor, and then goes on to express his interest in Diana’s potential. Diana struggles as Champier tells her he’ll remove all that haunts her by taking her memories. She screams out in pain and Matthew, who has returned to the castle, rushes inside. As soon as he enters the room, Diana reaches out and calls his dagger to her hands. She swiftly stabs Champier, tossing him to the ground and stands with tears falling down her cheeks as the other witch’s blood drips from the blade.

Episode 6 of the second season of A Discovery of Witches will be available on Sundance NowAMC Plus, and Shudder on Saturday, February 13. Check out the rest of our season 2 recaps here.

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