Review: ‘The Witcher: Fading Memories’ #3 Comes Full Circle During Foglet Hunt


Geralt of Rivia is finally getting some answers about the confusing case he’s working in The Witcher: Fading Memories issue #3.

The third part of this incredible Dark Horse Comics series brings many intense moments that carry the story along, especially after that cliffhanger in Fading Memories #2. The Witcher: Fading Memories #3 is written by Bartosz Sztybor and features artwork by Amad Mir and coloring by Hamidreza Sheykh.

Warning: Spoilers for Fading Memories #3 below!

This new installment begins with Geralt in a jail cell after the town mayor’s guards captured him at the end of the second issue. Before his capture, Geralt figured out that the Foglets terrorizing the town are connected to the mage — formed by his use of magic — and the mayor, not surprisingly to the readers, knew.

One of the most impacting moments within this part of the story happens toward the beginning. After the mayor releases Geralt from jail and tells him to leave the town and never come back, the creators of this comic use genius juxtaposition to really pull the reader in. As Geralt begins his journey through the town to leave, what is actually happening and what is being narrated are completely opposite. One moment, for example, shows the townspeople throwing food at Geralt and yelling fowl things as him. While this is happening, the narration reads “That’s why he loved helping the people so. Their gratitude gave him motivation.”

Even though he left, the unfinished case was heavy on his heart, and Geralt decided to investigate further. While most readers will already know how determined Geralt is from either reading the books or watching the series, this moment really solidifies that. After interrogating the messenger seen in the other installments of Fading Memories, the Witcher has a lead and goes to visit a medic who was the last person to talk to the mage in question. The medic reveals that he suggested the mage never use magic again.

In true Geralt fashion, he returns to the town to make sure he finishes what he started. He is determined to save the children who are dying because of these Foglets. And after another run in with the monsters, the mage finally emerges. However, he doesn’t know who the mayor or anyone is — in turn, bringing the title of this comic full circle: Fading Memories.

To be continued…

I’ve said it before in past reviews but the creators of The Witcher: Fading Memories series do a great job at capturing the audience’s attention and keeping it throughout the story. The writing is compelling with several twists and turns, and the art is so eye-catching, you could lose yourself in the different colors and unique style for hours.

The Witcher: Fading Memories issue #3 is now available. Pick up a copy at your local comic shop or you can find it through Dark Horse comics here.

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