Thursday, March 23, 2023

Zayn Malik Discloses That ‘Nobody Is Listening’ in “Vibez” Music Video

MUSICZayn Malik Discloses That 'Nobody Is Listening' in “Vibez” Music Video

The lighting show taking place in a concert hall by a single spotlight may make the vacancy devoid of people more electric than it seems. Only it’s Zayn Malik’s backing vocals echoed before the curtails roll up in his music video for “Vibez” that makes us confident something exciting is about to unravel.

It marks the starting of his new era coined Nobody Is Listening, a prevalent theme throughout the piece as various sets lead us through the process of him waiting. Firstly he sits lonely on a bed, checking his watch to leisurely walking through a dystopian-like forest surrounded by fireflies. Every time he’s waiting for somebody else to be next to his side. As the video comes to a close, another version of him watches on from the theater’s seats. Therefore alluding to though he wants the girl in the tune to be listening, he’s the only one that hears him.

If you’d like to hit replay, then “Vibez” is available on all streaming platforms, and you can watch the music video below. Wait a little longer; his third studio album, Nobody Is Listening, will be out on January 15.

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