Inside Look Weekends Coming to SeaWorld Orlando January 2021

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Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando.

If you’ve ever wanted to see behind the scenes at SeaWorld Orlando, now is your chance! During the weekends of January 9-17, SeaWorld will be hosting an Inside Look weekend where various events occur across the theme park to give you an insight into how the animals are cared for. These events are all covered under the price of the regular park admission.

Five different Inside Look tours will be occurring around the park. At the SeaWorld Rescue Center, guests can meet the rescue team and learn how life-saving care is given to animals in need. Guests can meet the dive team at the manatee underwater viewing area to learn about the basics of diving and the secrets of what it takes to be a part of the dive team. Guests can meet the team that looks after the animals at the Beluga & Seal Primary Housing. At the Manta Aquarium, you can look down on the vast array of fish, rays, sea dragons, live corals, and giant Pacific octopuses that live there (this location is not ADA accessible). There’s also lots to see at the Shark Encounter. Guests can look down on the 700,000-gallon shark habitat and learn from the aquarists that care for the sharks. The medical pool is also accessible, and you can learn how a shark receives its annual physical. This location is not ADA accessible.

There are also trainer talks occurring where training and husbandry techniques will be shared. These will be occurring at the Dolphin Theater, Sea Lion, and Otter Theater and Orca Encounter.

There will also be unique dining experiences on offer. For $40, guests can experience a signature meal hosted by the SeaWorld Rescue and Zoological Operations team. This will include an inspiring presentation on research and rescue operations. For $29 for adults and $15 for children, guests can dine with orcas. You will dine next to the orcas and learn about their care from the experts.

There will be enhanced safety protocols in effect during the weekends. Park reservations are needed to manage park capacity, so make sure you make yours now! To do this and for more information, visit the SeaWorld Orlando website.

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