Gil Arroyo’s Top 10 Lines in Season 1 of ‘Prodigal Son’

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In anticipation of the season 2 premiere of Prodigal Son, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments of our beloved crime fighters. Of those crime fighters is our turtleneck wearing, LeMans driving, “Disappointed Dad” Lieutenant Gil Arroyo. Gil has a long history with the police force and with the Whitly family. As fans saw, Malcolm saved Gil from becoming another victim of “The Surgeon,” and ever since then, Gil has looked out for Malcolm and the rest of the Whitly’s. Gil is a passionate, courageous, and brilliant man who continuously puts others above himself. The team admires and respects Gil as their mentor, superior, and, more importantly, their friend.

In honor of Gil, here are some of his best lines:

“JT, Bright. Bright, JT. You’re not gonna like each other.”

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What better way to introduce two people than letting them know they aren’t going to like each other? Gil takes care of that with this line as he introduces Malcolm to JT, as well as Dani and Edrisa, at his first crime scene. It’s a line and scene that stand out to us in the pilot episode and never fails to make us laugh.

“He’s high as a kite.”

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“Disappointed Dad” Gil strikes again. When Dani and Malcolm infiltrate a club and are meeting with Estime, there are shots fired, and one of the shots explode some of the drugs in Estime’s office. Malcolm inhales some of the drugs and becomes very high. Gil appears at the crime scene and gives Dani and Malcolm a piece of his mind. Malcolm, clearly high, grabs Gil’s face. Gil notices Malcolm’s odd behavior (which is saying something). He orders Dani to escort Malcolm home.

“Do you offer that service for all your clients?”

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Gil is no stranger to sassy comments, and this time is no exception. While Malcolm is testing the patience of a trainer named Jake, things get heated between the two, and Gil steps in. He asks Jake about his relationship with Crystal, the ex-wife/soon to be ex-wife. Gil says the above line to Jake with no hesitation. We love to see it.

“Not on my watch.”

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In Gil’s office after a case, Malcolm expresses to Gil that he wonders if he could’ve turned out like Isaac, a troubled young teen who killed his father. Gil, with a smile, tells Malcolm that it won’t happen while he’s around. Malcolm takes comfort in that, and he knows that Gil has looked out for him for most of his life and would’ve never let him go down a dark path. This is a great line and one that showcases the depth of Gil and Malcolm’s relationship.

“If I said no, will you go home? Take a few days off?”

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Malcolm and the team find more than they bargained for at a junkyard, where Malcolm’s father’s old station wagon happens to be trashed. Malcolm tells Gil that he has been having dreams/repressed memories of his father’s station wagon. Gil suggests he take some time off because he is worried about Malcolm since, especially at this point in the season, his mental health has been suffering. The station wagon is still intact, but they can’t say the same about a body (eventually bodies) that was found crushed in a car. It can’t be a coincidence, and it usually never is.

“Three simple words. I want you to repeat them after me: Call For Backup.”

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Malcolm rarely listens to reason, but that doesn’t mean Gil will stop trying. Gil is peeved because Malcolm ran off to face “The Junkyard Killer” and neglected to call for backup. We don’t blame Gil for being upset, but we are worried for Malcolm’s safety going into season 2. Will Malcolm ever learn? We doubt it.

“To run into a dark tunnel alone and let him pop you like bubble wrap?”

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Continuing from the last line in our list, Malcolm received injuries from his encounter with “The Junkyard Killer” due to almost being crushed in a turnstile of sorts in a dark, secluded tunnel. Gil is not holding back and delivers this hilarious line to Malcolm. He hates seeing Malcolm hurt, and he needs to ensure Malcolm understands the danger he puts himself in and tries to deter his behavior. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

“Please don’t rub it in.” “Stop. Right now.”

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It’s not just a car. If Gil is known for one thing, it’s his LeMans. When a bomb is discovered at a crime scene, the team evacuates, and Malcolm is left with his hands on the active bomb. To escape the active bomb, Malcolm shoots out a window and jumps out, landing on Gil’s prized possession. Back at the precinct, Gil is overcome with heartbreak, but his response to JT in this scene is hysterical.

“This family, I swear…”

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Gil, JT, and Dani come to the Whitly house to ask if Malcolm had been to see Everett Sterling, who had just been shot. Malcolm says no, and that’s he’s been home on house arrest. He tells Gil he wants to help, but Gil says he can’t come along. To help, Malcolm confesses that he left the house to meet with Sterling and for the murder of Eve’s killer, Eddie. Gil shakes his head and can’t fathom the crazy antics of the Whitly’s. In the end, Malcolm got what he wanted, and that was to help on the case.

“When you spoke to him? You’re a profiler, a graduate of Quantico. You can tell when somebody’s dead.”

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At the precinct where Malcolm is being questioned after confessing, Malcolm tells the team that he thinks that Eddie was already dead in his hospital room before he arrived to see him. Gil has had enough of this day and is flabbergasted that Malcolm, a former FBI agent with tons of training, didn’t know that Eddie was dead. Gil has some great one-liners, and this definitely had to make our list.

What were some of your favorites? Did they make our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch Prodigal Son when it returns for season 2 on Tuesday, January 12 at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.

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