Time Is Running Out To Save Hope and Landon From Their Slumber in Season 3 ‘Legacies’ Promo

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Earlier this year, Legacies wrapped up its second season early due to the Covid-19 pandemic halting production. Although the remaining four episodes have yet to air, meaning we will have answers to our questions soon, that didn’t stop the show from producing nail-biting storylines. This includes the two biggest ones that still have us reeling — Hope being locked into sleep after traversing through Josie’s mind to get her out of her own sleep and Landon having been stabbed with the golden arrow, something that the Sphinx predicted would happen.

In the promo, the voiceover suggests that Landon seems to think he will have to say a final goodbye. However, in the final episode that previously aired, the Necromancer promised to bring Landon back to live in his deal with Alaric. Even though Landon should have awoken by now … he has yet to do so. In a quick clip, Raphael tells the Necromancer to put Landon’s spirit inside of his body. Meanwhile, Alaric is still trying to figure out a way to get Hope out of her slumber.

Legacies season 3 premieres Thursday, January 21 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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