Get a First Look at ‘Riverdale’ High’s Prom in Exclusive Season 5 Photos from TVLine

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Image courtesy of The CW/TVLine.

The new year is almost upon us, as well as the new season of Riverdale! In new photos exclusively released by TVLine, the gang at Riverdale High finally have their long-awaited prom. Well, long-awaited to the fans. What was supposed to be the final episodes of season 4 are now the first few episodes of season 5, due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down production and cutting the season short. It will feature Archie and everyone attending prom and graduation.

Image courtesy of The CW/TVLine.

The new photos give fans a first look at the Riverdale gang’s final prom, with the majority pairing up with their significant other, including Archie and Veronica sharing a slow dance, Cheryl and Toni in a loving embrace, FP and Alice and Hermione and Hiram dancing side-by-side, and Kevin and Fangs standing next to each other. In one photo, eagle-eyed fans who watched the short-lived spin-off, Katy Keene, will notice a very familiar-looking face. As the teens are gathered around the table, Katy Keene’s ex-flame K.O. Kelly (played by Zane Holtz) is standing right behind Toni.

Image courtesy of The CW/TVLine.

The Archie gang will also be graduating from Riverdale High early in the season, followed by a time jump, which will place the friends several years after graduating and living their separate lives, finally reuniting after college. Skeet Ulrich, who plays FP Jones, filmed his final episode recently after it was revealed he would be leaving the series after season 4. However, with the production shutdown, he stayed on until the first few episodes of season 5 were filmed.

Image courtesy of The CW/TVLine.

Season 4’s makeshift ending involved the kids putting the yearbook together and getting ready for prom, as well as Jughead getting an offer from the University of Iowa. However, more videotapes were being sent around town, and the final one that Jughead and Betty found was a haunting recreation of the ending of Jughead’s story where everyone killed Mr. Honey.

Image courtesy of The CW/TVLine.

Insatiable and Glee alum Erinn Westbrook will be joining Riverdale in the upcoming season as Tabitha Tate, Pop Tate’s ambitious and entrepreneurial granddaughter who wants to take over Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. Westbrook can currently be seen recurring on FOX’s medical drama The Resident.

Season 5 of Riverdale premieres on Wednesday, January 20 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, followed by Nancy Drew, only on The CW. The first four seasons are streaming now on Netflix.

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