Thursday, March 23, 2023

Watch Kim Rhodes on ‘The Love of Acting’

CELEBRITIESWatch Kim Rhodes on 'The Love of Acting'

The always delightful Kim Rhodes (Supernatural) recently joined Allen Vaysberg on his interview series The Love of Acting. In the interview, Rhodes talks about her life, acting experiences, and some of her favorite sayings. She also discusses auditioning, what fuels her as an actress, and what she is up to now.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series’ premise, see the synopsis below.

The Love of Acting interview series is dedicated to bringing you inside the lives and minds of working actors, casting directors, directors, producers, acting coaches, agents, and anyone else able to shed light onto the acting craft. It differs from similar concepts you’ve encountered in a number of ways. First, these are conversations as much as interviews allowing the guests and the host to dive in rather Allen firing the questions away. Second, these conversations by their very nature take time so no quick hits here. Finally, while the scope remains constant there is no reliance on celebrity. You will find people here on all ends of the “fame” spectrum because everyone has a story and all stories are valued and welcome.

Make sure to check out The Love of Acting interview series’ website or YouTube page for more interviews. You can watch Rhodes’ episode below!

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