Ranking the 15 Title Cards of ‘Supernatural’

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Though many things throughout the 15 years of Supernatural have stayed the same, there is one thing that changed every season, the title card. This iconic intro brought us into the story of Supernatural, whether it be part of the overall storyline or a monster of the week episode. To me, it was the part I looked forward to the most when it came to a new season. I enjoyed seeing what the intro was going to look like for the new season. Even the ones for the special episodes were fun and unique.

15. Season 14

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This season’s title card reflected the presence of the other universe Michael. With the wings spreading wide among the flames, we can see that Michael will probably be a huge factor in this season. However, this season looks too similar to the season 10 title card, so it feels a little repetitive.

14. Season 7

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The black goo exploding in the background is a reminder of the Leviathan that serves as this season’s big bad. While this season’s title card isn’t as colorful as in the past, there are still some fun variations, such as the intro to the episode “Time for a Wedding!” with an exploding wedding cake or “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” with a glitter explosion.

13. Season 15

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Besides the season 11 intro, this one is probably the darkest out of all the title cards. This one looks as if all of creation is being destroyed during the seconds-long sequence. This one seems to have too much going on to really see how it connects with the season’s theme.

12. Season 1

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The original title sequence is attention-grabbing but straightforward. The Supernatural logo flickering in and out really helps to introduce the ominous feeling of the season. I liked this one because it helped keep my attention on the show by leading right into the episode, nothing too fancy, just some good old creepiness.

11. Season 4

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Castiel’s introductory season began with an awesome title card. We can see angel wings before they envelop the screen, and we see the blood-red logo. This one reminds me of the beginning of the apocalypse, which starts in this season. The angel wings followed by the symbol that appears to be made out of demon blood are a great way to connect the oncoming war’s two sides.

10. Season 6

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I have to say this one has one of the best sound effects. The season 6 intro involves shattering glass that leads into the logo. You can hear the glass sound effects, which reminds me of the end of the season with Sam’s mental wall being shattered. This one is probably the best at foreshadowing and tying in the future storylines.

9. Season 12

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When we arrive at season 12, we can now see the Men of Letters logo in the background. It appears to be branded onto the screen, which looks like the MoL is making a very permanent mark on the Winchesters’ lives this year. However, they are not the only bad guys this season, so it doesn’t connect to the season as a whole.

8. Season 8

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Season 8 is one of my favorite seasons, and I really like this title card. The angel and demon tablets are a huge part of the entire thing, and the fact they use the language from the tablets as the background for the card emphasizes that.

7. Season 13

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In season 13, we’re introduced to one of the sweetest new characters Jack, who also happens to be Lucifer’s son. Since he’s the son of an archangel, his eyes glow a bright golden color, and that’s precisely what the title card shows—a golden eye. Jack is one of my all-time favorite characters, so it’s exciting that the intro includes him.

6. Season 11

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This was the first season that I got to watch live, so this intro has a special place in my heart. At the end of the previous season, Sam and Dean accidentally release The Darkness, and the title card looks exactly like the dark smoke that comes out. I loved the contrast between the background and the logo.

5. Season 9

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Angel wings return once again as a part of the intro. However, they appear to belong to an angel that is beginning to fall, which happens at the end of this season. The card’s background perfectly pairs the wings, which gives a melancholy vibe to the intro, with what happens during that season. That’s an accurate mood.

4. Season 5

Image courtesy of The CW.

The title card for my absolute favorite season is mind-blowingly awesome. Instead of a darker background like the past four seasons, the logo appears on a bright white one as if it was made out of angelic grace. The blood drop is a nice touch when it falls and spreads out into the logo with a red misty haze.

3. Season 10

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The coloring of this title is absolutely stunning. The different blues and the smoke surrounding the logo is a beautiful combination that makes this one of my absolute favorites of any television show ever. Bonus: we get to see ALL of the title cards so far during episode 200, “Fan Fiction.”

2. Season 2

Image courtesy of The CW/WB.

We get our first glimpse of Hell and the Devil’s Trap when we see the season 2 title. This is the first sequence where the title really “explodes” on screen, and it is so eye-catching and beautiful. It appears like a callback to the pilot where flames and fire are vital to the start of the Winchester’s journey.

1. Season 3

Image courtesy of The CW/WB.

The gorgeous intro to season 3 beats every other one that Supernatural has ever used. The background looked like a gorgeous nighttime summer storm if that storm was made out of demons. During the season 2 finale, the gates to Hell are wide open. The opening reminds the audience of that fact. More importantly, it gives the sense of impending doom as Dean is set to go to Hell at the end of the year.

The intros to me are a beautiful part of Supernatural, and I’m glad TPTB made such creative choices every season. I’m going to miss those intros and the anticipation to see what they come up with it. Goodbye, Supernatural. Thanks for the memories.

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