‘Tis the Fandom Gift Guide Season: ‘Percy Jackson’/Riordanverse Edition

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Demigods, do you want some cool merch to show off this holiday season? Fear not, for another fandom gift guide is here! Below, we’ll be introducing you to a plethora of cool items that’ll have your gift recipient thanking the gods. Buckle up and check out some merchandise from some of your favorite Rick Riordan storylines.

Camp Half-Blood Cabin Shirts

Courtesy of PremiumKoalaTee on Etsy

First up we have the classic Camp Half-Blood shirts. Not only do these stylish tees boast the camp’s logo on the front, but they are customizable so that you can rep your cabin pride in the back! The shirts are available in adult, youth, and toddler sizes and have the option to customize the back with [daughter/son] of [your godly parent], complete with a godly insignia (I better not see anyone with a son or daughter of Artemis on their back — for accuracy).  To proclaim your camp and cabin allegiance, visit here!

Camp Half-Blood Bead Necklace

Courtesy of AngeTheArtist on Amazon

Have you always wanted to sport a classic CHB beaded necklace? Well, now you can. Available in both the style of Percy and Annabeth’s necklaces, these pieces will help you remember the most important events that occurred throughout your duration at Camp Half-Blood. To commemorate your stay (and making it out another year), get yours here.

Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter Poster

Courtesy of kaylarlucas on Redbubble

This next item showcases the best of both camps. Sporting the SPQR and laurel wreath logo from Camp Jupiter and the pegasus logo from Camp Half-Blood, this half orange, half purple poster shows the newfound unity between the Greek and Roman camps. To spice up your room and remind yourself that there are allies everywhere, visit here.

Hotel Valhalla Shirts

Courtesy of asgardianstars on Redbubble

Join your favorite Einherjar in preparing for Ragnarok with a Hotel Valhalla shirt! While it might not yet be your time to travel to Hotel Valhalla, you can represent your Norse roots with this stylish tee showing where your allegiances lie. To proclaim yourself as a warrior of Odin, visit here.

Annabeth Quote Throw Pillow

Courtesy of dragonlxrd on RedBubble

Need an awesome accent for your room, or know someone who does? Try this awesome throw pillow from dragonlxrd on RedBubble that features everyone’s favorite Annabeth quote. Or if this quote doesn’t quite float your boat, or throw pillows just don’t quite to it for you, there are a variety of other awesome options in dragonlxrd’s Percy Jackson collection, which you can find here.

Camp Jupiter Shirt

Courtesy of coffeemakerway on RedBubble

Join the Legion in your very own Camp Jupiter shirt! Featuring the standard SPQR and laurel wreath logo from Camp Jupiter as well as the camp motto “Aut vincere aut mori”, this shirt is the perfect choice for the Roman demigod in your life! This shirt is designed by coffeemakerway and you can find it here, or if you’re looking for something else PJO or HOO themed you can check out her other designs here.

Percy or Annabeth Soap

Courtesy of StoryScentsations on Etsy

Looking for something a bit more unique this holiday season? Or for something pandemic appropriate that’s not a mask? StoryScentsations on Etsy makes handmade custom book character scent glycerin soap bars and has scents specific to both Percy and Annabeth.

Hand Painted Converse Shoes

Courtesy of AlicepaintingDesign on Etsy

If you are looking for something truly special that no-one else will have, try these awesome hand-painted customizable shoes may be the thing for you. These shoes are Percy Jackson themed and beautifully painted to order by AlicepaintingDesign on Etsy, they may be a bit pricier than some of the other items on our list but you will not find another pair like them.

A Dam Shirt

Courtesy of wolfgirlgem on Redbubble

Lastly, for your wearing pleasure, we have a dam t-shirt (we couldn’t resist). Showcasing a classic joke from the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, this shirt is sure to let you know when other fans are nearby. To grab yourself this funny tee this holiday season, visit here.

Any of these gifts would be a superb addition to your shopping list this holiday season. However, as always, the greatest gift you can provide for your demigod is the gift of reading. Make sure to head on over to Rick Riordan’s website and check out any of his many magnificent series — as well as books from the Rick Riordan Presents collection, showcasing underrepresented cultures and backgrounds.

As always, stay tuned for updates on all things Rick Riordan, including news about the upcoming series on Disney+!

Authors: Kenedi, LeeAnn

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