Does God Have Style? Ranking Chuck’s Outfits in ‘Supernatural’


We all know Rob Benedict has style, but what about his Supernatural character, Chuck Shurley? From an author-turned-prophet to God himself, he’s had an outfit to match all manners of occasions, though some are more trendy than others. Here’s 15 of his iconic wardrobe choices, ranked from least to most stylish. (Season 15 spoilers ahead!)

15. The “Is He God?” Outfit
Season 5, Episode 22: “Swan Song”

Courtesy of The CW

This one is so simple – a white long sleeve button down shirt – it almost doesn’t even count. However, it did its job of making us wonder if Chuck was really God or not. That, and the disappearing into thin air thing.

14. The “Hoard Toilet Paper” Outfit
Season 5, Episode 4: “The End”

Courtesy of The CW

This is just one of Chuck’s many layered looks. While this one might have more “style points” than others on this list…I can’t imagine these clothes have been washed in a while. Fictional hygiene counts.

13.  The “Chinese Takeout” Outfit
Season 11, Episode 21: “All in the Family”

Courtesy of The CW

This is a “no effort” outfit by Chuck – just a grey t-shirt, blue boxers, blue socks, and some leftover Chinese food to round everything out. Turns out even God has lazy days.

12. The “Radio Shed” Outfit
Season 15, Episode 12: “Galaxy Brain”

Courtesy of The CW

Chuck seems to be playing it safe style-wise with this outfit, consisting of all dark colors and some sneakers. But it is a good “Casual Friday” at the office getup, perfect for kicking back work and erasing a few extra universes from existence.

11. The “Plunger” Outfit
Season 5, Episode 1: “Sympathy for the Devil”

Courtesy of The CW

This one was difficult to place. On one hand, I’m a fan of this particular “casual grunge” layered look. On the other, he ends up covered in bits of Castiel, which is not exactly trendy. The plunger was also an odd accessory choice. But I can’t fault him too much…he had a really stressful day.

10. The “Writing is Hard” Outfit
Season 4, Episode 18: “The Monster at the End of this Book”

Courtesy of The CW

Is the slightly tattered robe we first meet Chuck in the pinnacle of style? No. It’s not. But it’s iconic “I’ve not left my house in days” look does bring a certain charm to the character’s introduction – especially in 2020 – which is why it’s this high on the list.

9. The “This Gift is Super Cute” Outfit
Season 11, Episode 20: “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

Courtesy of The CW

The green jacket is what holds this whole outfit together. It verges on being too plain for revealing that you’re God, but it does make him seem like he’s still one of us. Super simple, super approachable, super cute.

8. The “Not Bad” Outfit
Season 10, Episode 5: “Fan Fiction”

Courtesy of The CW

That corduroy blazer was a bold choice and could’ve easily backfired, but Chuck pulls it off almost effortlessly with the dark blue shirt. He looks exactly like you’d expect a publisher would look. Not bad, indeed.

7. The “I’m a Writer” Outfit
Season 15, Episode 4: “Atomic Monsters”

Courtesy of The CW

Overall I liked this casual chic outfit. Chuck didn’t take any style risks but that doesn’t mean he looks bad – sometimes you just have to stick with the classics for your everyday look. And sometimes your everyday errands include snapping your ex and her family out of existence.

6. The “Convention” Outfit
Season 5, Episode 9: “The Real Ghostbusters”

Courtesy of The CW

I love this jacket. It’s my favorite piece of this outfit. And it pairs so well with a casual t-shirt and jeans. Well done, Chuck. Well done.

5. The “But I am the Lord” Outfit
Season 11, Episode 22: “We Happy Few”

Courtesy of The CW

Chuck had a lot of wardrobe changes during his stay at the Bunker. As simple as it was, the burgundy hoodie, arrow shirt, jeans, and “Chucks” combo is one of my favorite casual looks. It’s cozy without looking like he just rolled out of bed and pairs nicely with the green jacket later on.

4. The “Annoy your Sister” Outfit
Season 15, Episode 2: “Raising Hell”

Courtesy of The CW

All of my top four Chuck outfits are from his “bad guy” stage. I mean, villains do tend to have a great sense of style. Layers? Check. Contrasting colors? Check. Blazer? Check. Smiting your sister’s masseuse? Check.

3. The “Human Chuck” Outfit
Season 15, Episode 19: “Inherit the Earth”

Courtesy of The CW

Chuck may have been a great big bag of dicks this last season, but I really liked his wardrobe choice for his last appearance. I mean, God sure knows how to work a good blazer. It’s too bad he got it covered in blood splatter and dirt, which kicked it back to number three on the list. But I guess that’s what you get when you try to kill someone and you end up stripped of all your divine powers.

2. The “Story’s Over” Outfit
Season 14, Episode 20: “Moriah”

Courtesy of The CW

I don’t need a world without lies to tell you my true feelings about this look. Burgundy is Chuck’s color. He knows it. He rocks it. This outfit is business casual at its finest.

1. The “Chuckmara” Outfit
Season 15, Episode 17: “Unity”

Courtesy of The CW

God does have style, and this outfit absolutely proves it. Another burgundy blazer pairs with a nice “Winchester Plaid” as a touch of stylish irony. There’s nothing I don’t love about this. I can’t even be all that mad about him absorbing Amara. “Unity” looks good on him.

What do you think of Chuck’s clothing choices throughout the series? Do you agree with the ranking? Let us know in the comments!

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