The Honorary Belcher: Why Teddy Is the Sixth Member of the Family in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

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“This will either be fun or terrible.”

Teddy – handyman, burger enthusiast, and Bob Belcher’s BFF. I think it’s safe to say that the first time Teddy graced our screens on Bob’s Burgers, we knew he’d stick around, and we’d love every second of Teddy screen time. His introduction to the series was in the season one episode “Crawl Space,” where Bob manages to get himself stuck in the walls of his restaurant/home while trying to escape his in-laws. Teddy is voiced by Larry Murphy, who helps bring this wonderful and hilarious character to life.

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Teddy is more than a handyman, though. Short of a blood relation, Teddy has shown time and time again that he’s the sixth member of the Belcher family, and he fits right in. The series centers on the many shenanigans of the Belchers, and when Teddy is around, he easily matches their chaotic energy.

Teddy also harbors a strong loyalty towards the family. Early in the show, his loyalty manifests through him being a regular customer at the restaurant. Almost every day, Teddy stops by for a burger and fries. Even when his daily meal begins to take a toll on his health, he’s hard-pressed to stay away. After (extremely guiltily) finding a new restaurant to get burgers from, Teddy still goes back to Bob’s, and each visit, he and the Belchers get a little bit closer.

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Eventually, his loyalty is more familial – he sticks with them because he loves them, and not just because Bob makes a mean burger (although that helps). He watches the kids (who promptly take advantage of him) for Bob and Linda. He’s able to find something in common with each Belcher. He offers his support and (sometimes questionable, sometimes helpful) advice. In turn, the Belchers help Teddy out, regardless of how strange his dilemmas may be. But that’s what you do for family, right?

Finally, part of what makes Teddy’s relationship with the Belchers so wholesome is his friendship with Bob. Though reluctant to admit Teddy his is best friend, Bob comes to rely on Teddy just as much as Teddy does Bob. They are there for each other whether or not the kids and Linda are around. Teddy watches over Bob when he sustains an injury during Halloween and his medication makes him a little, ah … loopy. Bob wants to help Teddy get healthier and stop eating less burgers. He claims guilt, but really, we know it’s because he loves his friend. In the end, the two will always have each other’s backs.

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No matter what he’s doing — whether he’s fulfilling his duties as a loyal customer, repairing something for Bob, or just needs some company — Teddy will always find his place with the Belchers. And I, for one, love his branch on the Belcher family tree.

Stay tuned for more Bob’s Burgers articles as the show prepares to celebrate its upcoming 10-year anniversary! Catch up on the show on Hulu, and watch the new season every Sunday on FOX.

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